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HSSB261: The position of Chief


Hearing Yuan Zhengfeng’s determination to enter seclusion in a bid to achieve his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm, most here had heavy hearts.

The number one female expert of Broad Creed Mountain, the Grand Elder, Elder He, of the same generation as Yuan Zhengfeng, said in a heavy tone as she looked at him, “Chief, your old injuries…”

Yuan Zhengfeng’s expression was tranquil, “It has already dragged on for a long time.

If I don’t give it my all now, I might not have a chance in the future.”

“All along, the outside situation has been too tense.

Even if this old man wanted to try, he also didn’t have the time to lightly enter seclusion.”

“The current global situation is the best we’ve had these past years.

If I still don’t dare to move now, there would be no further need to do so.”

“Of course, more critical is that if this old man does not succeed and Old Man Huang of the Sacred Sun Clan does, the situation that only took a turn for the better with so much difficulty would immediately rapidly go all the way downhill, leading to an unprecedented winter.

We can only hope that Turbid Wave Pavilion stands on our side as well.

Otherwise, even whether we can continue standing here and conversing in safety would be an unknown.”

Yuan Zhengfeng sighed lightly, “Now, Master is no longer around to shelter us from the winds and the rain.”

As the only younger generation disciple here, Yan Zhaoge listened quietly to their conversation.

Yuan Zhengfeng’s Master, Yan Di’s Grand Master, and also Yan Zhaoge’s Great Grand Master, was precisely the Chief of Broad Creed Mountain following the exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge, the Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou.

In terms of seniority, Zhan Dongge would be Yan Zhaoge’s Great Grand Uncle Master, and the Grand Uncle Master of Yan Di, Shi Tie and the others.

However, because of the deeds of these two legendary figures, from the generation of Yan Di and Shi Tie, they had become used to calling them Ancestor Heaven Shaker and Ancestor Heaven Diviner.

This form of address had extended to the even younger disciples of Broad Creed Mountain.

The Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou was the current final Martial Saint that Broad Creed Mountain had produced.

Following his death, Broad Creed Mountain had yet to produce another Martial Saint.

Yuan Zhengfeng and Xin Dongping who had originally been touted to step into the Martial Saint realm were all stuck at the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster bottleneck.

By Elder He’s side, Broad Creed Mountain’s other Grand Elder, Elder Zhang, looked at Xin Dongping, “What about senior apprentice-brother Xin”

Sitting quietly there, Xin Dongping simply answered, “The heat’s not there yet.”

Elders He and Zhang both sighed.

Yuan Zhengfeng said, “This old man is already resolved.

In entering seclusion this time, fortune or calamity is unpredictable, and long or short an unknown.

Therefore, I need someone to temporarily take the place of this old man before I enter seclusion, allowing this old man to let my hands free and rush towards the Martial Saint realm with all my might.”

His gaze swept over Xin Dongping, Elder He and Elder Zhang, “In the time that this old man is in seclusion, I hope that junior apprentice-brothers and sister can assist this person, supporting the clan in moving stably forward.”

Xin Dongping nodded quietly, “Okay.”

After pondering for a moment, Elders He and Zhang also nodded, “Since Chief has already resolved himself, we will do as he says.”

Yuan Zhengfeng had long since had the intention of going into seclusion in a bid to achieve his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm, just that this had been hindered by various reasons.

Everyone could also be considered as having had prior warning of this.

With the current global situation comparatively safe, along with the Purple Essence Containing Jade causing the latent threat of the Sacred Sun Clan to grow more pressing, everyone knew that Yuan Zhengfeng entering seclusion this time was already something that had to be done.

While it was said to be temporarily taking his place, this was actually virtually already deciding the identity of Broad Creed Mountain’s new Chief.

If Yuan Zhengfeng failed and perished, without anything having to be said, the position of Chief would naturally pass on.

Yuan Zhengfeng’s current arrangements were virtually passing on his final will.

