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HSSB252: Too successful


In terms of cultivation base, of the assaulting Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners, Yan Zhaoge wasn’t the strongest.

However, in terms of understanding of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation before them, no one could match him.

As they proceeded, Yan Zhaoge was the person who neared the central golden tower at the centre of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation the fastest.

At this moment, red light flickered on the golden tower, forming a door of light, its silhouette projected on the ground below.

Countless spirit patterns that resembled black chains coiled around the golden tower, the spirit patterns extending towards the surrounding devilish qi.

However, as Shi Tie had said, they could destroy the Devilish Domain Grand Formation without it having fully formed.

Yan Zhaoge and the others arrived extremely quickly, when the Devilish Domain Grand Formation had just been set up, still yet to truly circulate.

The golden tower and the countless spirit patterns that were wound around it still appeared illusory and ethereal, not yet having completely solidified.

Even that door formed of red light still appeared extremely weak.

While a silhouette was projected below, it was still in its embryonic form.

However, as time passed, that terrifying aura which bewitched people’s hearts that originated from the Nine Underworlds grew stronger and stronger.

Yan Zhaoge rushed towards the tall tower, accompanied by Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu, Pan-Pan as well as some other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners.

At this moment, Feng Yunsheng had already dismounted from Pan-Pan, a lustreless, jet-black, sabre grasped firmly within her hands.

She brandished her sabre, a fallen practitioner quickly perishing as she made her move.

In the distance, an opponent carried a massive wheel, close to two metres in diameter.

The perimeter of the wheel was covered with bent sharp blades, resembling teeth.

The other party roared, his aura-qi shaking as he lifted this wheel and threw it towards Feng Yunsheng and the others!

That wheel spun, the sharp blades having seemingly vanished, with only shining golden light visible on the perimeter of the wheel.

Suddenly, the entire wheel grew explosively, becoming even more fearsome and terrifying.

The massive wheel spun as it pressured over with a shocking momentum, wanting to hack apart the bodies of the ten over people there in one shot!

The other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners hurriedly avoided it.

One of them, whose cultivation base was higher than Feng Yunsheng’s, leapt up, his toes precisely tapping on the centre of that wheel.

His vision, analytical power and speed were all exquisite to the extreme as he successfully leapt over the wheel, heading straight for that big man who had thrown it.

Having evaded the enemy’s attack in a single move, those who saw it couldn’t help but cheer.

Feng Yunsheng, however, seemed dazed as she remained where she was, unmoving.

Just as someone was about to let out a startled cry, Feng Yunsheng abruptly raised the black sabre within her hands!

The next moment, her sabre descended!

A piercing grinding noise resounded before the wheel suddenly split into two, flying out by Feng Yunsheng’s sides far into the distance before smashing onto the ground.

Having struck out with her sabre, Feng Yunsheng tapped lightly with her feet, her entire person rising into the air before descending like a meteor!

She was instantly before an opponent, her violent, sharp strikes with the momentum of breaking bamboo as she hacked straight down from overhead, directly splitting an opponent right into two, right down the middle!

Such a domineering attack from a beautiful maiden-the great contrast caused everyone to look twice.

With her sabre having descended, having slain this enemy, Feng Yunsheng didn’t seem any concerned about it in the least.

As though it was only natural, she spun, rushing towards a next opponent with no hesitation at all.

Following closely behind Feng Yunsheng, while he was currently more powerful than Feng Yunsheng, as Pan-Pan saw this, he blinked repeatedly, unconsciously shrinking his thick neck.

The others followed closely behind, Yan Zhaoge acting as the tip of the blade for those who could keep up with him, unceasingly advancing at the front, in charge of opening the way.

Spying enemies ahead, the Immortal Crane Wings on Yan Zhaoge’s shoulders instantly flipped, transforming into two wings, the feathers on it resembling blades as they shot out, enveloping a great area as they pierced the enemies ahead with hundreds and thousands of holes.

