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HSSB286: Amongst Martial Grandmasters, I’m invincible


Yan Di knit his brows slightly, feeling the changes in the Clear Qi Grand Formation as he could feel that his control over it was currently shifting over to Xin Dongping.

Looking at Yan Di, Xin Dongping’s expression contained a bit of mockery, “This old man has always been waiting for Yuan Zhengfeng to enter secluded cultivation to attempt a breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm.

Today, I’ve finally successfully waited it out.”

“Yan Di, did you know Not just Yuan Zhengfeng, from the very moment you entered our clan, this old man similarly noticed your remarkability, and these years that’ve passed have proved the discernment of the two of us to be right.”

“It’s just that today, this old man has discovered that I still underestimated you before.”

Xin Dongping said, “It is precisely because of your presence that Yuan Zhengfeng felt at ease, daring to attempt his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm.

He knew that even if he failed and perished in the process, Broad Creed Mountain would still have a successor.”

“But it was precisely like this that with Yuan Zhengfeng entering seclusion, the chance this old man had been waiting for finally came.”

He extended both hands, his palms both carrying profound, complicated runes.

As they flickered with radiance, they led the power of the Clear Qi Grand Formation to unceasingly boost his strength in an endless stream.

Xin Dongping’s aura rose by the second.

“You’ve come late,” Yuan Tian flicked the long whip within his hands, transforming into a massive heaven-shaking dragon that traversed the space within the foreign dimension, attacking towards Yan Di.

Xin Dongping said, “Relax, Devil Saint; stability is more important than speed.

The objects and matters I promised you will all be fulfilled; you can rest at ease.”

As Yan Di brandished his sabre to sweep away Yuan Tian’s whip, his gaze focused on Xin Dongping, “Senior apprentice-uncle, Xin, the clan’s spy is you That rumoured Decimating Abyss’s Lord, is also you”

His eyes both lit up with a simple yet profound rune, his pupils shining brightly.

The Clear Qi Grand Formation distorted intensely.

Tugged by two wills, it seemed like it might be ripped apart at any moment.

Yan Di and Xin Dongping began an intense contest over the control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Meanwhile, the Devil Saint Yuan Tian also recovered from his earlier weakness, attacking towards Yan Di mightily.

For Yuan Tian, facing Yan Di’s Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre head-on was a rather unwise decision.

However, at this moment, the battle over the control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation would very possibly prove decisive in this overall battle situation.

Even if he lost out somewhat doing this, Yuan Tian also had to first help Xin Dongping to wrest control over the grand formation.

While he was bolstered by the Clear Qi Robe, battling Yuan Tian whilst also wresting for control over the grand formation with Xin Dongping, Yan Di instantly lost the upper hand, as the situation descended into a stalemate.

Xin Dongping was not in a hurry, only calming his mind to communicate with the formation as he said neither urgently nor slowly, “If this old man says that he is not the Abyss Lord, would you believe it, Yan Di Fang Zhun-do you think he is one of this old man’s accomplices”

For Yan Di, losing the support of the grand formation, as time dragged on, the situation might gradually grow disadvantageous for him.

However, Yan Di remained calm, his expression not changing, “Seeing you, I know that there is nothing wrong with second apprentice-brother.”

“Did you pick up what second apprentice-brother left behind that year, finally walking on the road that you are on now”

Xin Dongping clicked his tongue in admiration, “I must admit that you, Shi Tie and Fang Zhun are indeed worthy of the name of the Broad Creed Three Heroes.

The only thing this old man has admitted Yuan Zhengfeng’s superiority in is his ability in accepting disciples.”

“Shi Tie is the foundation stone, while you and Fang Zhun are the pillars.

You are also very possibly the roof that decides the final height of the structure.”

“While Fang Zhun is inferior to you in terms of strength and talent, he is also a rare genius, courageous and careful in his thoughts, daring to think and daring to act.”

“Everyone gazed at the Nine Underworlds and Hell but stopped their steps, reluctant to proceed, but he alone dared to enter down into its depths, touching and investigating a domain forbidden in the eyes of others.”

Xin Dongping sighed, “More important is that his investigations saw actual results.

Many of this old man’s discoveries today are based upon his earlier research.”

Yan Di struck out with his sabre, hacking the sky and splitting the earth, extinguishing the dark clouds formed of Yuan Tian’s true essence.

