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HSSB288: The Sacred Sun Clan moves


With a great battle erupting in Broad Creed Mountain, with even devilish qi surging to the heavens, the chaotic situation very quickly drew the attention of various parties.

Experts of Broad Creed Mountain outside of the Central Heaven Region wanted to reinforce their clan, but the situation in the outside world also grew tense at this moment.

The massive pressure forced them to be unable to leave and reinforce Broad Creed Mountain.

Especially in the South Heaven Region that directly faced the Fire Domain.

At the border between the Fire and Heaven Domains, a great amount of peak Sacred Sun Clan experts appeared.

While they didn’t step onto the territory of the Heaven Domain, a tense atmosphere pervaded the air.

With the Grand Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan, Pan Botai, and the head of the Seven Reigning Suns, the World Illuminating Lord at their head, a group of Sacred Sun Clan experts arrived, watching the Heaven Domain hungrily like a tiger would its prey.

Pan Botai asked coldly, “When will senior apprentice-brother Huang be emerging from seclusion”

The World Illuminating Lord said, “Very soon; probably in the next one or two days.”

Pan Botai nodded, gazing in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain, “Actually, we can already make our move now.”

The face of the World Illuminating Lord was calm, “Do not be in such a hurry, senior apprentice-uncle Pan.

Making a move now, we have insufficient confidence of completely wiping out Broad Creed Mountain and the Decimating Abyss in one fell swoop.

If the Nine Underworlds descend, it will be similarly hard for our Sacred Sun Clan to handle.

Turbid Wave Pavilion may voice a complaint, and even the Painting Saint Old Man Mo may be alerted.”

“Also, if we directly make a move, we will be obstructed by Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain.

We should wait a bit; the situation in the East Sea has begun to grow unstable.

Waiting for Turbid Wave Pavilion and Jade Sea City to be drawn by the Flame Devils, we can then move in for the kill.”

“At that time, Broad Creed Mountain and the Decimating Abyss should both be badly wounded.”

The World Illuminating Lord said, “With Yuan Zhengfeng in seclusion, this will not be easy for Broad Creed Mountain to tide through.”

While Pan Botai’s expression was cold, his gaze also containing rage and hatred, his tone remained calm, “The Decimating Abyss has had major movements, with even the Devil Saint Yuan Tian involved.

However, with Broad Creed Mountain’s long history, it is not something that can be taken down so easily.

If Yuan Tian wants to do something, he first has to deal with the Clear Qi Robe.”

“With us not moving, unless the Decimating Abyss has a way to deal with Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Grand Formation, Broad Creed Mountain will most likely be able to tide through this tribulation.”

Hearing Pan Botai’s words, the World Illuminating Lord suddenly laughed, “Regarding Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Grand Formation, our Sacred Sun Clan has also prepared something for it.”

“While we are awaiting battle here, moving according to the situation, opportunities still rely on us to seek them, and need not always be waited out.”

His gaze was leisurely as he turned.

There stood a formation, currently circulating quietly.

Pan Botai’s gaze similarly fell on that formation, “Not directly attacking, just relying on this formation, Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Grand Formation cannot be shaken just like that.”

The World Illuminating Lord walked towards the formation, stepping within it, “It is naturally not just that.”

He flipped his palm, light flickering as a bow of pure gold, with flowing fire roiling above it, appeared within his hands.

It was precisely the Sacred Sun Clan’s famed high-grade spirit artifact, the Sun Shooter.

The World Illuminating Lord pulled the bowstring, then took out an item.

It was not an arrow, rather being something like a pill, giving off an extremely strange feeling.

Illuminated by the light of the Sun Shooter, it seemed very small and inconsequential, resembling a black dot on the sun’s surface.

However, observing it carefully, it also felt extremely heavy, seemingly containing power even greater than that within the Sun Shooter.

Seeing this, Pan Botai raised his white brows, “Anti-Sun Aren’t these already extinct; the last time one appeared was a full six hundred years ago.”

The World Illuminating Lord laughed, “Otherwise, why would I say that opportunities have to be sought on our own.”