As they gradually approached the tall tower at the centre of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, their surroundings grew more distorted and violent.

This was already about to form an independent space of all-encompassing red light, turning the surroundings into an independent world of red.

Yan Zhaoge raised his head to look at those countless black spirit patterns that resembled black chains overhead, before he leapt up.

A short stone rod appeared within his hands, growing instantly as it immediately transformed into the massive pillar of the Divine Palace.

Yan Zhaoge raised the stone pillar till it was above where the intercrossing spirit patterns were.

Relaxing his hands, the stone pillar smashed downwards.

Below, numerous spirit patterns instantly broke apart one after another!

Within all these spirit patterns collapsing, the originally still unstable golden tower was also shaken as it began to tremble.

The surrounding red light between the heavens and the earth instantly vanished, even the devilish qi dissipating greatly.

The power of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation suddenly weakened, the other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners still killing their way in instantly speeding up, killing over in a straight line.

Especially those few groups led by Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters, they killed their way over to the core of the grand formation with the momentum of breaking bamboo.

Standing on the pillar of the divine palace, having broken numerous spirit patterns and still yet to land on the ground, Yan Zhaoge suddenly felt the light above his head dim.

Raising his head, he saw and old man brandishing his sabre, attacking towards him.

As the sabre descended, it was as though a great chain of numerous mountains was collapsing!

His majestic true essence, having turned from illusory into real, actually truly formed innumerable rocks of mountains, descending towards Yan Zhaoge with the momentum of mountains collapsing.

An Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, the Head of the Wang Family!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, the light of thunder surging within his right eye, the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment in the form of a purple orb appearing.

With a great rumbling sound of thunder, purplish-green light surged, splitting the mountain rocks before him apart.

The Head of the Wang Family still wanted to attack, but the wind next to his ears whistled past as a terrifying sabre-light that seemed almost able to break through space itself hacked towards him!

Of Broad Creed Mountain’s direct lineage martial arts, one of the Eight Extreme Arts, the Chaotic Elements Uniting Sabre!

An Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of Broad Creed Mountain had arrived!

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly.

This time, it was not just he himself who had come here to the core of the formation.

Raising the pillar of the divine palace, Yan Zhaoge switched his position, smashing apart some more spirit patterns, with the Devilish Domain Grand Formation continuing to deteriorate, that golden pagoda beginning to seem like it was teetering on the brink of collapse, the red door of light looking like it was soon going to be extinguished.

The Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners beginning to gain more and more of the upper hand, with victory already in sight.

In the air above the Wang Family ancestral ground, the ‘Scaly Dragon King’ Sima Chui was pressured by Shi Tie to the point of his feet unable to touch the ground, only able to barely move around and keep Shi Tie locked in combat.

After smashing spirit patterns once more, Yan Zhaoge stopped, jumping to the top of the pillar of the Divine Palace whereupon he gazed at that tall golden tower.

Standing beside the thick stone pillar, Ah Hu looked up at him, “Young Master, what is it”

“Something’s a little off,” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “It’s been too successful…”

Ah Hu scratched his head, “Perhaps because Broad Creed Mountain no longer has spies of the Decimating Abyss within, with them not knowing of our plans, thus collapsing in a single blow”

Yan Zhaoge surveyed the surroundings, “The Decimating Abyss martial practitioners here at the core of the formation are mostly martial practitioners of the Wang Family, with Black Nightmare Mountain Martial Grandmasters not visible anywhere.

The elites of Black Nightmare Mountain here actually only consists of the Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar I slew outside.”

Ah Hu was shocked, “There’s an ambush, wanting to surround us instead”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Our clan has experts keeping vigilant watch at the outskirts, with the First Seat Elder of the Sand Region also specifically keeping an eye on the place.

Wanting to come to surround us instead would not be such an easy thing.”

As he pondered, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze fell on that tall golden tower once more.


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