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HSSB262: A Yan Zhaoge as stable as Mount Tai


Everyone’s gazes lingered on Fang Zhun, whose expression was completely tranquil, as though what had just happened had had nothing to do with him at all.

Seeing Fang Zhun this way, the others could not continue staring at him like this as they retracted their gazes.

At this time, whatever they might say all seemed like it would be inappropriate.

Yan Zhaoge looked towards the ground, waiting silently there.

Finally achieving what he had been planning for from the start, Yan Zhaoge also felt rather emotional.

However, the global situation becoming as it was now was indeed something out of his earlier expectations.

“Nine Underworlds…Decimating Abyss…Sacred Sun Clan…” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was a little deep and distant as he remained deep in thought.

That day, Broad Creed Mountain’s old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng announced that he was already old and lacking energy, and so was appointing the former First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Martial Inheritance Hall, Yan Di, to assist him in the clan’s matters.

Yan Di left the position of the Martial Inheritance Hall’s First Seat Elder, with the position being taken up by another.

After hearing this news, all of Broad Creed Mountain had varying thoughts.

The longtime Elders who were comparatively older felt somewhat worried.

In recent years, Fang Zhun’s style of handling things had become tougher.

However, in comparison, Yan Di’s style was even tougher and more aggressive.

While Broad Creed Mountain’s senior generation had the exact opposite attitude, feeling galvanised because of this.

Those who had been affiliated to Yan Di’s faction rejoiced, only feeling that dark clouds had drifted past to reveal the sun.

While those who were affiliated to Fang Zhun could not be said to be wailing tragically in desolation, their spirits were still low.

Yan Di’s style was tough and domineering, but he was still a magnanimous person.

With everyone also of Broad Creed Mountain, those of Fang Zhun’s faction naturally didn’t have to worry about Yan Di collecting past debts from them following his rise to power.

As long as they had not overstepped their bounds like the previous Principal of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, Yan Xu had.

However, getting promoted in the clan would be slightly more difficult for them in the future.

They would require more solid achievements, more outstanding talent.

Yan Di had sufficient magnanimity to let go of the past, and would slowly switch to looking at matters from the perspective of the Chief of Broad Creed Mountain, considering matters from the clan’s perspective, for such was the only way to ensure the clan’s unity as well as stability.

However, in situations where both sides were evenly matched, whether he would choose the one who had been of his or Fang Zhun’s faction was a question that did not have to be asked.

This was only a natural thing.

If it were Fang Zhun or anybody else who had succeeded the position, they would also do the same.

As the Chief, while he was the Chief of everyone of Broad Creed Mountain, he would have to have a solid, core group that he would primarily rely on.

Those who had been affiliated to Fang Zhun’s faction, wanting to get promoted, would have to reveal power that was superior to that of their competitors.

As Yan Di’s control over the clan grew stronger and stronger, with everyone closely united by his side, all of one mind, this situation would gradually fade away.

At that time, there would no longer be those who were closer and those who were comparatively more estranged.

However, this still required a bit of transition time.

From a certain perspective, the length of this transition period would also be a reflection of Yan Di’s ability to govern.

However, from an overall outlook, it would have no effect on the general scheme of things.

While Yan Di was only temporarily taking over the position of Chief, he could immediately be assured to hold a rather complete grasp over the entire Broad Creed Mountain.

Having stood outstandingly as Chief for many years, Yuan Zhengfeng’ prestige and rule in Broad Creed Mountain were indisputable.

Within the clan, the majority of elders were of the neutral faction, supporting whoever Yuan Zhengfeng decided to choose as Chief, the only difference being the level of their support.

And with Yan Di’s own strength and prestige, it could ensure that after he succeeded the position, these neutral higher echelon experts of Broad Creed Mountain would show him strong support.

Therefore, overall, while some people did feel disappointed and worried, the internal selection of Broad Creed Mountain’s next Chief did not stir up any rife or dissent.

Returning to his dwellings, Yan Zhaoge encountered some fellow disciples, all of whom were congratulating him.

However, this was not because Yan Zhaoge’s position had risen along with Yan Di’s succession.

The current Yan Zhaoge had rediscovered the Internal Crystal Furnace, made important contributions in the war of the Eastern Tang, helped the clan to obtain a Maiden of Extreme Yin, ingeniously and subtly drew Infinite Boundless Mountain over to their allied camp at Cloud Portent Mountain, outshone all others at the Heavenly Connection Meet, mightily broke the Devilish Domain Grand Formation at Cloud Concealed Lake…

Not long ago, in the incident of Yunwu County in the Wind Domain’s Sand Region, he had forcibly reversed the tides of fate once more.

All of these had long since established Yan Zhaoge’s current position.

It was not an exaggeration at all to say that whatever happened to his father Yan Di now, it would also completely not affect Yan Zhaoge himself.

Whoever succeeded the position of Broad Creed Mountain’s Chief, Yan Zhaoge’s position as well as status here were already as stable as Mount Tai.

His current fame and position stemmed from himself, and not from others.

In the hearts of everyone, it was deeply ingrained that this was the Broad Creed Young Master Yan Zhaoge, and not the son of Broad Creed Mountain’s new temporary Chief, Yan Di.

It was even to the extent that in many people’s hearts, the title of Broad Creed Young Master was already gradually becoming inappropriate for Yan Zhaoge.

Under these heavens, few still thought of him as a member of the younger generation, with his numerous achievements already having caused people to begin to overlook his age.

At this moment, the reason everyone was congratulating Yan Zhaoge was purely for his father having risen in status, as a normal form of human relations.

Yan Zhaoge could basically also feel this.

He smiled as he accepted their congratulations, seemingly not affected by the honour and glory, with everything being as it usually was.

As he walked on a road between mountains, Yan Zhaoge suddenly halted, his gaze seemingly penetrating through the forests and far into the distance.

“With the news of father temporarily taking up the role of Chief spreading, others should be able to guess of Grand Master entering secluded cultivation in a bid to achieve his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm…” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin as he pondered.

When the news spread beyond Broad Creed Mountain, the entire Eight Extremities World was indeed shaken by it.

The competition between Yan Di and Fang Zhun in Broad Creed Mountain had not been a secret, and the other five Sacred Grounds as well as those first and second-rate powers had paid close attention to it.

With the decision basically confirmed, everyone thought on it before adjusting their own plans based on the result.

At the same time, those of the other Sacred Grounds also determined that this meant that Broad Creed Mountain’s old Chief, Yuan Zhengfeng, was finally going to attempt to take that last step, attempting a breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm.

The news of the Sacred Sun Clan having obtained Purple Essence Containing Jade and the ‘East Rising Martial Saint’ Huang Guanglie very possibly going to increase further in strength also resounded under the heavens.

Hearing the news, Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain retained their silence.

If Yuan Zhengfeng broke through successfully, Broad Creed Mountain’s leading role amongst their tripartite alliance would be completely set, and Broad Creed Mountain would also become a massive entity not inferior to the current Sacred Sun Clan in the least.

The two Sacred Grounds had much to think on their future positions.

However, the pressure of Huang Guanglie possibly improving a step further was also truly there.

While Turbid Wave Pavilion did not express any stance, and the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall were unchanged on the surface, hidden undercurrents were surging beneath.

On the peak of the Sacred Sun Clan’s World Illuminating Peak, gazing towards the north where the Heaven Domain lay, their current Chief Huang Xu asked quietly, “How go the preparations”


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