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HSSB256: Suppressing the Nine Underworlds


Looking at Elder Liu, Yan Zhaoge smiled but did not speak, focused on controlling the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Shi Tie glanced at Elder Liu from the side, saying slowly, “After senior apprentice-uncle Wang , is it the same for senior apprentice-uncle Liu as well”

Elder Liu snorted, “People like you who have already stepped into the late Essence Talisman stage before having turned middle-aged-how can you possibly understand us”

He said coldly, “Words are useless-let’s see your true abilities!”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I completely agree.”

As he said this, maintaining his left hand’s position on the surface of the golden tower, he wrote some spirit patterns with his right hand in mid-air.

As the spirit patterns landed on the golden tower, it instantly stabilised once more, the red light at the top of the tower growing stronger.

The door projected on the ground grew clearer and more real, gradually beginning to completely take form, as the great earth began to split apart!

What lay beneath the fissured earth was not mud and rocks, but glowing red light!

The distorted space led not to the underground of the Eight Extremities World, but the Nine Underworlds of legend!

The abnormal, terrifying aura which bewildered people’s hearts reached an unprecedented peak at this moment, almost turning people insane!

Within the red light, Elder Liu seemed to suffer the backlash of the formation as his face first turned an unhealthy blood-red, then became pale.

The black jade talisman within his hands shattered, its fragments flying in all directions, shooting onto his body and face, actually piercing deeply into his flesh.

“Yan Zhaoge!” Elder Liu howled like a wounded beast.

As the silhouetted red door of light shook, Elder Liu’s form gradually disappeared.

“Quickly notify the clan of this matter,” Shi Tie said without looking back, Elder Cong acknowledging his words.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Eldest apprentice-uncle, it is still a false door now; this is the final moment before false turns into real!”

Looking at the terrifying rift on the ground, the aura of the Nine Underworlds emanating from it that surged to the heavens, Shi Tie advanced as innumerable spirit talismans appeared around his body.

The spirit talismans transformed into numerous spirit arrays, the many spirit arrays congregating, forming a silhouette that resembled an altar whilst also a pagoda, enveloping Shi Tie’s body within.

The altar shrunk, becoming more and more condensed, merging within Shi Tie’s body, clear and bright, emanating infinite radiance from within.

At this moment, Shi Tie resembled an indestructible Heaven Stabilising Needle, an unmoving pillar in the middle of the sea.

He strode forward, coming above the crimson red deep abyss, his entire person treading on the rift.

The deep abyss clearly shuddered, as Shi Tie followed up with a punch.

The punch was slow, but was heavy and condensed till any more seemed impossible.

While it was slow to the point of not entering the eye, it was filled with a feeling of eternity, never being moved, never being damaged.

It was as though this punch could halt the changing of the vast oceans and the boundless fields, stopping day from turning to night and night from turning to day.

That crimson rift seemed to be frozen in place at this moment, time and space all halting together.

However, that ferocious aura of the Nine Underworlds was still skyrocketing unceasingly, seemingly angered by Shi Tie, as incomparably terrifying existences seemed to want to rush out of the rift!

Shi Tie’s Profound Light Divine Armour shone with a black light, bolstering his punch that was heavy like a thousand mountains, causing the area around the rift to distort.

A power that seemed able to stabilise the oceans and lift up the heavens forcibly suppressed that crimson rift.

The crimson rift seemed like a wound in the Eight Extremities World as it distorted intensely at this moment, wanting to struggle and expand.

However, frozen by Shi Tie’s fist-intent, it was forever unable to expand a single step.

Trapped within the rift lay ferocious beasts who struggled to break free of their cage.

Having descended into this world they wanted to escape and rampage as they like.

The Great Nine Underworlds Door had been successfully suppressed by Shi Tie, but Yan Zhaoge and the others still couldn’t let down their guard.

Above the tall golden pagoda, that door formed of blood-red light was already beginning to dissipate at this moment.

The radiance of the tower also gradually dimmed, seemingly having turned into an ordinary stone tower.

The countless black spirit patterns enwrapped about the golden tower similarly disintegrated.

