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HSSB291: Reversal!


At this moment, intense changes suddenly occurred in the Clear Qi Grand Formation that enveloped the entire Broad Creed Mountain.

The formation surged, the surrounding heavens and earth of Broad Creed Mountain resembling roiling cloth as it distorted unceasingly.

The equilibrium of the nearby spiritual qi was instantly thrown into chaos, a large number of spiritual qi forming vortexes clearly visible to the naked eye filling the air above Broad Creed Mountain.

In the sky above Broad Creed Mountain were thousands of massive vortexes rotating at different speeds, leading to a strange, distorted feeling of dissonance that caused people’s heads to spin.

The phrase of the heavens rotating and the earth spinning was completely and truly fulfilled at this moment.

On the mountain, Elder Gong, Fu Enshu and the other bigwigs of Broad Creed Mountain had originally already begun sweeping up the invading enemies.

A great number of the invading enemies had already been killed, and some had even already begun retreating and escaping.

However, the heavens and the earth suddenly changed at this moment.

The circulation of the Clear Qi Grand Formation became chaotic beyond compare.

The enemy began launching a counterattack in the midst of this chaos, amongst them also Elder Wang and other peak experts who had once been of Broad Creed Mountain.

Since Elder Zhang had entered the foreign dimension to help Yan Di, once the enemy began counterattacking, the situation on the mountain instantly turned chaotic once more.

On the back mountain, the Converting Lake Peak, outside the seclusion grounds of the old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng, a white-haired old woman looked at the chaos in the sky with a grave expression on her face.

She roared,  pushing out with her palms against the chaotic vortexes of spiritual qi,.

An enormous Heavenly Broad Creed Avatar appeared, performing the same motion.

A massive pair of hands that obscured the heavens extended, enveloping Converting Lake Peak.

And on the other Water Ridge Peak, Fang Zhun had originally been suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, preventing the descent of the Nine Underworlds.

Of Broad Creed Mountain, in terms of understanding towards devilish qi and the Nine Underworlds, he stood stably in the top three.

However, with the entire spiritual qi flow of Broad Creed Mountain suddenly turning chaotic at this moment, even Fang Zhun found it hard to deal with.

That abnormally terrifying Nine Underworlds aura that bewildered human hearts instantly surged madly!

Numerous streams of black devilish qi surged into the air, not just enveloping the Heaven Sealing Gorge, even enveloping the entire Water Ridge Peak, and even continuing to extend to other places of Broad Creed Mountain.

The dense devilish qi gradually gained the feeling of stickiness, resembling sludge as it emanated outwards, filling up the area surrounding Water Ridge Peak, with a terrifying devilish domain being formed.

Above Water Ridge Peak, the devilish qi transformed into an entire sky of black fog, bloodred lightning descending unceasingly from within.

Within the formation, countless black spirit patterns, in the form of chains, entangled the tall golden tower.

A grave look surfaced on Fang Zhun’s face as he sucked in a deep breath, decisively intercrossing his palms.

Guided by Fang Zhun, those countless black spirit patterns which had originally wanted to congregate at the tall golden tower instead all entangled him, avoiding the tall golden tower.

Fang Zhun sat in the meditative position at the top of the tall golden tower, preventing the door of red light from appearing, projecting a passageway on the ground that led to the Nine Underworlds.

The black spirit patterns entangled him more and more tightly, bolts of red lightning descending from above one after another, continuously slamming mightily onto his body without rest.

Fang Zhun’s expression did not change as spirit talismans swirled around him, forming spirit arrays, and transforming into a heavenly altar.

He sat there unyielding at the top of the tall golden tower, withstanding the attacks and the encroachment of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Majestic sword-intent of the Limitless Heavenly Sword transformed into a bright sword-light that surged into the heavens, resembling an eternally bright lighthouse in the darkness of the infinite night.

Suppressed by him, the Devilish Domain Grand Formation finally stopped expanding.

However, Fang Zhun’s expression had not relaxed.

Raising his head and gazing into the distance, while his vision was obstructed by dense black fog, he could still vaguely guess the situation on the outside.

“A change has suddenly occurred with the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Perhaps it is the scheme of senior apprentice-uncle Xin; this way, his chances have increased.”

Fang Zhun’s expression was grave.

While he could still hold on here, suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, the crux that would decide victory still lay with the Clear Qi Grand Formation and Yan Di.

