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HSSB263: Major movements


Behind Huang Xu stood a middle-aged man, precisely the current Twilight Lord of the Seven Reigning Suns.

The Twilight Lord replied, “Everything is ready, only awaiting the old Chief leaving seclusion.”

His paused slightly for a moment before continuing, “If the situation allows for it, not even having to wait for the old Chief to emerge from seclusion, we can also move.”

Huang Xu nodded before turning, looking to the other side.

There stood a quiet youth, his face shaded under the sunlight.

It was precisely his son, the World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie.

As the two exchanged glances, Huang Jie said softly, “Best wait for Grand Master to emerge from seclusion first.”

After finishing his words, he spoke no longer.

Huang Xu and the Twilight Lord did not show intentions of asking further as they nodded, retracting their gazes that were on him.

Huang Xu gazed to the north in the direction of the Heaven Domain, muttering to himself, “Broad Creed Mountain, it’s been so many years.

You have been an eyesore for long enough.”

It was not just in the Sacred Sun Clan.

In the northeastern part of the Eight Extremities World, in the You Region of the Thunder Domain’s six Regions, lay the Heavenly Thunder Hall of the current era’s six great Sacred Grounds.

The headquarters of the Heavenly Thunder Hall had dense thunderclouds overhead all year round, instilling fear in the hearts of others.

The massive palace that was completely built of purplish-green metal resembled the royal palaces of kings and emperors of thunder.

In the core, innermost hall of the palace, a bald old man sat on the main seat, looking at those before him.

As this bald old man, with a purplish-green goatee, sat there, a fearsome aura did not emanate from him as he instead seemed very calm.

However, those across from him would involuntarily feel apprehension within their hearts, as though facing the most violent thunderbolts.

The bald old man was precisely the current Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Green Thunder Martial Saint, ‘Shocking Thunder All Round’ Shen Li.

The gaze of this Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall swept across his higher echelon experts gathered here as he said slowly, “The Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie and Broad Creed Mountain’s Yuan Zhengfeng are both pursuing breakthroughs, with the situation being very delicate.”

“Despite having just been defeated in the Sand Region, the Decimating Abyss’s losses were not as great as that time at Clear Concealed Lake.

If this old man were the lead of the Decimating Abyss, he would stir things up on the lands of Broad Creed Mountain once more.”

While his words were slow, his voice was deep and vigorous, resembling the roiling of thunder as it was filled with pressure.

Beside Shen Li were the bigwigs of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Of these, behind an authoritative-looking middle-aged man stood a calm-looking youth with a piercing gaze.

It was precisely the Thunder Rumbling Young Master, Lin Zhou.

He was the only Martial Scholar who had been allowed to participate, the only member of the younger generation here.

The middle-aged man before Lin Zhou was naturally his father, the First Seat Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Lin Tianfeng.

“If the Decimating Abyss has even deeper penetration into the higher echelons of Broad Creed Mountain, this will indeed be a chance for them,” Lin Tianfeng said, “But this will also have to see how much power they have.”

“Before the Heaven Equalling Yuan Zhengfeng enters seclusion, he will definitely make the appropriate preparations.

Giving Yan Di the authority of Chief was one of these.”

“With the presence of the Clear Qi Robe and the Broad Creed Grand Formation, it will not be easy to create trouble there.”

Lin Tianfeng said slowly, “However, speaking of the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss, there is someone of Broad Creed Mountain who is worth paying attention to.”

A Grand Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall opposite him nodded, “The loser in the competition for Broad Creed Mountain’s Chief succession this time, the Hidden Dragon Fang Zhun.”

Lian Tianfeng said, “That’s right.

Having lost in the competition with Yan Di, his name of hidden dragon has virtually become a joke.

In this lifetime, Fang Zhun can only be a hidden dragon, rather than transforming into a true dragon and soaring into the nine heavens.

The true dragon is someone else, his most junior apprentice-brother, Yan Di.”

