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HSSB285: Revealing his true colours


When Yan Di and the Devil Saint Yuan Tian arrived in the foreign dimension above Broad Creed Mountain, the Broad Creed Grand Formation was instantly activated.

With Broad Creed Mountain’s chief peak, the Heaven Rising Peak, as their centre, countless spirit patterns lit up in the surroundings of Broad Creed Mountain like long rainbows streaking through the heavens, coming together to form a massive, vast formation.

This formation expanded unceasingly outwards, stretching far off into the distance without end.

Right above the Heaven Rising Peak, the space shook as an almost completely transparent massive rectangular area of space unknown in dimensions, even more massive than the entire Broad Creed Mountains by hundreds and thousands of times, filled the air.

After appearing for a moment, this rectangular space completely became transparent once more, to the point of not being visible to the naked eye.

At the top of the Heaven Rising Peak, two old men gazed up at the sky together.

With their cultivation bases, they were able to see what was happening within.

This two people were precisely the longtime Elders of Broad Creed Mountain, the Grand Elder Zhang Kun, and the First Seat Elder of the Martial Repository, Xin Dongping.

Of the three Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters of Broad Creed Mountain other than Yuan Zhengfeng that the world knew of, other than the other Grand Elder, Elder He who was currently guarding Yuan Zhengfeng amidst his secluded cultivation, the other two were both here.

Elder Zhang gazed at the sky, muttering to himself, “It is indeed the Devil Saint Yuan Tian! Yan Di actually moved him from the outside world over to within the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Let’s first not talk about how he managed to do it; this is also much too risky.

Bringing a Martial Saint enemy within the core grounds of our clan-that’s saying that neither of them will rest till the other is dead!”

Xin Dongping similarly looked at the sky, not speaking.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di being able to move the Devil Saint Yuan Tian back to Broad Creed Mountain was also completely out of his predictions.

Yan Di had returned to the Mountain much, much earlier than in his predictions.

However, while having returned, Yan Di had also brought the Devil Saint Yuan Tian back with him, still being engaged in battle with him, unable to split his attentions.

As he pondered, Xin Dongping tapped lightly with his feet, stimulating the Clear Qi Grand Formation that had created that foreign dimension.

An illusory scene instantly appeared before him and Elder Zhang.

Within were scenes of within the foreign dimension.

Afterwards, the two shockedly discovered that wearing the Clear Qi Robe, his sabre-intent sweeping domineeringly, looking arrogantly over all lower lifeforms, Yan Di was actually suppressing the Martial Saint realm Yuan Tian!

At this moment, with the added advantage of the Clear Qi Grand Formation, Yan Di’s power skyrocketed a step further!

While in order to guard against outside enemies, Yan Di did not completely unleash all the power of the grand formation, devoting more to stabilising the foreign dimension and trapping Yuan Tian within, even so, as the Heavenly Dragon Sabre within Yan Di’s hands rampaged, Yuan Tian was continuously beat back in retreat.

An exalted Martial Saint, flustered beyond belief!

Ever since Yuan Tian had stepped into the Martial Saint realm, when had he been in as disadvantageous a situation as this

Elder Zhang sucked in a deep breath, “If he is able to settle things and slay the Devil Saint, that dangerous existence, here within a short period of time, that might not be impossible.”

Seeing this, Xin Dongping said after a while, “That’s right.

Still, the shorter the time the better.

The longer this drags on, the greater the possibility for sudden changes in the situation.”

His voice had yet to fall when Broad Creed Mountain beneath their feet suddenly seemed to shake.

Elder Zhang furrowed his snowy white brows as he looked in the direction of the Water Ridge Peak of the back mountains, “…it’s over at the Heaven Sealing Gorge”

From the direction of the Water Ridge Peak resounded the quaking of the land and the shaking of mountains, causing the entire Broad Creed Mountain to seem to shake along with it.

“With junior apprentice-brother Gong sitting over the Heaven Sealing Gorge, how did something suddenly occur there” Elder Zhang stared at the Water Ridge Peak.

Beside him, Xin Dongping’s gaze was calm, “Whatever the reason, it has to be resolved as soon as possible.”

“Fang Zhun’s whereabouts are uncertain, with no one knowing exactly what he has gone to do,” Xin Dongping said, “Although it is not good to make a conclusion now, we should still be mentally prepared for some things.”

