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HSSB293: The key to breaking the situation


Yan Zhaoge looked solemnly in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain, where black devilish qi surged to the heavens, the usual clear, spiritual mountains currently resembling a ghost domain.

“Internally plagued with the descent of the Nine Underworlds and Xin Dongping attacking father alongside Yuan Tian having wrested control of the grand formation, externally with the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall watching hungrily by the side,” Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, “This tribulation, is really a hard one.”

Ah Hu looked rather worriedly at him, “Young Master.

The Family Head…”

Yan Zhaoge did not speak, carefully observing Broad Creed Mountain.

Above the mountain peaks, the space was distorting unceasingly, as though it might break apart at any moment, infinite destructive power leaking out from within, descending towards Broad Creed Mountain below.

As spiritual light flickered, from the back mountain Converting Lake Peak, two massive palms extended, as though holding up the sky as they grasped that distorting space, stabilising it as much as possible, such that it would not affect Broad Creed Mountain below.

“That should be Elder He, standing guard for Grand Master, being forced to make a move as well.”

Yan Zhaoge looked to the other side of the back mountains, in the direction of Water Ridge Peak, where devilish qi surged to the heavens, virtually having completely enveloped the mountain.

However, a bright sword-light shot up to the heavens from within the black domain of devilish qi, preventing the devilish domain from expanding.

“This momentum; it’s second apprentice-uncle forcibly suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.”

Because he could not be sure who the traitor was, after analysing and creating the method of suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, Yan Zhaoge had not given it to the clan.

The Decimating Abyss’s research and improvements on the Devilish Domain Grand Formation had also been unceasing.

From the start, unable to leave Hell, only able to experiment within, they had then arrived at the point where at Clear Concealed Lake, with a vein of water that originated from Hell, they had been able to set up a formation.

And from the time at the Sand Region, they had also shown their ability to set up Devilish Domain Grand Formations in places far from Hell, also able to guide the devilish qi to change the location of the descent of the Nine Underworlds.

Through his analysis of the other side’s Devilish Domain Grand Formation, Yan Zhaoge’s proficiency in breaking these formations had risen unceasingly.

And the Decimating Abyss’s side, or rather the Abyss Lord Xin Dongping, through analysing Yan Zhaoge’s formation-breaking techniques, had also improved his ability in setting up the formations.

Through the Devilish Domain Grand Formations, Yan Zhaoge had already formlessly duelled with this bigwig many times.

Earlier, when he had still been unable to determine who the traitor was, Yan Zhaoge had only provided his newest technique with which to suppress and break the Devilish Domain Grand Formations to his father, Yan Di.

However, Yan Di was currently battling mighty enemies within a foreign dimension, naturally being unable to pass it down to Fang Zhun.

At this moment, Fang Zhun was completely relying on his cultivation base to suppress the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Luckily, his cultivation base was much higher than Yan Zhaoge’s, his understanding towards the Nine Underworlds devilish qi also far surpassing others.

It was only because of protecting the First Seat Elder of the Heaven Sealing Gorge, Elder Gong earlier, as well as having been trapped within the Heaven Sealing Gorge by Xin Dongping’s seal that Fang Zhun’s strength had been greatly depleted.

Now, he could only barely suppress the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Still, he at least still managed to prevent the Nine Underworlds from directly descending in Broad Creed Mountain.

“The most pressing and also the most key situation here is still father’s side,” Yan Zhaoge knelt down on one knee, palms pressed on the ground, ceaselessly feeling the changes in the Clear Qi Grand Formation, “While father still has the Clear Qi Robe on him, the two opponents he is facing, the Devil Saint Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping who has obtained a majority of the control of the clan’s grand formation, are equivalent to two Martial Saint experts.”

“It is also thanks to father being able to fight against the both of them at once.

Otherwise, either of them able to emerge, they would be able to sweep up the entire situation against us.”

The key was at where Yan Di was, where a heated battle was currently ongoing, with experts battling with the strength of the Martial Saint realm, causing the heavens to roil and the earth to overturn.

Such a situation was already very hard for others to stick a hand in.

