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HSSB271: You’re still sorely lacking


Yan Zhaoge raised his palm high above his head, then flipped it around, slamming downwards.

Great in scale, his movements were clumsy while heavy, not looking swift at all, instead seeming a little slow.

However, a strange, terrified feeling arose in the heart of Yan He before him, as though however he evaded or resisted, he would also not be able to escape from this palm of Yan Zhaoge’s, his brain being blown to smithereens.

That feeling was as though all of heaven and earth lay within Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

Accompanied by the flipping of Yan Zhaoge’s palm, heaven and earth reversed, the heavens plummeting downwards from up above, with no way to escape, no way to resist, one only able to silently accept their impending death.

As this palm descended, from Yan He’s perspective, Yan Zhaoge’s entire person seemed much taller than he had previously been, resembling a descended divinity.

The majestic, mighty force enveloped Yan He’s entire body, the heavy, dense aura-qi directly locking down the entire area about him, the very space around him seemingly collapsing with him as the centre.

Of Broad Creed Mountain’s Three Supreme Arts, the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm!

As that one palm descended, it resembled the descent of the heavens!

Yan He forcibly kept himself alert, withstanding the pressure and destruction that the intent harboured within this palm brought to his mind, as he unconsciously raised a hand.

He believed that as a mid Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, he would at least not be so easily defeated by Yan Zhaoge.

His secret treasure, the Dim Cold Miasma, temporarily sealing all of Yan Zhaoge’s treasures, he would have a chance…

Yan He’s thoughts not ending, Yan Zhaoge’s palm had already descended, slamming onto his palm.

Without any resistance whatsoever, from his palm, the bones of Yan He’s entire body began to shatter!

He stared, yet discovering that he had no way to resist it at all, resembling the dust that solely remained following the collapse and descent of the heavens!

Looking calmly at Yan He, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I do have a few more treasures than most, and this seems to have let people overlook my personal strength.

My current cultivation base is still rather low, but in terms of that, in assassinating me, you, at least, are still sorely lacking.”

While Yan He’s cultivation base was that of a mid Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, any random Sacred Ground direct disciple at the early Spirit Vessel stage would also have the ability to surpass levels and defeat him.

As one who virtually presided over all geniuses of the same generation even amongst Sacred Grounds, even having only just stepped into the Martial Grandmaster realm, killing Yan He was but a simple matter for Yan Zhaoge.

Even if Yan He launched a sneak attack, this result was still set in stone!

Yan He had on a defeated expression, his gaze turning lax.

Yan Zhaoge was already no longer looking at him, instead looking at that box that was filled with Dim Cold Miasma.

The cold qi had already completely dissipated at this moment, what had originally only been used to buy a sliver of time for his assassination now having dissipated into the air.

On the other side, Yan Wendao was also already being suppressed by Yan Wenzhen, with defeat but a matter of time.

With the Yan Family Grand Formation present, escaping was but a far-fetched hope for him.

All the enemies here were either slain on the spot, or captured alive.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, the Yan Family martial practitioners all felt somewhat shocked.

Martial Grandmaster ah; ever since Yan Zhaoge’s father Yan Di, this world had not again seen a Martial Grandmaster emerge under the age of twenty-five, till this Yan Zhaoge before them!

Over these two years, Yan Zhaoge had soared straight up into the heavens, with the momentum of his rise even more exaggerated than his father Yan Di’s had been.

With the cultivation of a Martial Scholar, in a Sacred Ground like Broad Creed Mountain, possessing the authority of a First Seat Elder, his authority and status seemingly even presiding over the leaders of all this world’s first-rate powers.

From ancient times to now-how many had there been

These few years, Yan Zhaoge had not returned to Yunzhen County where the Yan Family ancestral mansion was located, with those of the Yan Family always feeling like his accomplishments seemed a little illusory as a result.

Not having witnessed it personality, only having heard rumours, it was only natural for them to underestimate his actual capabilities.

