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HSSB289: Vanquishing evil for the Eight Extremities World


Huang Jie kept the orb, exiting the stone chamber.

He gazed into the distance, in the direction of the Heaven Domain.

After a moment, a figure pushed the door and entered, coming before Huang Jie.

That person was precisely Tang Yonghao.

“Junior apprentice-brother Huang, does our Sacred Sun Clan intend to attack Broad Creed Mountain now” Tang Yonghao’s expression was solemn as he looked earnestly at Huang Jie.

Huang Jie seemed not to find Tang Yonghao’s arrival unexpected as he said calmly, “The Sacred Sun Clan intends not to attack Broad Creed Mountain, but to vanquish the evils plaguing the Eight Extremities World.”

Looking at Huang Jie, Tang Yonghao furrowed his brows.

Huang Jie’s expression was mild, “Broad Creed Mountain is in collusion with the Decimating Abyss; there are signs that it was precisely there that the Decimating Abyss originated, guiding the path for the Nine Underworlds.”

“The Nine Underworld Evil Devils are like the Flame Devils of the Flame Devil World, they are enemies of the Eight Extremities World.”

“As the number one Sacred Ground of the Eight Extremities World, our Sacred Sun Clan is duty-bound to prevent the Nine Underworlds from descending-isn’t that so”

Tang Yonghao said with a serious look, “I know of the tensions between Broad Creed Mountain and our Sacred Sun Clan; they were not accumulated within a short time.”

“If it truly is a battle between our two Sacred Grounds, an internal conflict of the Eight Extremities World’s human martial practitioners, as a descendant of the Sacred Sun Clan, I, Tang Yonghao, would definitely stand on the frontlines in fighting it out with those of Broad Creed Mountain, with no hesitation at all.”

“However, you also said that the Nine Underworlds is the common enemy of the Eight Extremities World.

Whatever tensions there are between our Sacred Sun Clan and Broad Creed Mountain, they should only be decided after the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss have been dealt with.”

“The Decimating Abyss has operatives in all the clans and Sacred Grounds.

The great battle that has erupted in Broad Creed Mountain now is clearly a battle between them and the Decimating Abyss.”

Tang Yonghao’s gazed was fixated on Huang Jie, “It is fine if we sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight-could it be that we are even going to help the Decimating Abyss out”

Huang Jie’s gaze was clear as water, “Senior apprentice-brother Tang, I already said that our Sacred Sun Clan’s target is precisely eliminating those who may guide the Nine Underworlds to descend.”

“Broad Creed Mountain is precisely where the Decimating Abyss originated.”

Huang Jie said in a slow, calm tone, “The great battle now-who knows if it is not a method to pull the wool over our eyes”

Hearing his words, Tang Yonghao’s pupils dilated slightly.

Huang Jie continued, “If one really speaks of Broad Creed Mountain’s peak experts, who would most easily fall to the Nine Underworlds It is actually precisely their Chief, the most exalted in position, Yuan Zhengfeng.”

“This old senior Yuan experienced the flourishing times of Zhan Dongge, and also the dormant times of Zhan Xilou.

Standing from the perspective of a descendant of Broad Creed Mountain, he bears the heavy responsibility of leading the clan to rise up once more, yet also bears the terrifying pressure brought to him by my grandfather and our Sacred Sun Clan.”

“Zhan Xilou is already dead, but Yuan Zhengfeng has old injuries holding him back, no hope of stepping into the Martial Saint realm, his longevity reduced, growing older and older by the day, the road ahead lustreless, the pressure on him mounting.”

Huang Jie said calmly, “Even if he does not fear death, the pressure of supporting the clan also weighs down upon him at every single moment…”

Tang Yonghao suddenly interrupted Huang Jie, “Junior apprentice-brother Huang, do you take me for a fool”

Such rude behaviour with fellow disciples had virtually never happened with Tang Yonghao before.

However, his gaze that was on Huang Jie now was stern, “Everyone knows full well what exactly is going on-why do you use such words to ridicule me”

Huang Jie remained silent as he looked quietly at Tang Yonghao.

Tang Yonghao was focused on Huang Jie, “Junior apprentice-brother Huang, you are a great talent, and I have always admired you.

