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HSSB270: I am the Family’s laws!


When Yan Zhaoge appeared, the two opposing Elders had already discovered his arrival, just that they were held up by each other, and did not have the time to deal with him.

When Yan Zhaoge sent that person flying with a single kick, the Elder on the right finally could stand it no longer, “Yan Zhaoge!”

“What your position is at Broad Creed Mountain is another matter.

Daring to behave so audaciously in the ancestral mansion-do you truly think that you cannot be held accountable by the Family’s laws”

Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at this old man, “Yan Wendao, at this critical moment for Broad Creed Mountain and my father, what attitude do you feel I should have towards you people who stir up trouble, possessing unwholesome thoughts”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge directly addressing him by his name, his Fourth Granduncle, Yan Wendao, was enraged, “This little brat!”

As an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, his rage truly had the dominance of mountains collapsing.

As his roiling true essence circulated, numerous streaks of light seemed to transform into a scaly dragon, coiling by his side.

Striding out, he was already before Yan Zhaoge, striking out with a palm.

By the side, a similar force surged, as the Third Granduncle whom he had been standing off against earlier, Yan Wenzhen, came before Yan Zhaoge and raised up a palm, which was  also accompanied by a scaly dragon.

The two longtime Elders and Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters of the Yan Family clashed head-on!

While caring for this ancestral mansion, the two did not dare to completely release their power, with their clash seeming completely ordinary and without waves, everyone here seemed to feel a strong light rise before their eyes, the world before their eyes completely turning white.

A deafening roar resounded beside their ears, with other sounds all no longer audible.

Some Yan Family martial practitioners with lower cultivation bases directly and uncontrollably collapsed.

Yan Wendao glared furiously at Yan Wenzhen, “Just from him as a junior daring to speak to this old man like this, this old man wants to invoke the Family’s laws today; even Yan Di can have no reason to shelter him!”

Yan Wenzhen’s expression was calm, “Old Four.

I am also very interested in who the people standing behind you are.”

“The Sacred Sun Clan Broad Creed Mountain’s Elder Fang The Zhao Region Yans and the Heavenly Thunder Hall Or perhaps…the Decimating Abyss”

The two exchanged blows once more, their foreheads lighting up with a spirit pattern.

The spirit patterns floated up into the air, instantly expanding, as the entire Yan Family ancestral mansion also shook alongside them.

Countless patterns of white light, resembling numerous scaly dragons, roared as they soared into the air.

A massive spirit formation that enveloped the entire Yan Family ancestral instantly took form.

It was just that the circulation of the formation was clearly unstable, seeming as though it could split into two at any moment.

Yan Wendao and Yan Wenzhen both glared at each other.

As longtime Elders of the Yan Family at the level of Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters, the two usually held control over the Yan Family Grand Formation together.

Currently, with the battle just happening to be between the two of them, the formation could also not be properly used, instead becoming the focal point of the two’s conflict.

Seeing that he was temporarily unable to do anything to Yan Wenzhen, Yan Wendao’s figure suddenly flashed, continuing to lunge towards Yan Zhaoge!

His strength was comparable to Yan Wenzhen’s.

One wanting to kill, the other wanting to protect, the former would inevitably hold the initiative as well as the advantage.

“Little brat, you need to pay for your arrogance!” Yan Wendao roared coldly.

Looking silently at Yan Wendao, Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed, “Yan Wendao, you seemed to have gotten something wrong.”

Saying thus, he gently tapped his forehead, where a shining spirit pattern also appeared!

“At this place and this moment in time, at least, speaking of the Family’s laws, I am them.”

Accompanied by the spirit pattern on Yan Zhaoge’s forehead lighting up, the grand formation guarding the ancestral mansion instantly shook.

The next moment, the flickering spirit patterns on Yan Wendao’s and Yan Wenzhen’s foreheads shockingly dissipated.

Yan Wenzhen was fine with it, but Yen Wendao’s heart immediately sunk.

The Head of the Yan Family, Yan Di, was the true controller of the Yan Family Grand Formation!

With Yan Di’s help, Yan Zhaoge now clearly also held control over the formation.

And this young man’s attainment in formations far surpassed them old fellas, far surpassed them Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters!

