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HSSB290: The Heavenly Thunder Hall also moves


At this moment, hidden undercurrents were also surging in the closely neighbouring lands, from the Earth Domain to the East Heaven Region’s Eastern Tang Kingdom where a great disturbance had once arose.

Lin Tianfeng stood in the air, a crowd of Heavenly Thunder Hall experts behind him.

His son, the Thunder Rumbling Young Master Lin Zhou, was standing just beside him.

Gazing in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain, Lin Tianfeng said in a playing tone, “With great chaos erupting in the core lands of their clan, this tribulation will not be easy for Broad Creed Mountain ah.”

Lin Zhou looked at the Earth Domain beneath his feet, his expression slightly complicated, as numerous images flashed within his mind.

Once, the Earth Domain, the Decimating Abyss and the Nine Underworlds had left him with extremely unpleasant memories.

In his memories, the changes in his life began with the disasters caused by the Decimating Abyss.

His father, competing with his opponent for the position of the next Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, had continually lost out, and was finally defeated.

He then perished in a battle with the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils.

Lin Zhou himself had been heavily injured in a battle with them, to the point that his vitality was injured at its core, virtually putting a stop to his future improvements in cultivation.

Afterwards, his position in the clan had plummeted greatly, and he was completely left in the dust by Yan Shan and the others.

At that time, his lover with whom he had gone through all those hard times, Li Jingwan, had also died at the hands of a fallen practitioner, which became a cause for great regret in his life.

“Now, everything is different,” Lin Zhou closed his eyes, although there were some changes that left him despondent to the extreme.

Lin Zhou opened his eyes once more, gazing in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain like his father Lin Tianfeng, “Father, the people of the Sacred Sun Clan will not be unable to contain themselves and blindly make a move, right Helping the Decimating Abyss to destroy Broad Creed Mountain with the Nine Underworlds descending afterwards would not be good for everyone at all.”

Lin Tianfeng said, “They won’t.

Even if the heads of some aren’t clear, those who are calm will also stop them.”

Lin Zhou nodded, not speaking.

Lin Tianfeng flipped his hand, a bow that flickered with purple light appearing within his palm, “However, even if Yuan Zhengfeng is in seclusion, just a Devil Saint Yuan Tian will not be able to do much to Broad Creed Mountain.

Broad Creed Mountain is not that weak.”

“We can’t let them deal with the Decimating Abyss smoothly.

Two sides gravely injured and one securing a tragic victory is the situation that we would be happy to see.”

A black pill appeared within Lin Tianfeng’s hands, which he strung on the bowstring before pulling it back.

The bow that flickered with purple light instantly emitted the shocking sound of thunder, piercing to the point that it seemed able to penetrate the very heavens.

This bow was precisely the high-grade spirit artifact of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Heaven Shocker, having long been famed alongside the Sacred Sun Clan’s Sun Shooter as the current top bows of the Eight Extremities World.

Looking at the black pill in Lin Tianfeng’s palm, Lin Zhou thought, “Anti-Sun; the Sacred Sun Clan should have had three of these, and has given our clan one.

This time, they will most likely also use another, and that still leaves one…”

Lin Tianfeng’s bow pointed not in the direction of the Earth Domain beneath him, but straight up at the sky overhead.

Above the group from the Heavenly Thunder Hall, countless spirit patterns expanded in the sky overhead, very quickly forming a massive formation, flickering with the roiling light of thunder.

Around Lin Tianfeng, countless spirit talismans swirled, transforming into spirit arrays before assembling to form a heavenly altar, as the sky filled with the wild dance of snakes of thunder.

He released the bowstring and a dark light shot straight overhead, entering into the formation before disappearing.

The formation circulated mightily before very quickly regaining its calm.

Lin Tianfeng nodded satisfiedly, “Anti-Sun, well deserving of its reputation.”

“Our target this time is primarily the Clear Qi Robe.

As long as we can get this Sacred Artifact, it would not have been a wasted trip,” Lin Tianfeng said, “If the Flame Devils at the East Sea cause a disturbance once more, Turbid Wave Pavilion and Jade Sea City will be unable to focus their attention here; the Hall Lord will mainly guard against Infinite Boundless Mountain.”

