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HSSB278: Knowing of the tiger’s presence, yet still heading up the mountain


Yan Zhaoge, along with Ah Hu and Pan-Pan, rushed over to Lianhu County.

There, they encountered Shi Tie and Xu Fei.

The matter of Lianhu County had finally been handed over to Shi Tie to deal with, and Yan Zhaoge also learnt of the news regarding Fang Zhun and Lu Wen.

Ah Hu’s face was bitter as he looked at Yan Zhaoge, while Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temple, “Eldest apprentice-uncle, senior apprentice-brother Xu, what is the situation now with the other peak experts of the clan”

Xu Fei answered, “Senior apprentice-uncle Yan is battling the Devil Saint in a foreign dimension, while Elder Zhang and Elder Xin are guarding our clan’s grand formation, helping to support senior apprentice-brother Yan whilst also staying vigilant of other invading enemies.

Elder He is guarding Grand Master, while senior apprentice-aunt Fu is searching for senior apprentice-uncle Fang.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded soundlessly, the conversation proceeding amidst their hurrying.

Over on the territory of Lianhu County, there existed many lakes, individually dotting the area as they resembled tiny lake kingdoms of their own.

Moving here, Yan Zhaoge had a feeling like he was back at the Lake Domain’s Clear Concealed Lake.

Nearing the south of Lianhu County, that terrifying aura that shook one’s heart, shocking one’s very soul, appeared once more.

Gazing into the distance, dense black fog filled the entire sky.

Amidst the black clouds, bloodred lightning flickered, as it was like a scene from the end of the world.

Below, the numerous lakes were jet-black as ink as a massive grand formation could vaguely be seen on the ground, its countless spirit patterns flickering with black streams of light.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at Shi Tie, “Eldest apprentice-uncle, the other party’s technique that changes the location of the descent of the Great Nine Underworlds Door is extremely intricate and profound, not being easy to break.

It should not just be used just once; we must be prepared for the possibility of it being used once more.”

Shi Tie said, “It is most likely like this.”

They killed their way into the core region of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

What was rather abnormal was that, along the way, they did not encounter the obstruction of many Decimating Abyss martial practitioners at all.

Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated slightly, “They have definitely set up a trap.

If the core of this Devilish Domain Grand Formation here is damaged, the location of the descent of the Great Nine Underworlds Door will change once more.”

“Them not obstructing us at this moment is not that they don’t care, but that they want to make use of the time when we are suppressing the Great Nine Underworlds Door to launch a sudden assault on us.”

“At that time, if our attentions are on suppressing the Great Nine Underworlds Door, it will be greatly advantageous to them.”

Hearing his words, Shi Tie and the others all frowned.

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, “As for us, it is impossible for us to stand by and watch the Nine Underworlds Door descend.


Looking at the devilish mark on the back of his left hand, Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes into slits, “However, our understanding towards Devilish Domain Grand Formations has also improved greatly from the last two times.”

They progressed forward, finally stepping into that crimson red devilish domain core region once more.

Witnessing a tall golden tower standing tall before him once again, Yan Zhaoge remained expressionless as he showed no joy or sorrow on his face whatsoever.

The land here was completely bare, with only the mighty circulation of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

A red door of light at the top of the tall golden tower formed a projection on the ground, wanting to guide the Nine Underworlds to descend into this world.

Countless black spirit patterns, extending outwards in all directions, converged once more, resembling chains as they entangled the golden tower.

Not hesitating in the least, Yan Zhaoge flew forward, slamming out with his palms, continuously striking out at those black spirit patterns.

Assaulted by Yan Zhaoge, a tiny circular ring instantly surfaced on those spirit patterns.

Within the flickering white ring of light, a complicated, profound rune surfaced, engraving itself on the spirit patterns of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation like a sealing mark.

“While the pillar of the Divine Palace temporarily cannot be used…” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was calm as he struck out continuously with his palm.

Finally coming to the foot of the tall golden tower, he struck out simultaneously with his palms, forming a massive rune that engraved itself on the tower.

“Eldest apprentice-uncle!” Yan Zhaoge called.

Shi Tie had long since been prepared as he now came up in big strides, arriving at the top of the golden tower whereupon he struck out with a palm.

The golden tower shook mightily, the countless black spirit patterns entangling it beginning to surge in reverse.

The Devilish Domain Grand Formation gradually dispersed, with the devilish qi not flowing elsewhere like the Decimating Abyss martial practitioners wanted.

The aura of the Nine Underworlds here grew weaker and weaker, that tall golden tower clearly beginning to shrink in size at this moment.

It shrunk stably, rather than collapsing in an instant.

Seeing this, Xu Fei and Ah Hu both let out sighs of relief, the latter grinning, “Young Master, I guess that at this point, even the Decimating Abyss’s strongest expert in formations is not as familiar as you are with these Devilish Domain Grand Formations”

Yan Zhaoge’s hands had currently already left the golden tower.

With Shi Tie, a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster suppressing it, it was already sufficient.

Not having yet replied, a vigorous dark light suddenly appeared before their eyes, easily piercing through the boundless darkness, abruptly striking over!

The speed of that dark light was such that Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei and Ah Hu were completely unable to react to it in time.

Resembling true black lightning, its power vigorous and condensed to the extreme, seemingly able to directly rip the great earth apart!

However, Shi Tie was able to detect the enemy’s attack in time.

He transformed into Vajra, illuminating the entire world all around.

Even within the devilish domain, he was like an ocean-stabilising pillar, standing firm as the devilish qi was unable to near him, most of the surrounding black fog being dispersed in an instant.

One of his hands still pressing down on the golden tower, Shi Tie’s other hand punched out, directly meeting that terrifying dark light head-on.

Bright light lit up between the heavens and the earth, illuminating the dim world.

Shi Tie looked at the newcomer.

It was an old enemy, the ‘Scaly Dragon’ Sima Chui.

The two already knew each other well.

Like enemies meeting on a narrow path, they wasted no time on words, immediately beginning to fight it out.

However, as Yan Zhaoge had expected, having to also devote some of his energies to suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation and the Great Nine Underworlds Door, Shi Tie was unable to meet Sima Chui with his full strength.

One hand pressing on the golden tower, Shi Tie was temporarily unable to freely shift his position, only able to face the enemy where he was.

However, he met all variations with none, resembling a lone rock, unyielding and eternal amidst the tempestuous storms and the shocking waves.

His defensive techniques sealed off all attacks, not even letting a drop of water through, not giving the enemy any chance at all.

Even with his continuous barrage of mighty attacks, Sima Chui was unable to advance a single step.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm and heavy, not having yet relaxed.

Ah Hu also stopped smiling, swivelling his head and looking in a single direction along with Xu Fei.

There, several shadows flickered, entering this world that was enveloped by red light.

Yan Zhaoge found some of these people familiar.

Even if he did not, their garb of martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain also told him that these were the martial practitioners Broad Creed Mountain had originally stationed here at Lianhu County.

Their cultivation bases varied, some being Martial Scholars while some were still only Martial Artists.

However, the commonality of all of them was that their spirits were currently dulled, their forms limp as they had clearly been compromised.

Some of them were wounded, yet, unable to receive any treatment, were only able to watch as fresh blood flowed unceasingly from their injuries.

Beside these Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners was a group of martial practitioners with a bit of a devilish air on them.

Upon seeing one of them, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze hardened slightly.

His entire body covered in a black robe, a hood over his head, the only half of his face that could be seen covered by a dark black mask.


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