He said mildly, “What is more worthy of admiration about second apprentice-brother is his firm will, daring to doubt himself, able to pull back his horse before the cliff and stand by his bottom line, knowing what can be courageously done, and what cannot be done no matter what.”

Xin Dongping said leisurely, “However, this doesn’t change the truth.

From a certain perspective, it is actually him who is the true creator of the Decimating Abyss.”

“Why is the encroachment of the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss on our clan the most serious It is because the Decimating Abyss originated here.”

Xin Dongping lowered his head, his gaze seemingly penetrating through space to fall on Broad Creed Mountain below them as he sighed emotionally, “My greatest wish was once to become the owner of this place.

Thinking about it now, it is no longer important to me.

With the descent of the Decimating Abyss, this old man can gain much more.

Why not let this place be destroyed”

He raised his head to look at Yan Di once more, suddenly breaking out in a smile, “If this old man does not succeed today, the news that the Decimating Abyss’s Lord is of Broad Creed Mountain and that the Decimating Abyss originated from Broad Creed Mountain will also spread throughout the world.”

“When the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie emerges from seclusion, I believe that he will be very happy to hear this news; I think that it would become the best reason for him making a move on Broad Creed Mountain.

Xin Dongping had prepared for many years, his understanding of the Clear Qi Grand Formation even deeper than Yan Di’s.

Making a move at this moment, more than half of the control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation instantly fell under his grasp.

Seeing that the situation with the grand formation had already fallen under his control, Xin Dongping domineeringly made his move!

An ethereal sword-light that seemed heavy chopped out towards Yan Di, the sword-light half clear, half turbid, as though the heavens and earth had become one!

Yan Di’s eyes emitted a cold light.

He abruptly spread out his arms, temporarily removing the Clear Qi Robe from his body!

As the Clear Qi Robe trembled, it suddenly transformed into a vast screen of light that covered the heavens, imprisoning the Devil Saint Yuan Tian within a single area.

This could only be sustained for a short time, but to Yan Di, it was already enough.

Innumerable spirit talismans swirled around him, resembling the formation of a heavenly altar, vast and majestic, as though presiding over the nine heavens.

Yan Di’s voice resounded from the heavenly altar, “If Huang Guanglie wants to come, he does not need an excuse.

Our clan being too weak to withstand him is the only reason he needs.”

“To those of the Eight Extremities World other than the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, slaying you and the Devil Saint here will account for it sufficiently!”

Infinite light flickered at this moment, a massive figure gradually rising from Yan Di’s heavenly altar!

Earlier, still having felt that Yan Di’s was speaking over his head, Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian both had their pupils dilate abruptly, “Merging essence, forming avatar-you are currently stepping into Transcending Mortality!”

Yan Di did not answer.

Only the giant on the heavenly altar extended its palm, the Heavenly Dragon Sabre also expanding madly in size, transforming into a true massive heaven-splitting sabre, landing within its palm.

The giant brandished his sabre, clashing intensely with Xin Dongping’s Limitless Heavenly Sword!

Yuan Tian was temporarily trapped by the Clear Qi Robe, unable to extricate himself.

He saw Yan Di stride out, instantly arriving before Xin Dongping!

“When I was in the late Essence Talisman stage, under the Martial Saint realm, there were two people I was not completely confident of being able to beat, and one of them was you, Xin Dongping,” Yan Di’s frame merged with his Immeasurable Heavenly Avatar, instantly coming before Xin Dongping’s Limitless Heavenly Avatar, “But now…”

Stepping into the Transcending Mortality stage, his control over the Clear Qi Grand Formation also increased, as Xin Dongping instantly felt his wresting of control over the grand formation being contained.

The old man’s face was sunken as water as the Limitless Heavenly Avatar formed of his true martial intent gained a sword within its palm, a sword-light that resembled a heavenly pillar meeting Yan Di’s blow.

Now, he more or less still held an advantage in terms of control over the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

However, in a clash of swords and sabres, he and the Limitless Heavenly Avatar were shockingly sent into retreat!

The massive giant of light’s sword-wielding right arm was directly shattered!

“With Master yet to leave seclusion a Martial Saint, it might be a bit disrespectful for me to say this…” Yan Di’s voice resounded within the air, “Entering Transcending Mortality, amongst Martial Grandmasters, I’m invincible.”



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