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HSSB275: Without much of a difference in cultivation level, I am the superior!


As Yuan Tian punched out, the dark clouds surged between the heavens and earth, creating a giant vortex that lunged towards Yan Di.

That vortex seemed to contain innumerable faces, howling together in agonised pain.

The vortex formed of the dark clouds resembled hell on earth, sucking all surrounding life within.

Yan Di raised his brows slightly, spreading apart his arms with the Clear Qi Robe on him as countless streams of clear qi surged, majestic as the heavens.

That tangible fist-intent of Yuan Tian’s was blocked by Yan Di, instantly unable to proceed any further.

A feeling seemed to well up within his heart that even though it was clearly that he was a Martial Saint while Yan Di was still a Martial Grandmaster, Yan Di seemed to preside high above him, resembling the broad heavens, looking down upon him.

Yuan Tian knit his brows slightly, the fingers of his clenched fist suddenly unfurling.

He switched his fist to a claw, ripping mightily.

Dense grey clouds, transforming into a terrifying claw that resembled that of a devil king, seemed about to rip apart the very sky at this moment!

Impermanent Devil Claw!

Some radiance now surfaced on the white robe on Yan Di.

The radiance was beaded, resembling corn.

Its lustre was half black, half yellow, not bright, whilst also not dim; it contained a heaviness that seemed hard to withstand amidst a concept that was vast as the heavens.

The aura of Yan Di’s Clear Qi Robe skyrocketed ceaselessly, seemingly without limit.

Facing Yuan Tian’s Impermanent Devil Claw, he struck out with his palm as light emanated from within, clear and bright, resembling glazed Vajra!

While Yan Di’s attainment in the Vajra Body was inferior to Shi Tie’s, currently striking out with the Clear Qi Robe on him, it was as though a Martial Saint was executing the Vajra Body!

The terrifying, condensed palm that resembled Vajra clashed with the Impermanent Devil Claw head-on, not giving Yuan Tian any room in the slightest.

As palm and claw met, a cold light abruptly shot out from Yuan Tian’s eyes.

From that clear, transparent strike of Yan Di’s purplish-red flames suddenly blazed, erupting from his palm!

Terrifying Tu**a flames that seemed like they could refine all objects and incinerate all objects surged from Yan Di’s palm, with the birth of an unimaginably powerful eruptive force.

What caused even Yuan Tian to take notice was that in this single move of Yan Di’s, he had actually simultaneously executed two great martial arts of Broad Creed Mountain, the Vajra Body and the Tu**a palm, with such skill that it was hard to differentiate between the two moves.

As the purple Tu**a flames blazed, the eternal, firm concept of the Vajra body was not affected in the least, remaining undamaged and inextinguishable.

Meanwhile, the concept of the Vajra Body also did not obstruct or seal the strength of the Tu**a Palm in the slightest.

The two supreme martial arts coordinated and complemented each other perfectly, together unleashing a shocking power.

That terrifying Impermanent Devil Claw that obscured the heavens and concealed the sun and seemed like it could even pluck the stars and capture the moon actually trembled.

Wisps of grey fog continuously dispersed from the massive claw, the devilish claw seemingly about to collapse and dissipate.

Yuan Tian nodded calmly, “Hailed as number one amongst your generation, you are indeed worthy of your name.”

He made to change his claw, but found that it was sucked in place by Yan Di’s palm, actually unable to easily move.

Looking over, on Yan Di’s palm, as radiance surged, numerous streams of faint golden light appeared, resembling countless golden ropes.

The countless golden robes entangled the Impermanent Devil Claw, causing it to be unable to easily change its form, whilst also hard pressed to break free, only able to meet the mighty combined attack of the Vajra Body and the Tu**a Palm head-on!

Other than the Vajra Body and the Tu**a Palm, this move of Yan Di’s clearly also had another of Broad Creed Mountain’s Eight Extreme Arts integrated within.

The Golden Curtain Palm!

With the three supreme martial arts integrated and merged together, Yan Di’s palm erupted mightily with power, violent purple Tu**a flames exploding, instantly turning the massive heaven-obscuring palm formed of dark clouds into a sea of flames!

Yuan Tian looked coldly at this scene, “Clear Qi Robe, Sacred Artifact- it is indeed a good thing.”

Seeing his Impermanent Devil Claw being broken, no changes could be seen in Yuan Tian’s expression whatsoever.

