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HSSB274: A battle at the Martial Saint realm!


While Yan Zhaoge had always had a rather high opinion of himself, speaking from the bottom of his heart, even if there was someone specifically coming to deal with him, it truly didn’t warrant a Martial Saint to personally make a move.

The appearance of the Devil Saint Yuan Tian was undoubtedly the Decimating Abyss putting external pressure on Broad Creed Mountain, drawing their attention and luring the tiger away from its mountain, buying opportunities for those in other places.

After all, no matter how high the level of a spy, the idea of helping Yuan Tian secretly infiltrate Broad Creed Mountain’s core lands without anyone noticing was truly not putting Broad Creed Mountain in their eyes at all.

However, Broad Creed Mountain was helpless in that they could not ignore Yuan Tian’s appearance.

Otherwise, if he began rampaging madly, the damage caused by him within a short period of time would not be much inferior to that by the Decimating Abyss.

If outsiders caused trouble like this on their territory and Broad Creed Mountain still remained firmly shut in, they would lose all face.

As for Yuan Tian taking care of Yan Zhaoge as he arrived at Yunzhen County, that was just an accompaniment to the grander plan.

In this, there was also possibly the intention of forcing Yan Di to emerge from Broad Creed Mountain along with the Clear Qi Robe.

While Yan Di and the others were not people who feared things, Yuan Zhengfeng was at a critical moment in his breakthrough, and these were volatile times.

With internal and external problems surfacing simultaneously, there was the possibility that Broad Creed Mountain would suddenly act differently this time, and would choose to forcibly endure things before finding Yuan Tian for revenge afterwards.

Capturing Yan Zhaoge was but to add another chip to their hands to force Yan Di out of the Mountain.

With the arrival of Yuan Tian, Yan Zhaoge couldn’t leave now even if he wanted to.

Stabilising his heart, Yan Zhaoge just gazed into the distance.

Over the distant horizon, a grey fog surfaced, obscuring the sky and concealing the sun as it drifted over towards the Yan Family ancestral mansion.

The sky and sunlight which had originally been bright and beautiful completely disappeared at this moment, the world between the heavens and earth all grey.

Amidst the vast grey sea of clouds, countless figures vaguely surfaced, the clouds seemingly transforming into numerous pained, distorting faces, looking downwards together as they released simultaneous, soundless howls.

Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu and the others all clearly felt a gloomy cold pervade them.

That cold did not infiltrate through the body’s senses, but was rather a chill that arose from their very hearts, as though they were facing the greatest terror of their lives.

Gazing at those dark clouds, Yan Zhaoge secretly nodded, “There are indeed shadows of the Impermanent Devil Clan behind him.

It is just that it is unknown whether he has begun to integrate the thoughts of Buddhism’s impermanence within”

As Yan Zhaoge knew, the Impermanent Devil Clan of before the Great Calamity had once experienced a massive change, with disputes having arisen on issues from the essence of the clan’s martial arts to the legacies of the clan’s experts.

Yan Zhaoge was not clear on the specifics, having only heard some general news on this.

However, along with the descent of the Great Calamity, it seemed like without having settled on this matter, the Impermanent Devil Clan had returned to the soil along with the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, looking at the dark clouds that enveloped the sky and covered the earth, Yan Zhaoge’s mind involuntarily wavered slightly, many past memories surfacing within.

The dark clouds immediately enveloped the entire surrounding heavens and the earth, a great darkness concealing the sunlight, as Yunzhen County seemed to have descended into the darkness of night.

Having arrived here, Yuan Tian did not waste time on words, his powerful fist-intent suppressing the area, turning from illusory to real.

In front of Yuan Tian, the Yan Family Grand Formation seemed not to exist.

Numerous light dragons still soared and danced within the sky, but they seemed like illusory embellishments as they were completely unable to obstruct Yuan Tian.

Seemingly not needing to distinguish him at all, Yuan Tian’s fist-intent directly zeroed in on Yan Zhaoge.

Against his will, Yan Zhaoge’s body began rising on its own.

While all Ah Hu and the others within the Yan Family ancestral mansion could feel was numbness.

Soon after, they felt as though their internal organs were being gripped in someone’s hands, being squeezed tightly.