“However, if the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie emerges from seclusion having improved successfully, Infinite Boundless Mountain and the greatly wounded Broad Creed Mountain would be hard pressed to stand against them even joining hands.

That would be the chance for our Heavenly Thunder Hall.”

“If the Sacred Sun Clan wants to destroy Broad Creed Mountain, let them do it.

The most important thing for our clan is increasing our strength.”

Keeping Shocking Heaven, Lin Tianfeng said, “Otherwise, with the strength of the Sacred Sun Clan shooting up once more, it will be hard to say how our future interactions with them will go.”

“Whether we are allies or subordinates will eventually depend on the strength of our two sides.”

Lin Zhou’s gaze was calm, yet seemed to have flames blazing within as he focused in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain, “That’s right; at the end of the day, it still all comes down to strength.”

Currently, at Broad Creed Mountain, Elder Zhang stood at the forefront line of defense.

He slammed down with a Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, seemingly resembling the heavens collapsing and the earth concaving inwards as he mightily shattered the brains of a Black Nightmare Mountain Martial Grandmaster before him!

The Black Nightmare Martial Grandmaster’s heavenly altar collapsed and dispersed, his spirit arrays shattered and disintegrated, his countless spirit talismans were reduced to nothing.

A late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster expert, at the ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, had his life ended in Broad Creed Mountain just like that!

Of the entire Black Nightmare Mountain, only two late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters remained, both Elders of Black Nightmare Mountain in the past.

However, one of them had already perished at Elder Zhang’s palm.

Seeing that Broad Creed Mountain had begun to switch from defence to offence, and greatly held the upper hand, the other did not dare to forcibly clash with the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Elder Zhang head-on as he hurriedly fled.

Elder Zhang snorted coldly, saying to Fu Enshu and the others, “Do not pursue them; guard our clan vigilantly.

We must prevent the Sacred Sun Clan and other forces from launching a sneak attack on us.

This old man will go to Yan Di’s side, to first take care of Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping before saying anything else.”

“You all remain here.

If nothing unexpected occurs, retreat to Converting Lake Peak of the back mountains and meet up with junior apprentice-sister He.

Everything will wait for after this old man and Yan Di have settled things over there.”

Fu Enshu and the others naturally knew that after taking care of Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping, with the power of the Clear Qi Grand Formation and the Clear Qi Robe, the situation could be instantly resolved.

It was a key, decisive factor for the current situation.

Guided by Yan Di, Elder Zhang entered the foreign dimension.

There, Yan Di was already at the absolute upper hand.

If not for wanting to leave Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping completely behind for good, he would already have emerged victorious.

After arriving, Elder Zhang immediately attacked Xin Dongping with his palm.

Yan Di began focusing his strength, launching a fierce assault on the Devil Saint Yuan Tian.

The situation was even more one-sided now; Yuan Tian’s expression was grave, but Xin Dongping was instead muttering to himself, “…it should be arriving about now”

Just at this time, the Clear Qi Grand Formation abruptly shook!

Accompanied by the resounding twang of the bows of the World Illuminating Lord and Lin Tianfeng, two Anti-Suns shot out and merged into the respective formations of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Then, two majestic forces released from outside of the Heaven Domain shot mightily over.

Seemingly formless and immaterial, yet shaking space itself.

Resembling two formless massive heaven-breaking arrows, they were targeted straight at Broad Creed Mountain!

Entering the area enveloped by the Clear Qi Grand Formation, these two formless forces instantly clashed intensely with the grand formation.

The massive formation that had originally been concealed within the air instantly had its innumerable spirit patterns light up with a brilliant lustre, as intense fluctuations were emitted.

Under the forces of the strange, tyrannical Anti-Suns, Broad Creed Mountain’s guardian formation, the Clear Qi Formation, began heaving up and down like the surface of a lake, shaking intensely.

Space vaguely seemed to distort at this moment!

Within the foreign dimension, Yan Di’s eyes suddenly surged madly with a cold light, the runes within his pupils shattering mightily, reduced to flowing light.

In the heavens and earth within this entire space, a great amount of runes surfaced, disordered beyond compare!


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