The reason Fang Zhun had been given the name of Hidden Dragon was that in the past, he had been the most outstanding of his generation in Broad Creed Mountain.

Of those of the same generation, there had been no one who could match him, to the point that whether it was within Broad Creed Mountain or others of the Eight Extremities World, they all believed that he would be Yuan Zhengfeng’s successor, as the next Chief of Broad Creed Mountain.

Back then, of that generation of the entire Eight Extremities World, there were only the current Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan Huang Xu and a select few others who were qualified to be mentioned in the same breath as Fang Zhun.

Standing here now, Lin Tianfeng himself had been inferior to Fang Zhun in the past.

When Fang Zhun’s fame had resounded the world, Yan Di had not yet even entered Broad Creed Mountain.

However, Yan Di had eventually come up from behind, causing the hidden dragon to eventually die within the deep abyss, unable to continue rising to the heavens.

Under this situation, whether Fang Zhun would lose his mental stability, being bewitched by the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss, was something the entire Eight Extremities World was concerned about.

Hearing Lin Tianfeng mention this matter, those of the Heavenly Thunder Hall all nodded slightly, but their gazes, whether intentionally or not, also swept past the person sitting beside Lin Tianfeng.

That person, who looked similar in appearance to Lin Tianfeng, was currently expressionless.

He was another First Seat Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

He was also Yan Shan’s Master, Lin Tianfeng’s competitor for the position of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s next Lord following Shen Li.

Once, his advantage had been immense, pressuring Lin Tianfeng till he was virtually unable to parry his blows.

However, over the past one over year, Lin Tianfeng had performed continuous great merits, playing numerous superb hands, not just having fought back from his disadvantageous position but even having reversed the situation, now greatly at the upper hand.

While the competition here at the Heavenly Thunder Hall had not already been decided like over at Broad Creed Mountain, Lin Tianfeng’s current advantage was already abnormally immense.

As long as he didn’t make a fatal error, it would be extremely difficult for his opponent to turn the tables.

Currently expressionless, Yan Shan’s Master said, “The Sacred Sun Clan having obtained the Purple Essence Containing Jade, Huang Guanglie advancing a step further is virtually a given, while whether or not Broad Creed Mountain’s Yuan Zhengfeng can succeed is still an unknown.

How should our Heavenly Thunder Hall conduct ourselves following this”

Lin Tianfeng mentioned Fang Zhun no longer, instead saying, “Yuan Zhengfeng entering seclusion this time, the situation definitely won’t be a peaceful one.

If the Sacred Sun Clan rises in power, our clan should also make more plans for ourselves.”

“Power is the basis for everything, be it resistance or cooperation.”

On the main position, Shen Li now said calmly, “Watch on silently and move according to the situation, then.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Robe is a good treasure.”

“If the Decimating Abyss moves this time, it will definitely be a major movement, and they may join hands with the Fire Devils on the East Sea once more.

At that time, Jade Sea City will not be able to interfere with us.”

As Shen Li said thus, his gaze swept over all the Heavenly Thunder Hall bigwigs here, “The extermination of spies in our clan also cannot be stopped.

If the Decimating Abyss causes chaos amongst us here, we would become a joke.”

Everyone nodded in unison, as a longtime Elder now said, “The Decimating Abyss will not want to create enemies everywhere.

If they want to succeed in their movements, they will have to focus their power on a single spot.”

“That way, we will still have to dig out all their people in our clan,” Shen Li said mildly, “How can we allow sand in our eyes”

Everyone replied in unison, “Yes, Hall Lord.”

Within Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge returned to his dwelling, Ah Hu full of joy beside him, being very happy for Yan Di.

“Right, Ah Hu.

The thing I asked you to find earlier-how is it” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, considering as he asked.

Ah Hu awoke from his reverie, answering, “Young Master, it is already prepared.

I will go retrieve it for you now.”

Saying thus, he went to get a few things.

Other than a longbow, there were also quite a few materials.


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