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HSSB269: Returning home to quell chaos


Ah Hu asked, “It is the other side’s trap, their foremost motive being the assassination of Young Master”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “This is a matter of the Yan Family, and others are not suited to handle it.

With father not being able to, there is only me who can return.”

Ah Hu looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master, then you’ll…”

“Return,” Yan Zhaoge said like nothing was the matter, “I must return, of course.”

After sorting out some matters, Yan Zhaoge walked to the back courtyard, where Pan-Pan was currently lying down, resting.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Pan-Pan immediately grew alert, no longer lazy as he had been.

Yan Zhaoge patted his huge head as he asked Ah Hu, “Father already knows of this matter”

Ah Hu answered, “Yes, Family Head already knows.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Good, it’s fine then; father will naturally have arrangements made.

Let’s return.”

Descending the Earth Descending Peak, leaving the clan, Yan Zhaoge flipped himself up onto Pan-Pan, Ah Hu also doing the same.

The Pan-Pan who looked foolish and simple as well as chubby and clumsy got on all fours and ran, actually resembling swift wind and speeding lightning as they were far away in an instant.

Yan Zhaoge’s figure bobbed up and down alongside Pan-Pan’s movements as he gazed into the distance, seemingly considering something.

He lowered his head to look at the back of his left hand.

The devilish mark there was already extremely faint.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t take long before it completely dissipated.

Ah Hu glanced at it, “Young Master, do you think it’s the Decimating Abyss or the Sacred Sun Clan behind this this time”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “It’s more probable that it is the Decimating Abyss.

The Sacred Sun Clan firstly has been waiting for Huang Guanglie to emerge from seclusion, and secondly also does not have such strong infiltrative powers.”

“However…” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was rather deep and distant, “Whether they are in the know is a completely different matter altogether.

The Sacred Sun Clan might be waiting for us and the Decimating Abyss to wound each other gravely, therefore giving them a great chance to invade even with Huang Guanglie yet to leave seclusion.”

Ah Hu pulled back the corners of his lips, “The two wouldn’t have teamed up, right”

Yan Zhaoge said, “They shouldn’t have teamed up-the Sacred Sun Clan should still not be to the extent of doing something like that with completely no bottom line at all.

However, they may very well be eyeing us greedily, waiting to get both us and them in one fell swoop.”

“Following the matter of the Wind Domain, I found out some things.

In this current world, not mentioning their level of understanding towards the Nine Underworlds, the Sacred Sun Clan should be the one possessing the greatest understanding of the Decimating Abyss as an organisation.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Both sides have respectively been pulling over remnants of Black Nightmare Mountain to their sides, but it may be that this has formlessly also formed a channel that allows the two to understand each other.”

Ah Hu scratched the back of his head, “…both attempting to use the other, killing with a borrowed knife”

Yan Zhaoge said, “It’s just my guess, with no substantive proof.”

The foundation of the Central Heaven Region Yans was established at Yunzhen County, at the southwest of the Central Heaven Region.

It was also a distance away from Broad Creed Mountain.

Even with Pan-Pan, it was also quite a while before Yan Zhaoge arrived.

Entering the territory of Yunzhen County, there was already someone waiting for him there.

It was a middle-aged man, with the cultivation of a mid Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster.

His name was Yan He.

Seeing Yan He, Yan Zhaoge ignored formalities, cutting to the chase, “Uncle He, what is it”

“Not long ago, at a family banquet, Fourth Uncle suddenly took out a letter, claiming that it was written by Eldest Uncle before his death,” Yan He also ignored formalities, speaking whilst guiding Yan Zhaoge forward, “The contents of the letter…were that Brother Di is not Eldest Uncle’s trueborn son, instead having been adopted when he was young, his true origins unclear.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he listened calmly.

The Eldest Uncle whom Yan He spoke of was Yan Di’s father and Yan Zhaoge’s grandfather, having perished during their journey over from the Zhao Region to the Heaven Domain.

At that time, Yan Di was still young, and Yan Zhaoge had yet to exist in this world.