He looked at Elder Zhang, “Junior apprentice-brother Gong included, none of the others is a match for Fang Zhun.

One of us should go over to take a look, the other remaining here and helping Yan Di to hold the formation.”

Elder Zhang looked at Xin Dongping seriously.

Xin Dongping’s gaze was quiet and without fluctuations, still as water, with no changes visible within whatsoever, like how it was usually.

Due to the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss, of Broad Creed Mountain’s peak experts, the old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng aside, the most worrisome ones were Xin Dongping and Fang Zhun.

Elder Zhang and Xin Dongping had been fellow disciples for many years.

While he was reluctant to suspect this senior apprentice-brother of his, he could not help but be wary of him somewhat.

Seeing Xin Dongping let him make the choice himself, making him seem innocuous, after pondering for a moment, Elder Zhang promptly decided, “I will trouble senior apprentice-brother Xin to sit over this area; I will go and take a look at that side.”

After all, it was still Fang Zhun who was still the most suspicious now.

With the matter being so urgent and the available personnel being limited, Elder Zhang still decided to trust in Xin Dongping.

Still, he remained guarded against him somewhat.

Allowing Xin Dongping to move as he liked, with no one to restrict him, other things aside, if Xin Dongping really was problematic, if he arrived at the back mountains and snuck over to where Yuan Zhengfeng was currently in seclusion, it would be hard for Elder He, guarding over the area, to defend against him herself.

Leaving Xin Dongping here, while it seemed like he was looking over the entire situation, as long as the control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation remained in Yan Di’s hands, he would not be able to prove much of a hindrance.

After he went to the back mountains, if Xin Dongping went there and caused trouble, he would also be able to join hands with Elder He in a bid to stop him.

Xin Dongping seemed not to think anything of this as nodded upon hearing his words, “Alright, go speedily then.”

Looking at Elder Zhang’s departing figure, Xin Dongping’s expression was mild as he swivelled his head to look at the sky once more.

He then lowered his head to look at Broad Creed Mountain under him, his gaze fluctuating slightly.

After a while, he shook his head, not able to hold back the smile that appeared on his face as his gaze turned to the direction of Water Ridge Peak.

There, a sword-intent that surged to the heavens suddenly appeared, and at the same time also a powerful fist-intent that seemed able to overturn the very heavens.

The two met in a heaven-shocking, earth-shaking collision.

Seeing this, Xin Dongping nodded slightly, no longer lingering as he took to the air, stepping higher and higher into the sky.

As he walked, he reached out and drew numerous spirit patterns within the air.

Countless spirit patterns were etched within the air, glowing with a brilliant light, gradually forming a spirit formation which exuded a shocking concept and aura.

The spirit formation formed of these countless spirit patterns gradually merged into the Clear Qi Grand Formation guarding Broad Creed Mountain.

The core region of the Clear Qi Grand Formation instantly began to distort.

Looking silently at this scene, Xin Dongping’s figure suddenly shook, his acupoints pulsing as his true essence transformed into countless spirit talismans, flying into the air one after another.

These spirit talismans formed numerous spirit arrays which then combined, transforming into an existence that seemed like a tall tower whilst also an altar, enveloping Xin Dongping’s entire body.

Finally, light flickered at the top of that altar, a tall giant appearing, rooted to the earth and soaring into the heavens!

As Xin Dongping extended his hands, that massive giant performed the same motion, also extending its hands, then spreading them apart mightily!

The Clear Qi Grand Formation shook, a door appearing within.

Within the sky, that massive, transparent rectangle appeared once more.

A passageway to the foreign dimension, opened for Xin Dongping!

It was not Yan Di who had opened the door for Xin Dongping, wanting him to enter and assist him.

Rather, it was Xin Dongping who had opened the passageway himself.

Xin Dongping entered with great strides, unceasingly drawing countless spirit patterns as he progressed, guiding the power of formations to bolster himself.

Other than his own formations, even the power of Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Grand Formation was unceasingly being drawn by him!

Within the foreign dimension, hacking Yuan Tian into retreat, Yan Di swivelled his head to look at Xin Dongping.

Yan Do could clearly feel the other party currently gradually stripping control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation away from him!

Xin Dongping said mildly, “Having passed so many bitter years in painstaking preparation within the Martial Repository, I did attain some results.”


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