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, pushing his hands forward, palms facing downwards, fingers spread out, before he abruptly pressed downwards.

The ancestral mansion instantly reacted, the courtyard in which they were located instantly being filled with white light, numerous dragons of light soaring, all lunging towards Yan Wendao!

Helpless, Yan Wendao could only resist.

However, letting out a long howl, the Yan Wenzhen behind him, palms outstretched, was already speeding over in attack.

Faced with the combined forces of the grand formation and Yan Wenzhen, Yan Wendao was instantly unable to cope with the situation, finding it hard to hold on.

To his shock, he discovered something.

Under Yan Zhaoge’s control, the Yan Family Grand Formation actually unleashed its peak power, actually not inferior to when it was being controlled by them Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters at all.

The grand formation was even more powerful than him, Yan Wendao.

Without Yan Wenzhen’s help, he was hard pressed to withstand it, at most only able to struggle and hold on for a bit longer.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Setting up a trap to lure me in, the troops lying in ambush should also be appearing now Otherwise, the bait is going to be used up.”

Before his words had landed, a few dark shadows had already rushed out from amongst the crowd, lunging towards Yan Zhaoge together.

“So it is the Decimating Abyss,” Yan Zhaoge’s expression didn’t change as he extended his hands, palms facing each other as they abruptly clapped together.

Accompanied by this clap of Yan Zhaoge’s, the power of the Yan Family Grand Formation surged madly, the numerous light dragons combining, forming a massive dragon head, surveying its surroundings.

The dragon head suddenly opened its mouth, letting out a shocking roar, causing the assaulting martial practitioners to all stop in their tracks, their figures drifting, as though about to collapse of drunkenness.

Waving his hand, a short stone rod flew out of Yan Zhaoge’s hands, transforming into the massive pillar of the Divine Palace, suppressing his enemies.

Beside him, Ah Hu was grinning savagely as he rushed out, killing enemies left and right like a tiger amidst a herd of lambs.

As someone attacked from behind him, the Immortal Crane Wings on Yan Zhaoge suddenly expanded, feathers shooting out in all directions like a tempestuous storm.

The people who had been suppressed by the Yan Family Grand Formation were all of Yan Wendao’s side, with the others, like Yan Zhaoge’s Seventh Granduncle and Yan He, all not affected.

While looking at Yan Zhaoge currently quelling the internal rebellion like the sweeping of autumn leaves, some Yan Family martial practitioners felt a little conflicted within their hearts, they were also stimulated by Yan Zhaoge’s clear vision of the enemy and thunderbolt-like methods, as they all simultaneously began their assault.

Other powers were all fine, but those of the Decimating Abyss were the enemy of all.

Towards those of their Family, they prioritised their capture, but towards those Decimating Abyss martial practitioners attempting to attack Yan Zhaoge, they showed no mercy at all.

At Yan Zhaoge’s hands, a chaotic situation seemed soon to be resolved.

However, the hearts of everyone here could not relax at all.

After all, this was an internal dispute of the Family, not being any glorious at all.

After killing an opponent, Yan He retreated to Yan Zhaoge’s side, asking him in a low tone, “Those Decimating Abyss martial practitioners who infiltrated aside, what about Fourth Uncle and the others”

“Just capture them first,” Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look in the direction of Yan Wendao.

Just having looked over, Yan Zhaoge suddenly felt a chill envelop him!

Through the corner of his eyes, he saw Yan He currently smiling coldly at him, a strange box opening within his hands from which a cold qi emanated.

Swept by the cold qi, Yan Zhaoge’s right eye felt a piercing pain, flickering with the purple light of thunder yet seemingly having temporarily grown numb, falling silent for a moment.

“Yan Zhaoge, if you want to speak of the Family’s laws, you also lack the qualifications,” Yan He smiled coldly, stabbing viciously towards Yan Zhaoge with the sword in his hands.

Ah Hu was a bit further away, unable to make it in time.

Swept by the cold qi, Yan Zhaoge couldn’t even activate the Golden Talismanic Body, seemingly about to die at Yan He’s sword.

He, however, smiled slightly, “At this time and at this place, and with all those who are currently here, I am the Family’s laws.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge flipped his palm, smashing mightily towards Yan He’s head!


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