If Yuan Zhengfeng succeeded, after leaving seclusion, he would most likely also pass down his position like the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie, spending his time more on cultivation as he attempted further breakthroughs, rather than continuing to take care of the clan’s matters.

What was rather more crucial here was the Sacred Artifact that sat over Broad Creed Mountain, the Clear Qi Robe.

Most silently agreed that the Clear Qi Robe should be controlled by the clan’s number one expert, strongest and strongest combining forces, combatting other peak experts together.

If the number one expert was in seclusion or had journeyed outside, it would normally be controlled by the Chief.

The temporary Clan Chief would therefore also be receiving control of the Clear Qi Robe.

Other than that, the foremost control of Broad Creed Mountain’s Grand Formation would also be passed down to this person.

Yuan Zhengfeng’s gaze fell on Yan Di, Fang Zhun and Shi Tie.

Shi Tie’s gaze was majestic, not rippling in the slightest.

He had long said that he would not succeed the position of Chief.

Fang Zhun’s gaze was deep as an abyss, resembling the depths of the sea, no fluctuations visible within whatsoever.

Yan Di’s gaze was calm, resembling the vast, clear sky, distant and majestic, boundlessly spirited.

Standing by Yan Di’s side, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was similarly calm as he silently awaited the final result.

His vision just sweeping by the trio, Yuan Zhengfeng did not hesitating, just mildly saying both simply and clearly, “Yan Di, while you are your Master’s youngest, closed door disciple, your Master has decided to place this weight on your shoulders.

Are you willing to bear it”

Yan Di’s expression didn’t change as he rose from his seat and bowed slowly to Yuan Zhengfeng, “This disciple will perform to the best of his abilities, not letting down the entrustment of Master and the clan.”

By the side, Fang Zhun’s expression was as per usual.

Xin Dongping gazed silently at Yan Di, standing before Yuan Zhengfeng.

Looking at Yan Di, Yuan Zhengfeng said, “While you are only temporarily taking on the role of Chief, everyone will know that your Master will be entering secluded cultivation in an attempt to break through into the Martial Saint realm.”

“However the Sacred Sun Clan thinks is not important.

Whether it is us of them, we all know full well within our hearts that this is a fight for time.”

“However, as the news spread, it is hard to predict what Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City will think.”

Yuan Zhengfeng said, “Within this time, the situation will be very delicate, and dealing with it will have to depend on all of you.”

Yan Di said calmly, “Rest easy, Master.

Your disciple and various senior apprentice-uncles as well as various senior apprentice-brothers will all act with prudence.”

Yuan Zhengfeng suddenly smiled as he glanced at Yan Zhaoge, “With Zhaoge having performed yet another great merit, at his current cultivation level, there is already virtually nothing to reward him with.”

“Just let those of the outside world think that this reward was accepted by the father for the son.”

They all smiled.

Perhaps some people might indeed believe that this was Yan Zhaoge having won things for Yan Di, but the decision of succession was naturally not something that would stem from just such reasons.

However, carefully considering, everyone could also feel that from a certain perspective, Yan Zhaoge was truly Yan Di’s lucky star.

More importantly, Yan Zhaoge’s current performance was completely unmatched amongst those of Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation.

Before the incident of Yunwu County, Yan Zhaoge was already being groomed as Broad Creed Mountain’s future successor.

If no major, unexpected occurrences arose, he would very likely be a future Chief of Broad Creed Mountain.

Yuan Zhengfeng looked at Yan Di, “Follow me.”

He got up and walked towards the back of the great hall, Yan Di following behind him.

Yan Zhaoge and the others watched as the two of them left, knowing that they had left for the handover of the Clear Qi Robe and the Broad Creed Grand Formation.

The great hall fell silent, no one speaking.

The gazes of Elders He and Zhang slid past Shi Tie, finally coming to rest on Fang Zhun.


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