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HSSB276: All preparations set


Faced with the grey clouds that obscured the heavens and concealed the sun once more, Yan Di’s expression didn’t change as he chopped out with a sabre!

The majestic, infinite, boundless sabre-intent forcibly chopped through the grey clouds.

Against Yan Di’s Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre, those ethereal, drifting dark clouds were also unable to maintain their unpredictable and mysterious state.

It was as though they had been returned to the mortal world by Yan Di’s sabre, to a level that could be touched by mortals once more.

Faced with that terrifying and domineering attack Yuan Tian snorted coldly, waving his hands as a long grey whip appeared in his grasp.

The long whip merged with the dark clouds, unpredictable in its variations.

From that long grey whip, powerful spiritual qi fluctuations and concept could be felt.

It was a high-grade spirit artifact.

While the whip was not a Sacred Artifact, with it on hand, Yuan Tian’s aura was naturally different.

His true martial intent merged with the spirituality of his spirit artifact, each complementing and boosting the other as a shocking power was instantly unleashed.

Yan Di let out a clear roar, his palm performing a motion like the drawing of a sabre within the air.

A purple sabre instantly landed within his palm.

Flipping his wrist, he chopped out with the sabre.

The power of the Sacred Artifact, the Clear Qi Robe, not just bolstered Yan Di, also simultaneously merging with the high-grade spirit artifact, the Heavenly Dragon Sabre, in Yan Di’s hands.

Under Yan Di’s sabre, the dark clouds dispersed in retreat, the long whip in Yuan Tian’s hands even letting out an agonised cry as though possessing life.

Yuan Tian’s had no changes in his expression whatsoever as no humiliated feelings were visible.

The long whip in his hands expanded, seemingly coiling like a long dragon of ten thousand li within the vast sky.

The dark clouds completely transformed into a sea of clouds, enveloping the surrounding ten thousand li all around, obscuring Yuan Tian’s figure.

There was only that long black whip which traversed the layer of clouds, resembling an evil dragon seeking out its head as it peered at Yan Di down below.

Countless jet-black thunderbolts descended from the heavens, dense as rain.


A massive vortex was formed at the centre of the dark clouds once more, encompassing a vast area as it seemed to block up the entire horizon.

On the great earth below, standing within the Yan Family ancestral mansion, as Yan Zhaoge and the others raised their heads, they saw that above their heads, till the distant horizon, the sky seemed to be completely enveloped by a vortex of dark clouds.

Raising their heads and gazing upwards, it was like the entire sky was rotating ceaselessly.

The great earth quaked, all objects, all things, along with shattered mud and rocks, beginning to hover and drift into the air, as though about to be sucked in and consumed by the vortex in the heavens.

Gazing over, the entire Yunzhen County seemed about to be flipped over by Yuan Tian.

There was only where Yan Di currently stood as well the Yan Family ancestral mansion beneath him that still remained safe and without incident.

Yan Di naturally wouldn’t sit by and allow Yuan Tian to act so rampantly and destructively in the lands of the Central Heaven Region.

In Yunzhen County, other than the Yan Family, there also resided countless living beings.

His right hand wielding the Heavenly Dragon Sabre, he flipped his left palm, slamming towards the ground down below.

The glazed light of Vajra appeared on Yan Di’s left hand once more.

A powerful, unshaking will merged with the Clear Qi Robe, specks of black and yellow radiance, dense and heavy, suppressing towards the great earth down below.

Countless streams of clear qi spread outwards into the surroundings, seeming inconspicuous as air, yet instantly stabilising the surrounding heavens and earth.

At the same time, Yan Di chopped out with his sabre, the majestic sabre-light reaping the heavens and shattering the earth as it soared straight up into the clouds above!

With his Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre, Yan Di hacked at the massive vortex within the air.

As the massive vortex rotated, the black dragon heaved, wanting to smash apart Yan Di’s sabre-light.

However, that infinite, boundless sabre-light seemed to draw in the grand, boundless force of the surrounding heavens and earth in bolstering it remained standing unyieldingly.

Flickering, the sabre-light did not shatter, as it was instead that vortex formed of dark clouds that began to shake unceasingly, seemingly gradually nearing the brink of collapse.

Having met a setback, Yuan Tian’s will did not shake in the slightest, still mightily fighting it out with Yan Di.