Even Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters seemed to lack such qualifications.

Fang Zhun included, even if Broad Creed Mountain won a complete victory on all the other fronts, with Fang Zhun, Shi Tie and the others all being freed up, not wresting back control of the clan’s grand formation, it would also be very hard to help Yan Di.

Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, “And so long as father cannot hold on, any other victories would also mean nothing-the general situation would immediately collapse.

We do not have much time left.”

He swivelled his head to look at Shi Tie, “It is not like there are no methods, but there is some difficulty.”

“Because of external enemies, a change happened with the clan’s guardian formation, giving Xin Dongping a chance.

We have to overturn that now.”

“I have a plan, but it requires three routes of troops, having to be executed in three different places surrounding Broad Creed Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “The executors either have to have a sufficient cultivation base or be proficient in the changes in formations.

I am willing to lead one side, and eldest-apprentice uncle can lead another.

However, I don’t know if there is still sufficient manpower within the clan to go the third route.

Elder He is guarding Grand Master as well as the clan; how serious are Elder Zhang’s injuries”

Shi Tie looked at Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing, “Junior apprentice-brother Fang is suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, unable to split his attentions.

If Elder Zhang’s injuries are too serious, then find junior apprentice-sister Fu.”

Yan Zhaoge now said to the two of them, “We will have to be troubling you.

I have some new ways to break the devilish formation and prevent the descent of the Nine Underworlds, requiring one of you to enter the Devilish Domain Grand Formation and inform second apprentice-uncle about them.

The other will find Elder Zhang and senior apprentice-aunt Fu, telling them the method used to correct our clan’s grand formation.”

Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing exchanged glances, both saying in unison, “I will enter the Devilish Domain Grand Formation to find senior apprentice-uncle Fang.”

Entering the Devilish Domain Grand Formation would clearly be more dangerous.

Yan Zhaoge thought for a moment, “Now is not the time for courtesies.

Junior apprentice-sister Feng, go find senior apprentice-uncle Fang, riding over on Pan-Pan.

Meeting enemies on the way, evade them if you can.

Junior apprentice-sister Sikong, go find Elder Zhang and senior apprentice-aunt Fu.”

Feng Yunsheng nodded, while beside her, Sikong Qing, her gaze unwavering and with no change in her expression, also nodded at his words.

Yan Zhaoge immediately told the method of suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation to Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng did not waste time on words.

While she did not understand some things on the principles and circulation of formations, she just directly memorized them.

Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, “Stay safe.”

“You too,” Feng Yunsheng nodded.

At this moment, time was of the essence.

After confirming that she had fully memorized what she had to, she jumped onto Pan-Pan.

Pan-Pan also did not act lazy now, extending his claws and racing off into the distance.

Yan Zhaoge directly said to Shi Tie and the others, “The technique to correct the clan’s guardian formation is not to be executed in Broad Creed Mountain itself, or it will be immediately wrecked by Xin Dongping.

Therefore, with heaven, earth and human as bases, we will have to simultaneously execute the technique at three different places outside of Broad Creed Mountain.

I have precisely calculated these locations.”

After telling the three places to Shi Tie and Sikong Qing, he looked at Xu Fei, “This technique requires the coordination of two people at each point, one at the helm, and the other assisting.

Therefore, senior apprentice-brother Xu will go with eldest-apprentice uncle, assisting him.

After finding Elder Zhang or senior apprentice-aunt Fu, junior apprentice-sister Sikong will do the same.”

“If both Elder Zhang and senior apprentice-aunt Fu are able to move, find someone else who can assist, with eldest apprentice-uncle, senior apprentice-aunt Fu and Elder Zhang executing the technique simultaneously.

That way, it will be easier to succeed.”

Xu Fei and Sikong Qing nodded together.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head and said to Ah Hu, “Ah Hu, you will assist me.”

Ah Hu nodded solemnly.

Shi Tie looked at Yan Zhaoge, “While you are proficient in the changes in formations, with the situation so chaotic at this moment, the enemy doesn’t actually lack Essence Spirit or even Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters.

If the two of you meet some, it might be dangerous.”


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