If they were unable to hold off Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping there, tribulation would descend on the entire Broad Creed Mountain.

A Xin Dongping who controlled the Clear Qi Grand Formation, joining hands with the Martial Saint Yuan Tian, would hold a domineering momentum that was hard to withstand.

As Fang Zhun guessed it, at this moment, within the foreign dimension, the situation which had originally been completely one-sided suddenly changed greatly!

The Clear Qi Grand Formation shook intensely, as Yan Di instantly felt that his connection with the grand formation was cut off.

Within the air, spirit patterns mightily collapsed one after another, the dispersed runes reassembling speedily, yet already in a greatly different form than before.

Xin Dongping abruptly roared mightily at this moment, profound runes appearing on his palms once more.

What caused the hearts of Yan Di and Elder Zhang to sink was that within Xin Dongping’s pupils, similar runes to those of Yan Di earlier actually began to surface!

Xin Dongping opened his eyes, divine light spilling out from within as countless streams of glowing light appeared within the foreign dimension, boosting his strength.

The control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation, shifted once more!

While a long roar, Xin Dongping’s Limitless Heavenly Avatar expanded madly in size, the power it showed seemingly not inferior to that of the Devil Saint Yuan Tian in the least.

Xin and Yuan moved simultaneously, together meeting Yan Di, bolstered by the Clear Qi Robe, head-on.

Within the foreign dimension, a jet-black crack instantly appeared, a spatial crack.

Xin Dongping was not like Yan Di, worrying about keeping the shockwaves of their fight within the foreign dimension, as under the violent clash of forces, the foreign dimension was almost ripped apart.

At this moment, having become the primary controller of the Clear Qi Grand Formation, he began wrecking the foreign dimension here.

The pressure on Yan Di increased greatly, as he could only just hold on.

Having entered Transcending Mortality, with the Clear Qi Robe on him, even one against two, Yan Di still dared to fight.

However, wanting to trap Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping within the foreign dimension was becoming increasingly hard.

If the two escaped, with any casual moves of theirs, the others of Broad Creed Mountain would be drawn in.

The situation within the foreign dimension completely reversed at this moment.

Xin Dongping brandished his sword, his majestic sword-light resembling the heavenly river flowing in reverse as it forcibly broke through Elder Zhang’s Broad Creed Heavenly Avatar!

Elder Zhang let out a muffled groan as one of the shoulders of his Broad Creed Heavenly Avatar was shattered, with the half of its chest that was connected to it also breaking apart.

Xin Dongping struck out with another sword, the sword-light disintegrating to form numerous dots of light that enveloped Elder Zhang, actually forming a mini heaven and earth of their own.

Within the mini heaven and earth, an ethereal, heavy sword-intent assaulted Elder Zhang from all directions.

Elder Zhang grit his teeth and withstood it with great effort, although he was trapped within and unable to extricate himself.

Xin Dongping brandished his sword once more, attacking Yan Di alongside Yuan Tian.

While Yan Di had fallen to the disadvantage in his control over the Clear Qi Grand Formation, he still diligently worked on his communication with it, fighting over it with Xin Dongping.

From the Clear Qi Robe on him, countless streams of clear qi emanated, obscuring the heavens and covering the earth, sustaining the foreign dimension’s existence.

The Heavenly Dragon Sabre resembled a purple dragon of light as it traversed the space unceasingly, clashing against Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping.

Wielding a sabre in his right hand, Yan Di formed a sword with his left hand’s index and middle fingers, striking out with a sword, seemingly sealed, simple to the extreme, yet all-encompassing, filled with a vigorous air.

It was precisely the Great Heaven Earth Sword of the Eight Extreme Arts.

As that sword emerged, it contained both attack and defence in one.

Yan Di used the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre in his right hand for attack and the Great Heaven Earth Sword in his right hand for defence, meeting Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping head-on, not retreating a single step!

Xin Dongping was neither harried nor flustered in the least as he said mildly, “Yan Di, this old man thought that his discernment was good enough, having never thought that I still saw awry, already appraising you as highly as possible, yet still underestimating you in the end.”

“However, having lost the support of the Clear Qi Grand Formation, even having stepped into Transcending Mortality, there is still a limit for your wielding of the Clear Qi Robe, with a great depletion of energy.

As time passes, you will only get weaker and weaker.”

He struck out with his sword, meeting Yan Di’s Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre head-on.

The foreign dimension instantly shook once more, as though it might collapse at any moment!


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