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HSSB264: Devil Shattering Arrows


After returning from the Sand Region, Yan Zhaoge had gotten Ah Hu to find some things for him.

Currently, the manpower and resources Yan Zhaoge was able to command was no longer limited to just the Yan Family.

He was now able to move a large amount of Broad Creed Mountain’s resources.

As he moved now, Yan Zhaoge could already be considered the target of countless eyes, with the attention of many fixed upon him.

Not mentioning the many great deeds that Yan Zhaoge had accomplished earlier; just from the mere fact that as a Martial Scholar and younger generation disciple, he could already move most of Broad Creed Mountain’s resources, he was followed closely by the outside world, who were watching to see what exactly he could do with that.

After all, under the heavens, how many youngsters were there who possessed such authority

They were overlooking Yan Zhaoge’s age and seniority more and more, and for good reason.

His numerous great achievements and the authority he possessed had long been something that those of the same age and generation could not compare to.

Yan Zhaoge knew full well that all of his movements were being analysed.

Therefore, the things that he instructed Ah Hu to find had more types than what he truly needed by more than tenfold, serving as concealment as well as to confuse the minds of others.

These few things that Ah Hu passed to him now were those he truly wanted.

The other things might still be of use, but not at the current moment.

They could be laid aside for the moment.

Holding that longbow, Yan Zhaoge lightly pulled its bowstring all the way back, feeling its richness in spiritual qi as well as strength.

However, the current Yan Zhaoge still lacked sufficient strength to wield this treasure, leaving him unable to really draw on the power within.

It was because this was a mid-grade spirit artifact.

Only Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters could fully wield the power of mid-grade spirit artifacts.

Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmasters could wield a portion of the power within, but Martial Scholars were unable to do so at all.

Finger on the bowstring, Yan Zhaoge pondered aloud, “You couldn’t find one on the level of a high-grade spiritual artifact”

Ah Hu scratched his head, “Young Master, at present, the only high-grade spirit artifact bows we know of are the Sun Shooter of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heaven Shocker of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

If the other three Sacred Grounds had one, we could try to borrow it.”

“However, if it is Shooting Sun and Shocking Heaven, there is truly no way around it.

There would only be snatching or stealing, but my current cultivation base is still too low ah.”

Ah Hu looked at the longbow in Yan Zhaoge’s hands, “This Highspeed was the best bow I could find on the lands of the Heaven Domain.”

“I know this too,” Yan Zhaoge nodded, “A mid-grade spirit artifact is actually also sufficient.

It is just that the better the bow, the higher the chances of success.”

Although he was currently unable to wield this Highspeed, Yan Zhaoge did not mind this, placing the bow aside as he began inspecting the other things.

After examining all of them, he nodded satisfiedly, “Very good.

It is Broad Creed Mountain’s great foundation that allows for everything to be gathered within such a short time.

Only relying on the accumulation of the Yan Family, it probably wouldn’t have been managed so quickly.”

Yan Zhaoge took out his Internal Crystal Furnace, low, stable sounds resounding from within as it was evidently still in operation.

Lightly tapping the Internal Crystal Furnace, Yan Zhaoge opened its lid, overflowing bright light instantly gushing out from within.

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, tapping the body of the furnace.

A purple light instantly flew out from within, landing before him.

It was a dark green bamboo branch.

The Incinerating Light Sword, Vapour Sealing Sword and Purple Gold Thunder Sword, those three low-grade spirit artifacts that had been placed within alongside it, had long since vanished.

Meanwhile, the bamboo branch seemed to have increased in length by quite a bit, having doubled in size.

Yan Zhaoge reached out and grabbed the bamboo branch, first keeping it.

Then, with his aura-qi, the many treasures that he had examined earlier all fell within the Internal Crystal Furnace.

Next, Yan Zhaoge put the furnace lid back on, his hands clapping on the two sides of the Internal Crystal Furnace.

The surface of the Internal Crystal Furnace shone with light, then began circulating mightily once more.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was calm as he silently focused on the Internal Crystal Furnace, his hands clapping on its sides with a strange rhythm, causing its circulation to always be under his control, moving alongside his thoughts.

Time passed slowly.

Letting the outside world be rising with strong winds and high tides or surging with hidden undercurrents as it liked, Yan Zhaoge remained in his own little world, silently controlling the Internal Crystal Furnace to forge what he wanted.

With Yan Di already having been acting as Chief for quite some time, and Broad Creed Mountain’s days passing stably in the process, everything moving stably on track, the old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng finally decided to officially enter secluded cultivation.

On the day that Yuan Zhengfeng went into seclusion, Yan Zhaoge also finally reached an end in the matter that he was working on.

The Internal Crystal Furnace temporarily ceasing its circulation, the furnace lid opened.

With a wave of Yan Zhaoge’s hands, three black shadows flew out from within.

The three black shadows fell in Yan Zhaoge’s hands together.

They were three jet-black arrows, flickering with a faint golden light, each one around three feet long.

Yan Zhaoge carefully observed the arrowheads up close, seeing that the tips of the arrows were also shining unceasingly.

They didn’t appear sharp, rather seeming a little illusory as they flickered with light.

The three jet-black arrowheads seemed to be repeatedly switching between true and illusory.

After squinting and appraising for a time, Yan Zhaoge nodded satisfiedly, “The first step is a success, but it still has to be worked on.”

Pushing his head over from the side, Ah Hu asked curiously, “Young Master, what are these”

“Devil Shattering Arrows,” Yan Zhaoge answered casually.

Ah Hu scratched his big head, “Something specially used to deal with Devilish Domain Grand Formations”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, not answering, closing the Internal Crystal Furnace as he kept it within his Shadow Shrinking Pouch alongside the arrows before he asked, “Grand Master enters seclusion today”

Ah Hu’s expression grew more solemn, “Yes, Young Master.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, striding out.

Ah Hu followed behind him, the two arriving at the back mountains together.

The so-called back mountains of Broad Creed Mountain were Water Ridge Peak, Converting Lake Peak and Setting Wind Peak.

The entire Broad Creed Mountain consisted of eight mountain peaks, all of them smooth as mirrors as well as broad in size.

They were not formed naturally, rather having been established by the clan’s experts slicing off the peaks of the original mountains that year.

Of the eight great mountains, they began with the earth, ending with the heavens.

The tallest Heaven Rising Peak was the primary mountain peak of Broad Creed Mountain.

Of the three back mountains, the Setting Wind Peak had freedom of access, with many Broad Creed Mountain disciples active there.

The Water Ridge Peak and the Converting Lake Peak were both restricted grounds.

The former was where the number one danger ground of Broad Creed Mountain, the Heaven Sealing Gorge, lay.

The latter was where the strongest experts of Broad Creed Mountain underwent secluded cultivation.

Once, the Heaven Establishing Old Man Qiu Yuan had undergone seclusion here.

The Exalted Heaven Shaker, Zhan Dongge, invincible in the entire Eight Extremities World, had done so as well, as had the Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou, who had led Broad Creed Mountain through its darkest ages.

Now, it was Yuan Zhengfeng’s turn.

The old man looked at them, smiling, “With this old man entering seclusion, fortune and calamity hard to predict, and the length of time also an unknown, Broad Creed Mountain will depend on all of you.”

Yan Di and the others said, “We will definitely perform to our utmost.”

Standing at the back of the crowd, Yan Zhaoge also bowed towards Yuan Zhengfeng from far away, watching as his Grand Master entered the grounds of seclusion.

Raising his head to look at the sky, the sun did seem bright and beautiful today.


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