Popping sounds resounded from their entire body’s bones, their bodies seemingly about to explode, blood vessels shattering as blood shot out from all the pores on their body!

Of everyone here, the one with the highest cultivation base, Yan Wenzhen, was but at the fourth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, at the early Essence Spirit stage.

Not needing to himself appear, Yuan Tian could already sweep over the entire area, capturing Yan Zhaoge alive as he simultaneously decimated the Yan Family ancestral mansion.

However, as the target of Yuan Tian, directly facing his strength, Yan Zhaoge remained composed as there were no changes in his expression whatsoever, with him instead viewing and analysing Yuan Tian’s fist-intent somewhat interestedly.

Yuan Tian might have noticed this abnormality in Yan Zhaoge, but he didn’t ask anything of it, instead continuing to move according to his pace.

As one of the current six great Martial Saints of this world, he fully possessed the ability to do so.

Sadly for him, his thoughts were destined to be unable to reach fruition.

The world suddenly shuddered as countless streams of clear qi surged into existence, instantly sweeping through the all-encompassing dark clouds within the sky, sunlight emerging as it penetrated through the cloud layer once more, illuminating the great earth.

A domineering sabre-intent cut through the horizon, shattering Yuan Tian’s fist-intent that was exerting force on the Yan Family ancestral mansion.

Just having hovered up a few metres, Yan Zhaoge landed within the ancestral mansion once more.

Ah Hu, Yan Wenzhen and the others all simultaneously let out relieved breaths, no longer pressured to the point that it seemed like their bodies would literally explode.

The dark clouds roiled within the air, dispersing to the sides, revealing a single person.

It was a pale-faced middle-aged man with the appearance of a scholar.

It was the Devil Saint Yuan Tian, famed within the entire Eight Extremities World!

Yuan Tian frowned slightly, “Clear Qi Robe, Yan Di”

As the winds and clouds between the heavens and the earth surged vigorously, a handsome man who looked not yet thirty, yet with a bit of whiteness already at his brows, appeared.

It was precisely Yan Zhaoge’s father who was currently serving as Broad Creed Mountain’s Chief, Yan Di.

Seeing Yan Di appear, Yan Wenzhen and the rest all let out relieved breaths once more.

Yuan Tian focused his gaze on Yan Di, or rather the white robe that Yan Di was currently in.

A broad white robe covered Yan Di’s body, seemingly distorting the surrounding space around him, containing infinite profundities that transformed the space of the very heavens and earth into clothes.

Countless streams of clear qi emanated from the white robe in all directions, seemingly drawing the surrounding world within.

“Clear Qi Robe,” Yuan Tian nodded as he then looked at Yan Di, “Why are you here Actually taking the Clear Qi Robe and leaving Broad Creed Mountain on your own initiative-could it be that you were specifically coming for this Yuan How could you be sure that this Yuan would definitely appear here”

His hands behind his back, looking calmly at the Martial Saint Yuan Tian, rather than replying, Yan Di instead asked, “Yuan Tian, with your strength and status, why are you willing to work for the Nine Underworlds What can they give you Could it be that you also want to give up on being human in exchange for eternal life”

Yuan Tian shook his head, “It’s also fine.

Anyway, I originally came here to force you to leave Broad Creed Mountain.

You being willing to come out on your own initiative fits my intentions perfectly.

“I can generally also guess some of your thoughts;  trying to take the initiative into  your hands, taking me by surprise before saving your son and immediately rushing back to the mountain.

That way, it would instead be our people who definitely wouldn’t be able to react in time, making their move over at Broad Creed Mountain.”

Below, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s lips curled up slightly.

His father and Yuan Tian both didn’t have any intention of answering each other’s questions.

While their tones were mild, they were continually standing off mightily against each other.

The concepts of the two great experts had begun clashing intensely ever since they had met, pushing against each other, causing the surrounding heavens and earth to tremble.

Looking at Yan Di, Yuan Tian said indifferently, “But, bringing your son away before me-would it really be that easy”

Saying thus, he raised his hand, clenching it into a fist.

A terrifying force instantly agglomerated.

He punched out, striking with a momentum that shocked the heavens!


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