The devilish domain that enveloped the Wang Family ancestral ground did not completely dissipate, instead beginning to see some changes.

The black devilish domain was currently turning blood-red.

At this time, the source of the devilish domain’s power had already become the terrifying Great Nine Underworlds Door.

The original formation, having run out of strength, with its mission complete, began dissipating for good, but only now could a more terrifying devilish domain descend into this world.

True devilish domain!

Enveloped by the bloodred, majestic devilish qi, Yan Zhaoge and the others all felt various emotions weighing on their hearts, all of them magnified several times over.

As compared to in the black devilish domain of earlier, at this moment, it was even harder to stabilise the mind.

Especially with the immense pressure brought to them with the descent of the Nine Underworlds.

At this moment, restlessness and rashness and also negative emotions like fear and horror were all being nourished and growing.

The urge to kill and destroy that accompanied it was also strengthening unceasingly.

Everyone here, Shi Tie included, had to curb the various evil intentions within their own hearts, to ensuring that they were not consumed by the Nine Underworlds.

This way, having to divide their attention, everyone’s strength was reduced.

As the one suppressing the Nine Underworlds, Shi Tie was bearing the most pressure, the crimson rift beneath his feet distorting even more intensely.

Vaguely, bloodied water began to surge out from within the deep abyss.

Sucking in a deep breath, Yan Zhaoge lifted up the pillar of the divine palace before spreading out the Immortal Crane Wings behind him, shooting towards the crimson rift at a shocking speed.

Having come above the deep abyss, Yan Zhaoge pushed onto the pillar of the Divine Palace with his palm, numerous patterns of light appearing on the surface of the pillar, shining with a dazzling light as it descended mightily towards the deep red abyss below!

Just as Shi Tie was clashing with the power of the deep red abyss, suppressed by the pillar of the Divine Palace, the flames of qi instantly weakened.

Shi Tie exhaled with a loud noise as his wielded his fist-intent at its peak, the bloodied water seeping out from the deep red abyss instantly being suppressed back within once more.

The aura of the Nine Underworlds surged madly, seeming as though its anger could not be contained, unwilling to take a step back in the least.

As the bloodred devilish qi was broken through, a group of people rushed in, consisting of the First Seat Elder of the Sand Region and other experts of Broad Creed Mountain.

Seeing the changes in the devilish domain, knowing that Yan Zhaoge’s and Shi Tie’s plan had most likely succeeded, they hurried here to reinforce.

While the Sand Region’s First Seat Elder was far inferior to Shi Tie, he was still an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster expert, who was also fresh and newly arrived to the battle.

With his addition, the Great Nine Underworlds Door completely fell at a disadvantage, beginning to close!

The aura of the Nine Underworlds surged, a last madness emanating from within.

Now, from the red light of the deep abyss, numerous streaks of black light suddenly shot into the air, aimed towards Yan Zhaoge and Shi Tie!

Elder Cong and the other Broad Creed Mountain Martial Grandmasters all came forward, helping Yan Zhaoge and Shi Tie to block it.

However, that black light was incomparably violent and brutal, even Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters like Elder Cong were pushed retreat.

The black light exploded, a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster of Broad Creed Mountain, taken slightly off guard, had his right hand directly blown off!

“Nine Underworlds Yin Thunder!” Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated abruptly.

Seeing Shi Tie and the First Seat Elder of the Sand Region already able to lock down the rift, Yan Zhaoge controlled the pillar of the Divine Palace, suppressing the incoming Nine Underworlds Yin Thunder.

Suppressed by the pillar of the Divine Palace, the remaining Nine Underworlds Yin Thunder transformed into numerous black orbs of thunder.

However, the pillar of the Divine Palace was still rendered unstable by the impact.

As Yan Zhaoge and the stone pillar stumbled backwards, landing on the ground, a black orb of thunder fell over to just right beside him!

At this crucial moment, a massive figure suddenly rushed over from his side, lowering his head and taking that thunder orb within his mouth before speeding off into the distance!

Yan Zhaoge stared.



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