He did not forcibly clash with Yan Di’s Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre head-on, instead calming his heart, entangling with Yan Di using a harassing, time-wasting method.

An exalted Martial Saint expert actually choosing to employ such a method against Yan Di and the Clear Qi robe, one would inevitably feel some disappointment and disillusionment.

However, Yuan Tian did not mind this.

While his devilish martial arts were also strange and domineering, as compared to the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre, they were less suited to head-on clashes.

Faced with the domineering, rampaging might of Yan Di’s Immeasurable Heavenly Sabres, continuously meeting them head-on would be a rather unwise decision for Yuan Tian.

Moreover, while it was true that Yan Di’s strength had skyrocketed with the assistance of the Clear Qi Robe, at the end of the day, Yan Di was not a true Martial Saint.

Wielding a Sacred Artifact, he was also expending quite a bit of strength.

As compared to this, the most important thing was that the longer Yan Di and the Clear Qi Robe were away from Broad Creed Mountain, the more dangerous it was for Broad Creed Mountain itself!

To Yuan Tian, he just had to delay Yan Di here for an extended period of time.

As long as he could do this, it was already a victory for him.

Within the dark clouds, Yuan Tian’s gaze was as cold as ice as he looked calmly at Yan Di, no humiliated rage or frustration visible on his face whatsoever.

It was just that Yuan Tian was also feeling wary at Yan Di, similarly having the appearance of being as stable as Mount Tai, not hurried or flustered in the least.

Yan Di was indeed not in a rush, asking quietly as he wielded his sabre, hacking the vortex of dark clouds overhead to the brink of complete collapse, “Zhaoge, how go your preparations”

In the Yan Family ancestral mansion beneath, standing within the ancestral temple at the back, Yan Zhaoge was circulating the Yan Family Grand Formation at its maximum.

He was currently standing by the core of the formation, a stone pillar erect beside him, precisely the pillar of the Divine Palace.

If the pillar retained its original size, it would break through the roof of the Yan Family ancestral temple.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge controlled its size to around three metres, letting it stand within the ancestral temple.

“All preparations set,” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Yuan Tian frowned.

He had already personally experienced the power of the Yan Family Grand Formation just now.

Let alone an exalted Martial Saint like himself, most Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters would also be able to treat the formation like it was nothing.

However much of a heaven-defying genius Yan Zhaoge was, the current gap between them was also far too wide.

If one were to argue that this formation might be able to provide Yan Di some help, that was also impossible.

Faced with the current battle situation, it would be utterly inadequate.

This current battle of the Martial Saint realm was completely not something that Yan Zhaoge and the other members of the Yan Family could partake in.

If not for Yan Di’s protection, the mere aftershocks of the battle would be sufficient to devastate the entire Yunzhen County, causing heaven-shaking, earth-overturning chaos in the surrounding area far and wide.

However, Yuan Tian’s acute senses that had been developed over many years told him that, there truly was danger!

As the thought spun a few times at lightning speed within his mind, Yuan Tian suddenly retreated!

However, at this moment, Yan Di chopped out with his sabre, the majestic sabre-light changing from incomparably tough to soft and supple.

The Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre did not only consist of fierceness.

The supple sabre-light resembled a long, meandering river as it sucked the dark clouds within the sky in place, causing Yuan Tian to be unable to immediately retreat.

At this, Yuan Tian now knew for sure that something was up, and became even more determined to first retreat before making further plans.

However, in the Yan Family ancestral temple below, after bowing to the tablets of his ancestors, Yan Zhaoge moved in a circle around the pillar of the Divine Palace, punching out at it every step he took.

Nine consecutive steps, nine consecutive fists.

Yan Zhaoge’s fist-intent stimulated the pillar of the Divine Palace, causing it to light up with a dazzling radiance.

Yan Zhaoge’s forehead lit up with a rune.

The Yan Family Grand Formation glowed with an unprecedented brightness.

On the forehead of Yan Di, still clashing with Yuan Tian in mid-air, a rune also shone.

A thick rune lit up on the great earth, rapidly extending to the northeast, the space illuminated by the light seemingly turning blurry and indistinct.

The suction force of Yan Di’s sabre-light still locking down Yuan Tian, the figures of the two gradually turned blurry within the air.


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