And truly witnessing Yan Zhaoge live in action today, the great shock that it caused was such that all of them, even those like Yan Wenzhen who supported Yan Di, were rendered speechless.

Yan Zhaoge was already no longer concerned about Yan Wendao and his cronies as after nodding in appreciation to Yan Wenzhen and the others, he raised his head to look at the sky, “It is not as strong as the plan of Yao Shan’s group back in the desert, feeling more like it was planned out by Yan Wendao and Yan He alone.”

“For the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss then, where is the true killing move”

Despite his view being obstructed by numerous courtyards, Yan Zhaoge still swivelled his head, looking towards the northeast where Broad Creed Mountain lay.


The old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng having been in seclusion for many days, Broad Creed Mountain was currently in an orderly state, everyone seemingly already having gotten used to the days of the old Chief in seclusion and Yan Di temporarily taking up position at the helm.

Everything seemed no different from how it was usually.

But actually, Broad Creed Mountain was very tense internally, with its higher echelon experts all keeping vigilant at every moment, with even the mid and low-tier martial practitioners able to feel the unusual mood in the air.

Ending his cultivation session, Xu Fei left his residence, raising his head and looking up at the sky.

Today’s sky was not as bright as it usually was, being a gloomy day, yet not giving people a cool, refreshing feeling, instead feeling a little stiflingly hot.

Dark clouds filled the sky in the air above Broad Creed Mountain, causing one’s mood to be a little low.

Xu Fei knit his brows slightly, calming his heart as he strolled through a forest.

Along the way, he was spotted by several junior apprentice-brothers and sisters, who all bowed, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu.”

Xu Fei nodded to them in return, continuing on his walk.

Now, Xu Fei’s footsteps suddenly slowed as he looked towards the roadside.

There stood a white-clothed, blue-robed young female disciple, currently with a face full of worry as she gazed towards the depths of the forest.

Xu Fei also recognised this female disciple.

She was an elite disciple of the same generation as him.

While she wasn’t a direct disciple of the clan, she was still rather valued by them, putting in quite a bit of effort in grooming her.

The girl was rather younger than Xu Fei, being around the same age as Yan Zhaoge.

The reason she had drawn Xu Fei’s attention was that he knew that this junior apprentice-sister Wang had a rather close relationship with Lu Wen.

Perhaps Lu Wen still thought of her as just a junior apprentice-sister, but this junior apprentice-sister Wang rather admired Lu Wen.

And at this moment, where she was gazing was precisely where Lu Wen was in secluded cultivation.

Xu Fei knit his brows.

If he was not wrong, Lu Wen had already been in seclusion for a rather long time.

“Junior apprentice-sister Wang, you are waiting for junior apprentice-brother Lu” Xu Fei asked, and junior apprentice-sister Wang, recovering, hurriedly replied, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu, senior apprentice-brother Lu has been in seclusion for almost two years!”

An unconcealable look of worry was visible within her eyes, as Xu Fei thought upon hearing her words, “After being defeated by junior apprentice-brother Yan, he has always been in seclusion, not having left at all…”

Xu Fei was not really familiar with Lu Wen, with the latter not liking his roughness and love of wine, and the two also not possessing any common topics, therefore not having much to do with each other.

Xu Fei also knew of Lu Wen’s great pride, but hearing of Lu Wen’s situation now, Xu Fei also felt a little worried for him.

Especially with the matter of the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss having emerged in recent years.

While Xu Fei felt a little worried, he didn’t show it on the surface, instead comforting junior apprentice-sister Wang, “Be at ease; perhaps junior apprentice-brother Lu, not shining for three years, will suddenly shock everyone upon his emergence.”

After comforting and persuading junior apprentice-sister Wang to return, Xu Fei, however, didn’t leave, instead sucking in a deep breath, walking deeper into the forest.

A sealed stone chamber built with the mountain as a foundation appeared before Xu Fei’s eyes.


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