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HSSB268: The calm before the storm, ends!


Yan Zhaoge’s entire body emanated golden radiance, his aura-qi roiling as he seemed to be surrounded by auspicious clouds.

All the acupoints of his entire body pulsed, a shocking power radiating from within his body.

One could faintly see numerous coiled true dragons made of qi; partially obscured within the auspicious clouds, they let out loud, domineering roars in unison.

Two auras, one icy cold, one fiery hot, were no longer distinct at this moment as only a vigorous strength could be felt.

Yan Zhaoge’s closed eyes now opened.

The auspicious clouds around him that were flickering with radiance seemed to gradually retract their glow at this moment, those aura-qis that resembled numerous dragons also calming.

The dazzling clouds gradually calmed, finally losing their lustre.

Yan Zhaoge’s aura now vaguely felt hard to pinpoint.

He was clearly there, but it seemed like he was part of the background, making one unable to determine his position, before and after, up or down.

Time and space seemed to lose all meaning at this moment, with only chaos remaining.

The mass of qi around Yan Zhaoge’s body shockingly seemed like the scene within his dantian’s qi ocean at this moment.

At this moment, the spiritual light above Yan Zhaoge’s head had completely vanished.

Meanwhile, the light within his eyes had also been completely retracted, now appearing completely ordinary.

The chaotic qi mass formed of aura-qi around his entire body also gradually returned through his acupoints.

As he stood up, Yan Zhaoge resembled a famed sword renowned throughout the world being sheathed.

The blade of the sword was not blunt, but its sharpness was hidden, just having been temporarily put away.

It would appear when it once again became necessary, erupting with a force even greater than before.

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, only feeling that his aura-qi was filled with spirituality, even more concealed, even more condensed, even more vigorous, and even heavier.

He vaguely felt that his understanding towards cultivating in the martial dao had increased.

His comprehension and all he had learnt in his past life merged with his martial dao-a road of improvement was already vaguely visible before his eyes.

Yan Zhaoge knew that that was his true martial soul.

Now that he had a foundation for growth, it was only a matter of awaiting unceasing accumulation and analysis before finally comprehension and improvement was achieved.

And at this moment, he had already successfully stepped into the Martial Scholar realm!

It was like a great door had opened before him, letting him stride into a completely new heaven and earth.

The Martial Grandmaster realm, the early Spirit Vessel stage.

The aura-qi’s spirituality resuming simplicity, the first-intent turning from illusory to real a step further, beginning to form spirit soil.

This was precisely the foundation of Martial Grandmasters.

The spirit soil formed of Yan Zhaoge’s fist-intent was like the chaos within his dantian’s qi ocean, profound and unpredictable.

Yan Zhaoge moderated his condition for a moment longer, before opening the door and walking out.

Ah Hu was currently waiting outside, as he immediately saw that the spiritual light above Yan Zhaoge’s head that was connected to the heavens had vanished.

According to Yan Zhaoge’s personality, other than in very few unique situations, he would never retract the spiritual light above his head.

At this moment, however, the spiritual light had vanished.

Appraising Yan Zhaoge carefully, Ah Hu felt his entire body’s acupoints pulsing, as though there was a true god that connected the interior and exterior of his body.

As someone who himself had experienced it once before, after first being slightly stunned for a moment, Ah Hu then rejoiced, overjoyed, “Young Master, you’ve successfully stepped into the Martial Grandmaster realm!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “New starting point, new beginning.”

Ah Hu praised from the bottom of his heart, “Young Master, you very nearly broke Family Head’s record for the youngest Martial Grandmaster.”

“If we count from the time you became an early outer aura Martial Scholar to now, you have used even less time than the Family Head!”

Usually, in speaking such words, Ah Hu still had some intent of toadying up to Yan Zhaoge.

However, at this moment, it was admiration from the bottom of his heart, as he could only feel like it was inconceivable.

Don’t look at how the big guy usually had on a wide grin on his face, following servilely behind Yan Zhaoge wherever he went.