Saying thus, he placed that tiny black pill on the bowstring of Shooting Sun, stretching it back!

It aimed not towards the Heaven Domain, but at the formation at his feet.

Sunlight shone on the body of the World Illuminating Lord, eight golden suns arising, flickering with light, emanating infinite heat.

Countless spirit talismans surged into existence around him before transforming into numerous spirit arrays, finally stacking together to form an existence that seemed like a tall tower whilst also an altar, enveloping him within.

Merging his true martial intent with the high-grade spirit artifact, the Sun Shooter, the World Illuminating Lord then added that power to that tiny black pill.

The black pill, named Anti-Sun, did not emit light, its lustre growing dimmer and dimmer, its power also getting heavier and heavier.

The World Illuminating Lord abruptly released the bowstring, the Anti-Sun transforming into a streak of dark light, directly piercing through the ground at his feet, entering the formation before it vanished completely.

For just that one moment, the formation beneath the World Illuminating Lord’s feet circulated mightily, emanating an unprecedented fearsome, violent feel.

The next moment, the formation regained its previous casualness, as though everything earlier had been but a hallucinatory mirage.

However, satisfied smiles were visible on the faces of the World Illuminating Lord and Pan Botai, smiling coldly as they looked in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain and the Heaven Domain.

At the same time, at the headquarters of the Sacred Sun Clan, the World Illuminating Peak.

The current Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan, Huang Xu, was seated in the meditative position at the top of the mountain, a long golden ruler by his knee, nine golden sun patterns visible on the long ruler, seemingly blazing.

Behind Huang Xu stood a single person, the Twilight Lord of the Seven Reigning Suns.

It was just that the Twilight Lord’s face was currently dim and dispirited.

“Speaking of it, pushing things onto Old Man Chen of Jade Sea City was not a bad result, but while you were able to deceive the outside world, you were not able to deceive our Sacred Sun Clan,” Huang Xu said mildly, “Because he fell to the dark side, Dawn did not leave behind a corpse.

Therefore, others could believe when you said you slew him.”

“Sadly for you, you were unlucky.

Someone saw that it was Jade Sea City’s Old Man Chen who killed Dawn.”

“However, the final result was that Old Man Chen vanished and bore the suspicion of being an operative of the Decimating Abyss, while you reported that you killed Dawn.”

Huang Xu did not turn to look at him, only saying mildly, “What do you think that I would feel after hearing this news”

While Huang Xu did not move at all, the long golden ruler by his knee revealed vast power as it suppressed the Twilight Lord to the point of not daring to make any rash moments.

The Twilight Lord was silent for a moment before he said, “I arrived just a step too late, unable to prevent Old Man Chen from killing Dawn.

However, there shouldn’t have been anyone else there at the time, or I would have discovered him, unless it was an expert at the same level as or even stronger than me.”

Huang Xu said mildly, “Sometimes, one does not necessarily have to be in the vicinity to see what is happening.”

The Twilight Lord said in an indifferent tone, “Then I have nothing good to say.”

Huang Xu said, “Honestly speaking, you have always been my right hand man.

I originally trusted in you a lot, always suspecting that the target of the Decimating Abyss’s encroachment was World Illuminating.”

The Twilight Lord laughed tragically, “Saying all of this is also pointless now.”

“That’s also true,” A hint of a smile suddenly appeared on Huang Xu’s face, “You said just now that while you are not sure of who specifically the Decimating Abyss’s Lord is, you can be sure that he is someone of Broad Creed Mountain”

The Twilight Lord broke out laughing, “That’s right, it is precisely so.

I have no need to deceive you; the battle of Broad Creed Mountain should already be in its most critical stage, and the Abyss Lord will definitely move personally.

There is already no way to conceal his identity any longer, and also no need for such.”

“To you, this should be extremely good news, isn’t it”

On the World Illuminating Peak, within a stone chamber, the World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie held an orb within his hands.

Within the orb appeared the scenes of the conversation between Huang Jie and the Twilight Lord.

Huang Jie’s expression was calm as he nodded, “Indeed, it’s extremely good news.”


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