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HSSB254: Reversal!


Yan Zhaoge’s words caused all the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners here to feel cold.

Staring at his opponent, that Broad Creed Mountain Martial Grandmaster who was fighting against the Head of the Wang Family yelled, “Is that the case”

The Head of the Wang Family looked momentarily at a loss before he recovered, some resentment and viciousness flashing through his eyes.

They had been made use of, becoming bait and cannon fodder used to draw Broad Creed Mountain in.

However, this old man very quickly retracted his emotions, incomprehension on his face as he rather hurriedly snorted, “I have no idea what you are saying.”

While his reaction was fast, the minute changes in his gaze were all seen by the Broad Creed Mountain Martial Grandmaster, observing him carefully.

The heart of this Elder of Broad Creed Mountain instantly grew cold, sending his opponent into retreat with his sabre as he turned and shook his head towards them, “I’m afraid it’s real!”

Elder Cong and the others all sucked in a breath of cold air as they simultaneously looked at that already fragmented tall golden tower.

Having jumped off the pillar of the Divine Palace, Yan Zhaoge was standing on the wreckage of the collapsed golden tower, his palm extended, placed on its surface as he diligently analysed the changes of circulation in devilish qi within.

After a while, Yan Zhaoge said rather gravely, “It’s a little late.

The reversal of the grand formation has already begun, with a great amount of devilish qi being transported into the distance.

My current suppression can only delay this process.”

Elder Cong’s expression turned dark, as he felt just like slapping himself.

A Broad Creed Mountain Martial Grandmaster let out a low shout in the distance, “Senior apprentice-brother Cong, stabilise your mind.

Regret is also a form of stubbornness, and can give the devils a point to infiltrate.”

Saying thus, he looked towards Yan Zhaoge, “Can you determine where the new Great Nine Underworlds door will open”

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes, opening them again after a bit as he said in a heavy tone, “South Heaven Region.”

All the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners here felt bitterness within their hearts.

The South Heaven Region, due to directly facing the Fire Domain’s Sacred Sun Clan, contained a great many elites of Broad Creed Mountain.

Other than the Central Heaven Region where Broad Creed Mountain’s headquarters lay, of the other six Regions, the North, South, East and West Heaven Regions as well as the Sand Region and the Gan Region, the First Seat Elder of the South Heaven Region was the strongest.

However, it was also precisely to guard and stand off against the Sacred Sun Clan that many experts of Broad Creed Mountain, the First Seat Elder of the South Heaven Region included, were often stationed at the border of the South Heaven Region, lying between the Heaven and Fire Domains.

Broad Creed Mountain’s arrangements in the South Heaven Region was against the south and not the north, because to the north was precisely the Central Heaven Region.

This led to the internal defence of the South Heaven Region being extremely weak, as opposed to its southern border.

If the core lands of the South Heaven Region suddenly had a rift open within, with the Nine Underworlds descending, great damage would surely be inflicted, with Broad Creed Mountain’s forces unable to react in time.

Especially when the Sacred Sun Clan’s movements would also have to be put into consideration.

Reinforcements from the Central Heaven Region, due to time being extremely tight, would be very hard pressed to make it in time.

Clinging on to that final hope, someone asked Yan Zhaoge, “If the enemy truly had such arrangements, why did they have to wait till we entered their trap Couldn’t they have destroyed the core of the devilish formation here of their own accord, therefore changing the place in which the Great Nine Underworlds Door would open”

“I too wish that I were wrong.

However, I’m not,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Whether it is fallen practitioners or those who hold devilish intent, they are unable to damage the core of a Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Therefore, they could only set up this formation, making use of us to help them complete their plans.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled a little, “At this critical moment, it is instead a dumb method that makes it possible to accurately pinpoint whether someone bears devilish intent-the method would work every time.”

At this time, Yan Zhaoge could still converse and joke with relative ease.

Everyone here, regardless of cultivation base, admired his bearing and manner.

It was only that most were unable to laugh like Yan Zhaoge.

Elder Cong shook his head forcefully, forcing himself to calm down, hacking an enemy flying with an Eight Sceneries Spirit Sabre, “Immediately inform Elder Shi, as well as our clan and the South Heaven Region.

We will first exterminate the remaining Decimating Abyss martial practitioners here.”

Seeing this, the Head of the Wang Family finally began laughing madly, “Even if I die here today, seeing your Broad Creed Mountain in such a state, this old man will also not have died for nothing.


The expressions on the faces of Elder Cong and the others were all very ugly.

The other party had dug a pit for them to jump into, but they had had no choice but to jump into it.

Destroying the Devilish Domain Grand Formation here, preventing the Nine Underworlds from descending in Yunwu County, a Great Nine Underworlds Door would instead instantly open someplace else.

Not destroying the Devilish Domain Grand Formation here, would they just sit here and watch the Nine Underworlds descend here before their very eyes

While it was said that the former was more dangerous, the latter also wasn’t any good at all.

Having worked so hard for this, in the end having to choose between bad and worse, choosing either one would not make them feel good at all.

His face bitter, Ah Hu looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master.”

His hand still pressed on that golden wreckage, Yan Zhaoge murmured, “The Decimating Abyss has an expert ah.

Within such a short period of time, actually making such fine, intricate alterations to the Devilish Domain Grand Formation that opens the Great Nine Underworlds Door.

I just don’t know if they can accurately determine the exact place in which the Great Nine Underworlds Door will open.”

“If it opens at random, okay.

But if it could open exactly where they wanted, that would truly be a rare thing indeed.”

Yan Zhaoge’s mind fell deep within the devilish formation, the scenes before his eyes changing as piercing mournful cries that resembled wailing from the deep abyss resounded by his ears.

Finally, it stopped at the scene of a plain of the South Heaven Region.

It was vast, flat earth with the crop-cultivating fields of farmers everywhere, also being near several densely populated large cities.

A large river flowed past, nourishing the fields on both sides of the shore, making for a rich scene.

On seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge fell silent.

He could virtually already see the tragedy of this place transforming into hell on earth following the descent of the Nine Underworlds.

Within the air, the black devilish qi suddenly dispersed, a figure descending from the air, resembling a descended divinity as light illuminated the great earth.

It was precisely the ‘Iron Lion King’ Shi Tie.

Having originally already been holding the absolute advantage, almost able to slay Sima Chui, after hearing the news, he had no choice but to let off his opponent this time, first hurrying over to the scene.

“We’re already informing the clan and the South Heaven Region at the greatest possible speed,” Shi Tie said, before asking, “How much time do we have”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “About the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.”

Shi Tie silently calculated, “Even if Master rushes over with the Clear Qi Robe, he may not be in time.”

The others all closed their eyes painfully.

If even the combination of Broad Creed Mountain’s number one expert and their Sacred Artifact, the Clear Qi Robe, wouldn’t be able to make it in time, Broad Creed Mountain had no solutions left at all.

What they could do now was only wait impatiently, whilst unable to do anything at all.

This feeling was virtually as unbearable as closing their eyes and waiting to die.

This was true for everyone here other than Yan Zhaoge, staring fixatedly at the wreckage of the golden tower before him, his gaze flickering unceasingly, as though considering something.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Shi Tie asked in a deep tone, “You have a plan”

After pondering for a moment, Yan Zhaoge met Shi Tie’s gaze, “There’s some risk, and it would require your, eldest apprentice-uncle’s, assistance.”

Everyone’s spirits were greatly roused, while Shi Tie’s expression remained unchanged, “No need to worry-just tell me your plan.”


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