He was only this way with Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Faced with other people, while he still remained jovial on the surface, he, Ah Hu, Huang Huting, actually also had his own pride within his heart, resembling a ferocious tiger of the mountains.

However, currently seeing Yan Zhaoge having already stepped into the Martial Grandmaster realm at such a young age, Ah Hu could only sigh in admiration.

This had completely nothing to do with Yan Zhaoge’s identity, and was purely admiration of how remarkable Yan Zhaoge was.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Father became a Martial Grandmaster at the age of twenty-two; breaking this record is not an easy thing.

Of those I currently know, there’s only Han Long’er who might be able to do so.”

He looked at Ah Hu, “Right, seeing how you are, you must have been specially waiting for me here.

Is there anything urgent”

Ah Hu nodded, grinning as his white teeth were bared wide, vaguely seeming a little savage.

“Young Master, there seems to be instability at home.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “Oh At home…”

The home that Ah Hu spoke of naturally didn’t refer to the Zhao Region’s Yan Family in the Thunder Domain, but instead referred to the Central Heaven Region’s Yan Family where Yan Zhaoge had been born.

That year, when the Central Heaven Region Yan Family had fragmented out, avoiding the threat of the Zhao Region Yan Family, they had travelled a long way before arriving in the Heaven Domain, finally settling down in the Central Heaven Region.

The Central Heaven Region was where Broad Creed Mountain’s headquarters were.

Here, it was not allowed for other first-rate powers to exist.

At most, only some second-rate powers were allowed to develop here.

There were only two exceptions, one being the Yan Family of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di and the other the Zhang Family of the Grand Elder, Elder Zhang.

Because of Yan Di and Elder Zhang, these two families were rooted in the Central Heaven Region.

However, comparatively speaking, they kept quite a low profile.

A tall tree provides good shade.

Accompanied by Yan Di’s increase in cultivation base and position, the Central Heaven Region Yan Family had also become a famed power of the Eight Extremities World.

Of course, the Zhao Region Yan Family refused to acknowledge this, but the Central Heaven Region Yan Family also didn’t care whether or not they were acknowledged by them.

The Yan Family’s current head was Yan Zhaoge’s father, Yan Di.

However, Yan Di spent most of his time at Broad Creed Mountain, his position as an Elder of Broad Creed Mountain far, far more significant than that of Yan Family Head.

As a result, the common matters of the Family were generally mostly handed by its Elders, who then reported on them to Yan Di.

“In what way is there instability at home” Yan Zhaoge looked like he was smiling whilst also not.

His expression savage, Ah Hu replied, “Some people run off their tongues, doubting Family Head to be the old Head’s true son, in the meantime also being rude to Young Master and insulting the Madam.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed coldly, but was not angered, “Now this is interesting.

Seeing father’s position in Broad Creed Mountain rise a step further, with hopes of succeeding the position of Chief, they act  not to firmly get into his good books but instead using this time to cause trouble”

“First not mentioning how unbelievable those nasty rumours are; even if they are true, it would also be the rational choice now to stand on father’s side, even helping him to destroy the evidence, quelling any conflict.”

“The stronger father is, the more stable his position, the more stable the Yan Family’s position in the Central Heaven Region also is.

As the boat rises higher, the benefits also increase.

Jumping up to cause trouble now-really, are they silly”

Yan Zhaoge murmured to himself, “And if they are not silly at all, that can only mean one thing.”

“With father temporarily taking up the position of Broad Creed Mountain’s Chief, he has lots of things to do, and does not have any time to spare.

However, such matters of having fire in one’s own backyard is something that cannot be ignored-how come someone whose own home is unstable be fit to manage Broad Creed Mountain’s affairs”

“With others also not suited to suppress this, as his trueborn son, there would be none more suited than I to return home to handle the matter.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly, gazing into the distance, “Indeed, the calm before the storm has ended.

The other side is ready to move.”


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