Outsiders do not know of your ability, but I still more or less know about it somewhat.”

“You do not just have knowledge of the plans of the clan’s higher echelons; you also possess the power to speak up and make proposals.”

“You are also a participant in the matter this time.”

“Broad Creed Mountain is currently standing against the Decimating Abyss, but you are preparing to stab a knife into their backs.

Perhaps you think that this is the most beneficial to our Sacred Sun Clan, allowing us to net Broad Creed Mountain and the Decimating Abyss in one fell swoop, while my thoughts are pedantic and foolish.”

“Okay, let’s first not talk about morals and whatnot; I am of no mind to force others to think the same as me.

I’ll only ask you one thing- are you confident that you can control the entire situation If this leads to the descent of the Nine Underworlds, what then”

Tang Yonghao said seriously, “Perhaps where the Nine Underworlds descend will be the Heaven Domain, but that is still part of the Eight Extremities World, just like how the passageway to the Flame Devil World is at the East Sea, but all of us face the threat of the Flame Devils together.”

Looking at Tang Yonghao, Huang Jie suddenly smiled, “Senior apprentice-brother Tang, honestly speaking, sometimes, I do feel that you are rather a fool.”

Tang Yonghao looked at Huang Jie, not angered.

Huang Jie continued, “However, this time has nothing to do with foolishness; it’s that there are some things that you do not know.”

Tang Yonghao said coldly, “Let me hear them.”

“The current era, the current situation, is not like with Broad Creed Mountain’s Zhan Dongge and Zhan Xilou that year,” Huang Jie raised his head, gazing into the sky as he said leisurely, “The current hardship before us now, is a test.”

Tang Yonghao was stunned, “What are you saying”

Huang Jie smiled, no longer elaborating, only saying, “Broad Creed Mountain is in cahoots with the Decimating Abyss in guiding the descent of the Nine Underworlds.

We are diligently working to eliminate them and save the Eight Extremities World-it’s as simple as that.”

Saying thus, he turned and went back into his stone chamber.

Looking at his disappearing figure, Tang Yonghao’s gaze was incomparably complicated.

Returning within his stone chamber, Huang Jie saw a middle-aged man already seated within as he went forward and greeted him casually, “When did senior apprentice-uncle arrive”

The middle-aged man, the Sunset Lord of the Seven Reigning Suns, nodded to Huang Jie, “At around the same time as Yonghao.”

The Sunset Lord gazed towards the door, “Yonghao has too straightforward a nature.

If he does not change, he can only be a sword, and not someone who wields the sword.”

“It is due to the environment and the global situation,” Huang Jie said calmly, “Senior apprentice-brother Tang has value in his existence.”

“If our Sacred Sun Clan wants to progress domineeringly forward, senior apprentice-brother Tang would appear unsuited for the times, pedantic and foolish, but if we suffered a massive setback and fell to the very bottom, someone like him would instead serve an effect, preserving the final bit of vitality for our Sacred Sun Clan.”

The Sunset Lord said, “That’s not wrong, but that’s a thing that is impossible to happen.

Yonghao is destined to only remain a clear orb obscured by dust.”

Huang Jie’s expression was mild, “This is only natural.”

The Sunset Lord rose, “I am heading over to where senior apprentice-uncle Pan and them are.

Everything only awaits the old Chief leaving seclusion before things are settled; don’t you intend to go along as well, personally witnessing the unfolding of events”

“Heading there personally would only be in case of accidents, allowing me to adjust the plan at any moment,” Huang Jie shook his head, “I have already finished all that I have to do, and I do not have the interest to see my own plans come to fruition.

To me, that satisfaction does not hold much meaning, as long as that the final result does not diverge from what is predicted.”

The Sunset Lord also did not force him, “I, however, will head there and witness it personally.”

Huang Jie smiled, “Well, senior apprentice-uncle, being able to destroy Broad Creed Mountain that would guide the Nine Underworlds to descend within the Eight Extremities World is indeed a cause for celebration.”

The Sunset Lord laughed greatly as he exited, “That’s right, it is precisely so.

Broad Creed Mountain brought this upon themselves-and thus our Sacred Sun Clan will vanquish evil for the Eight Extremities World!”


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