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HSSB287: All stay behind for me


Yan Di’s domineering sabre left Xin Dongping hard pressed to advance a single step!

Over on the other side, with a long howl, the Martial Saint Yuan Tian wanted to break free of the Clear Qi Robe.

However, Yan Di was faster than him.

After his Immeasurable Heavenly Avatar suppressed Xin Dongping’s Limitless Heavenly Avatar, he struck out towards Xin Dongping himself with his palm!

Xin Dongping’s brows were knit tightly, but he could only raise his hands to meet the attack.

Broad Creed Mountain’s two peak experts met head-on with the same Tu**a Palm in mid-air, as boundless purplish-red Tu**a flames filled the foreign dimension.

Xin Dongping stumbled backwards in retreat, the profound runes on his palms instantly dimming!

With a long roar, the runes within Yan Di’s pupils grew even more dazzling.

The control over the grand formation that guarded over Broad Creed Mountain, the Clear Qi Grand Formation, was instantly greatly wrested back by Yan Di!

Having sent one of the two greatest experts of Broad Creed Mountain’s previous generation into continuous retreat, Yan Di did not lose his cool, advancing rashly.

Over on the other side, having temporarily left his body, the Clear Qi Robe could only trap Yuan Tian for a time.

From the looks of it, Yuan Tian was about to break free and suppress the Clear Qi Robe instead.

After restricting Xin Dongping’s control over the Clear Qi Grand Formation, Yan Di immediately retreated, sending Yuan Tian into retreat with a sabre.

He spread out his arms once more, the light screen formed of the Clear Qi Robe transforming back into the form of a robe once more, enveloping his body.

At this moment, bolstered by the Clear Qi Robe, Yan Di’s sabre-intent grew more majestic and domineering, presiding over all.

The power of the Clear Qi Grand Formation bolstered his body in an endless stream.

At this moment, Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian could only feel as though the opponent before them was a true Martial Saint, wielding a Sacred Artifact.

Yuan Tian’s pupils dilated slightly.

Watching Yan Di’s clash with Xin Dongping, he vaguely felt that even without the Clear Qi Robe and the Clear Qi Grand Formation, after stepping into the Transcending Mortality stage, Yan Di could still make things hard for him, a Martial Saint.

Not mentioning the victor, at the very least, he was not confident of being able to slay him.

And now, bolstered by the Clear Qi Robe, also having wrested back a great part of the Clear Qi Grand Formation’s power, his aura surged to the heavens, greatly holding the upper hand as he fought one against two, leaving the two great experts, Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping, unable to raise their heads!

Not having entered the Martial Saint realm, Xin Dongping could only survive with great difficulty!

Seeing this, Yuan Tian even involuntarily had the idea of retreating rise within his mind.

Some things, he wanted; but however important they were, he still needed his life to be able to enjoy them.

While he was not willing to admit it, Yuan Tian discovered that if the situation progressed like this, he actually truly had the possibility of falling here in Broad Creed Mountain.

Falling under the sabre of a Martial Grandmaster opponent!

But however much he wanted to retreat at this moment, Yan Di was also determined for him to stay behind in Broad Creed Mountain forever.

The foreign dimension formed by the Clear Qi Grand Formation completely lit up with dazzling spirit patterns between the heavens and the earth, resembling a cage as it completely locked down the area, not allowing Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping to leave.

Yuan Tian wanted to break through, but Yan Di’s domineering-intent that hacked the heavens and split the earth surged madly, forcing him to have to first focus on the situation before him.

Xin Dongping’s face was sunken as water.

Compared to Yuan Tian, his situation was even more dangerous.

Whilst holding on with great difficulty against Yan Di’s attacks, he tried to communicate with the Clear Qi Grand Formation once more, wresting over control of it.

However, at this moment, stably holding the upper hand, Yan Di’s attacks were like an endless tide, leaving Xin Dongping hard pressed to proceed.

The space within the foreign dimension saw battle to the point of the heavens and earth changing in colour.

On the great earth down below, at Broad Creed Mountain, clouds surged and gales howled.

Accompanied by Xin Dongping entering the foreign dimension and wresting control over the grand formation, in the surroundings of Broad Creed Mountain, the hidden undercurrents lying in wait simultaneously erupted madly.

Internal conflict arose, with some Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners suddenly discovering to their great shock their companions beside them suddenly viciously looking to claim their lives, wanting to deal them fatal blows on their vitals.

After many internal investigations and cleansings of Broad Creed Mountain, most of the Decimating Abyss martial practitioners concealed within had been disposed with.

However, there were still those who had slipped through the net, suddenly making a move at this moment.

At the same time that the internal chaos erupted, outside enemies also quietly entered.