“A pity, but at the end of the day, you are just not a Martial Saint.”

Saying this, Yuan Tian’s outstretched palm suddenly clenched.

Those dark clouds that had been incinerated and extinguished by the purple Tu**a flames suddenly appeared once more, drifting about, boundless and without end.

It seemed like everything earlier had been but an illusion.

The fierce Tu**a flames surged once more, incinerating the dark clouds, but the sea of dark clouds still remained.

They were clearly boundless, majestic dark clouds that encompassed the entire sky, obscuring the heavens and concealing the sun, but they currently seemed in a realm unable to touch, unable to get close to.

However fierce and violent the purple Tu**a flames, however the palm strength of the Golden Curtain Palm trapped the clouds, wind, sun and moon, however fearless and unyielding the Vajra Body.

The dark clouds remained, never dissipating, never extinguished, their gathering and dispersing impermanent.

On the ground, witnessing this scene, Yan Zhaoge raised his head slightly, “There’re already some traces of the impermanence of Buddhism.”

The Yan Di who was currently facing Yuan Tian head-on could see even more.

Within the depths of the dark clouds, there seemed to be a wheel, spinning unceasingly.

Every time Yan Di’s attack landed on the dark clouds, the spinning of that wheel became more rapid.

That was where the true core of Yuan Tian’s fist-intent lay, causing boundless dark clouds to surge, gradually moving to surround Yan Di!

“With the Clear Qi Robe on me, I am also not much different from a Martial Saint…” Yan Di said mildly, his palm suddenly shedding the image of Vajra, the forces of the Golden Curtain Palm and the Tu**a Palm also disappearing.

He raised his hand high into the air, fingers forming a sabre, “And without too much of a difference between our cultivation levels…” 

Saying thus, Yan Di’s raised right hand chopped downwards!

An imposing sabre-intent swept the area.

Between the heavens and the earth, the world seemed to suddenly split apart.

A massive crack appeared within the sky, completely pitch black within.

Space was truly ripped apart at this very moment!

Yan Di’s sabre descended, an incalculable, immeasurable limitless force added on the blade of the sabre.

Currently, Yuan Tian could only feel like the infinite, boundless sky above his head had suddenly transformed into the blade of Yan Di’s sabre, chopping down towards him!

Of Broad Creed Mountain three Supreme Arts, the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre!

The supreme sabre art that had been passed down from the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge, invincible throughout the entire Eight Extremities World that year, contained infinite, boundless power, a sabre of the great sky!

At this moment, bolstered by the Clear Qi Robe, the momentum of Yan Di’s sabre far, far surpassed back during the war of the Eastern Tang against the Sacred Sun Clan!

In times long past, when it had still yet to develop, Yuan Tian had once personally witnessed the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge, wielding his sabre.

Currently, facing Yan Di, he could only vaguely feel as though that existence, invincible throughout the Eight Extremities World that year, had actually appeared within this world once more!

The dark clouds were sliced apart, that wheel in their midst also hacked in two by that sabre!

As the sabre-intent that cut through the heavens surged, Yan Di said calmly, “…without much of a difference in cultivation level, I am the superior.”

Utter silence reigned between the heavens and the earth, seemingly also shocked by Yuan Tian’s declaration of surefire victory as a Martial Grandmaster against a Martial Saint.

Looking at Yan Di, Yuan Tian snorted, “Yan Di…Yan Wudi…huh, what a great Yan Wudi!”

His two hands separated horizontally to the sides, than slowly closed together once more.

Gales arose and clouds surged between the heavens and the earth, a boundless grey sea of clouds obscuring the sky once more.

“I admit that with the Clear Qi Robe, you are a worthy opponent, like Huang Guanglie and those few others,” Yuan Tian was expressionless, possessing an extremely firm will having been able to reach where he was today, “However, who is the superior is not something that can be determined by words.

One or two moves also cannot say for much-a conclusion can only been reached when one side is completely dead and gone.”

Yuan Tian said coldly, “But I don’t know; with the two of us clashing at this place, how will Broad Creed Mountain survive its tribulation”

“Whatever reason it was for, with your and the Clear Qi Robe having left the Mountain, you are both alone and without reinforcement.

Even if Huang Guanglie has not emerged from seclusion, as long as the Sacred Sun Clan has the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, they will definitely come.”


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