Afterwards, Yan Zhaoge’s great-grandfather, Yan Di’s grandfather, had led their entire family in taking up root in the Heaven Domain, with Yan Di eventually becoming a disciple of Broad Creed Mountain, rising up step by step, also causing the position of the Central Heaven Region Yans to rise.

After the previous Head, Yan Di’s grandfather, died, his position had not been passed down to his sons, instead having been directly succeeded by his grandson Yan Di.

Currently, Yan Di’s Third Uncle, Fourth Uncle and Seventh Uncle were all still of this world.

Usually, with Yan Di in Broad Creed Mountain, the daily matters of the Central Heaven Region Yans were discussed and handled by these few Elders.

Yan He sighed, “I don’t know what Fourth Uncle was thinking, in blowing the matter up till everyone knew of it, even persisting that this matter must be investigated thoroughly.

Unable to suppress him, Third Uncle and Seventh Uncle could only inform Brother Di.”

Of the few Elders of the Family, Yan Zhaoge’s Third Granduncle and Fourth Granduncle were both Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters, while his Seventh Uncle was in the mid Spirit Vessel stage.

“Father is currently temporarily assuming the position of Chief, busy with many matters and unable to come,” Yan Zhaoge said succinctly, “Therefore, I came back this time to see what exactly was up.”

While Yan Zhaoge’s age and seniority were low, he was the trueborn son of Yan Di, at the same time also possessing great fame in the Eight Extremities World, with a position in Broad Creed Mountain that was not low.

Even the Elders of the Family were unable to lightly suppress him on grounds of seniority.

Yan He said, “It is also good that you could return.

At least quell the matter first; don’t let it continue to grow.”

Arriving at the ancestral mansion, not yet having entered, they could already feel a tense atmosphere of drawn swords and strung bows.

Raising his head, Yan Zhaoge saw winds and clouds surging in the air above, a terrifying force sweeping the area.

It was clearly from a confrontation between two Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

Entering the mansion, after passing through the numerous courtyards, they indeed saw two old men currently at a standstill, their expressions both stern as they remained silent.

Behind them were their various supporters, currently in the midst of a heated argument.

“Could it be that all of you have gone mad Jumping out at this time to hold the Head back-what exactly are your intentions”

Someone on Yan Di’s side glared angrily at the other side’s people.

The other side rebutted righteously, “Not being legitimate at all, Yan Di did not come by his position properly.”

“When our entire Family moved to the Heaven Domain that year, his parents both died, with him surviving an orphan, and no one able to know what exactly happened at that time.

Now, words from the pen of his father written to the old Head have revealed the truth of the matter-Yan Di is not a true descendant of my Yan Family!”

“His parents dying that year-who knows if it was his own handiwork, in order to conceal his identity as he conspires against our Family”

Those on Yan Di’s side were angered to the point of laughing, “Able to be where he is today, the Head has relied on his own superior talent.

In choosing him as successor, the old Head was also looking at his ability.”

“After entering Broad Creed Mountain that year, in soaring straight up into the clouds, the Head didn’t borrow much of our Family’s power.

On the contrary, as his position gradually increased, it was our Family that benefited as a result.”

“All of you bear resentment within your hearts, probably because you blame the Head for his strict rules, not allowing you to flaunt a non-existent authority based upon his achievements!”

Hearing this, the other party gave a cold snort, “First not speaking of whether Yan Di was wrong, the truth of his parents’ deaths has to been investigated clearly.

His origins also have to be properly determined; someone of unclear origins becoming the head of a Family-really, what a joke.”

“It is the same for his son Yan Zhaoge; his mother’s identity is not clear, who knows where she came from…”

Before he had finished, a figure flickered, appearing before him.

It was precisely Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge smiled carelessly, “The identity of the person urging you on-I am also very interested in it.”

That person stabilised his mind, “Yan Zhaoge, you’ve come at just the right time.

The Family’s Elders have questions for you…”


The next moment, the person was sent flying backwards.

Yan Zhaoge flexed his leg, “Other than answering my question, you have no right to be saying anything else.”


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