Guided by Xin Dongping and his men, a considerable amount of Decimating Abyss martial practitioners had been lying in wait in the vicinity of Broad Creed Mountain.

Now, they launched their assault.

At their lead, were mostly remnants of Black Nightmare Mountain!

Even many Black Nightmare Mountain martial practitioners who had not joined the Decimating Abyss were participating this time.

They had been waiting for this day for a long time.

While Broad Creed Mountain currently lacked manpower, with traitors causing trouble internally, led by Fu Enshu and its other peak experts, they still came out to meet the invading enemy in an orderly fashion.

Back mountains, beneath Water Ridge Peak, outside the Heaven Sealing Gorge.

Elder Zhang’s face was livid as he looked at the majestic sword-intent before him.

This sword-intent, usually hidden and not exerted, had actually merged with the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

In doing so, the Heaven Sealing Gorge had actually instead been sealed here, its connection with the outside world broken off.

Elder Zhang could tell that this was the work of Xin Dongping, his longtime fellow disciple at the clan.

The force of the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm unleashed at its maximum, Elder Zhang forcibly broke through the sword-intent that was sealing off this space.

With the sword-intent seal damaged, Elder Zhang could feel that there were currently people clashing within!

Detecting his arrival, one of the two sides of combatants fled in another direction.

Elder Zhang was also extremely familiar with his aura and fist-intent, as his face grew ugly, “…senior apprentice-brother Wang!”

That leading late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster was clearly the Elder Wang who had been imprisoned in the Heaven Sealing Gorge, the devilish intent birthed within his heart having been exposed!

Other than that, there were also many major criminals imprisoned within the Heaven Sealing Gorge who had escaped.

Elder Zhang’s face was ugly as he wanted to chase, but he very quickly detected that the terrifying aura of the Nine Underworlds had actually appeared here in the Heaven Sealing Gorge.

A great amount of devilish qi was dispersed over the area, causing the originally already gloomy, terrifying Heaven Sealing Gorge to resemble a domain of ghosts.

A Devilish Domain Grand Formation had already taken form.

Within the grand formation, two people still remained, the other side of combatants from just now.

Looking over, Elder Zhang saw that they were precisely Fang Zhun and the First Seat of the Heaven Sealing Gorge, Elder Gong.

Elder Gong looked beat up as he was clearly injured.

Fang Zhun’s expression was calm as he suppressed the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, preventing the descent of the Nine Underworlds.

“Xin Dongping is a traitor!” Elder Gong hissed,” He suddenly attacked the Heaven Sealing Gorge, trying to tempt us to join the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss.

Luckily, Fang Zhun arrived.

Otherwise, I would already have been killed by him.”

Fang Zhun looked at Elder Zhang, “Senior apprentice-uncle Zhang, senior apprentice-uncle Xin did not remain behind to deal with us, instead handing things over to senior apprentice-uncle Wang’s group.

He only sealed the mountain with his sword-intent as concealment and hurriedly left.

He should have a greater scheme.”

“From his sword-intent merging with our clan’s Clear Qi Grand Formation, senior apprentice-uncle Xin’s familiarity with the Clear Qi Grand Formation clearly far surpasses what we previously thought.

He will very possibly attempt to wrest control over the Grand Formation, in this way gaining the ability to stand against junior apprentice-brother Yan and the Clear Qi Robe!”

Elder Zhang nodded, “That’s right.”

His palm descended, assisting Fang Zhun and Elder Gong.

Fang Zhun said, “I will suppress the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Senior apprentice-uncle Zhang, you should look for senior apprentice-uncle Xin.

The Clear Qi Robe and the Clear Qi Grand Formation are our basis.”

Elder Gong said hatefully, “This old man will pursue senior apprentice-brother Wang and the others, preventing them from creating trouble on the mountain.”

With time so pressing, glancing at Fang Zhun, Elder Zhang promptly said, “I’ll leave it to you.”

Saying thus, he rushed out of the back mountains alongside Elder Gong.

At this moment, Decimating Abyss martial practitioners were already assaulting their way up the mountain, amongst them even late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters, their destructive power shocking.

With a furious roar, Elder Zhang manifested his martial avatar, the massive Broad Creed Heavenly Avatar shocking the area, instantly suppressing the momentum of the Decimating Abyss martial practitioners.

Within the foreign dimension, Yan Di fought a like a god of war.

On Broad Creed Mountain, the martial practitioners also turned from defence into attack.

In the back mountains, Fang Zhun suppressed the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

At this time, Broad Creed Mountain seemed to be in the midst of overcoming and surpassing its great tribulation.

However, at this time, the hidden undercurrents in other places began to surge!

In the Fire Domain, in the land ruled by the Sacred Sun Clan, numerous experts were currently gathered!


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