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HSSB297: Dream on!


A beam of light streaked through the air.

As Yan Zhaoge hurried towards the human position in the city, bringing Xu Fei along, Shi Tie was also hurrying to where the heaven position was.

Speeding along, Shi Tie’s gaze suddenly flickered as he looked into the distance.

In that direction, a powerful, ferocious aura had appeared.

It was not foreign, as it seemed to be the ‘Scaly Dragon King’ Sima Chui.

The other party also seemed to have detected Shi Tie’s presence, but seemed to be mindful of something as he did not come over.

Xu Fei looked at Shi Tie who retracted his gaze, saying calmly, “It’s Sima Chui.”

“Master…” Xu Fei looked somewhat worriedly at the wound that still existed on Shi Tie’s chest.

Shi Tie shook his head, “Relax, I’m fine.”

Xu Fei spoke no longer, but the worry within his gaze did not lessen in the least.

Shi Tie brought Xu Fei along, continuing speedily on their way.

After a while, he gazed down below.

There, a boy of around eleven to twelve years old was currently clashing with the enemy.

Despite his young age, he was shockingly already a Martial Scholar, his qi and blood resembling dragons.

He resembled a young dragon as he slew his enemies mightily, sending them flying.

It was clearly Shi Tie’s newest disciple, Ying Longtu.

At this time, Ying Longtu still looked a little blank, but he was incomparably focused.

His movements could not be said to be vicious or brutal, but he still clearly remembered the teachings of his elders and senior apprentice-brothers and sisters that mercy to the enemy was brutality to oneself.

Ying Longtu directly sent an enemy flying with a punch, drawing the attention of enemies with even higher cultivation bases.

His opponent lunged towards him, but stiffened midway, falling limply to the ground, directly dying.

The other Decimating Abyss martial practitioners in the surroundings all suffered the same fate as him.

Towards these Martial Scholars, Shi Tie had no need to personally move at all.

Just his fist-intent was sufficient to shock all of them to death on the spot.

Feeling his Master’s aura, Ying Longtu raised his head for a look, a happy smile appearing on his face.

 “Let’s go together,” Shi Tie did not waste time on words, directly sweeping Ying Longtu along, not ceasing in his footsteps as he continued racing towards his destination.

Ying Longtu looked blankly at Shi Tie and Xu Fei, “Master, senior apprentice-brother, there are so many enemies.

They’re attacking the mountain…”

Xu Fei said, “Han Long’er, rest easy.

We will precisely be going to deal with them now.”

Ying Longtu firmly nodded.

The three hurried along, very quickly arriving at their destination which Yan Zhaoge had told them about earlier.

This was a mountain peak outside Broad Creed Mountain, standing tall amongst the endless chain of mountains, seemingly wanting to pierce through the clouds above.

Shi Tie stood at that mountain peak, punching out, a great amount of light surging into existence, forming a massive rune which landed on the mountain peak.

The light shot straight up into the horizon, vaguely forming a pillar of light within the air.

Shi Tie raised his hand, a hurricane forming with him as its centre, enveloping this lone peak.

Enveloped by the hurricane, streams of spiritual qi unceasingly gathered between the heavens and the earth, the rune distorting as it gradually expanded to form a small, intricate, profound formation, its spirit patterns emitting a pure white glow.

At the core area around which the countless spirit patterns congregated, an ancient character appeared.


The meaning of the ancient character was ‘heaven’.

Seeing this, Xu Fei knew that it was his turn, as he knelt down on one knee, his palms pressing down on the rocks of the mountain peak together.

The radiance of the ‘天’ character grew brighter at this moment.

Ying Longtu stood by the side somewhat uncomprehendingly, looking curiously at the actions of his Master and senior apprentice-brother.

As time passed, the radiance of the flickering spirit patterns gradually turned from pure white to gold.

Shi Tie and Xu Fei’s spirits both lifted greatly.

According to Yan Zhaoge, this meant that their task was soon to see success.

However, Shi Tie now said calmly, “According to Zhaoge, the situation now is actually already on the right track.”

His gaze moved between Xu Fei and Ying Longtu, “While two people are still needed to maintain this formation, you two, Xu Fei and Longtu, can do it as well, just that it will take somewhat longer.”

Hearing his words, Xu Fei’s pupils abruptly dilated, “An enemy attack”

No change in expression could be seen whatsoever on Shi Tie’s granite-like face, “There are people approaching, and they bear ill will.”

“Three people, all late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters.”

Hearing his words, Xu Fei’s gaze remained firm, but his expression also turned grave.

Shi Tie said, “I will block the enemy.

Xu Fei, you tell the method to Longtu as quickly as possible, with you replacing me at the helm, and Longtu supporting you.”

He looked earnestly at Xu Fei, “Prioritise the overall situation; you must ensure that we wrest back the Clear Qi Grand Formation.”

An unconcealable look of worry was visible within Xu Fei’s eyes, but he did not waste time on useless words, his expression incomparably grave as he let out a long breath, saying, “This disciple will give it my all.”

Shi Tie nodded, leaping as he left the mountain peak.

He sped off at an extreme speed, getting as far away from the ‘天’ character as quickly as possible, meeting the encroaching enemy on his own initiative.

Soon, Shi Tie halted, standing in mid-air, gazing silently into the distance.

On the horizon, three shining streaks of light very quickly arrived before him.

Shi Tie’s gaze swept past the three, no joy nor sorrow within, calm as still water, “You three, I have long heard of you.”

He recognised all three of his opponents.

One of them, a grey-bearded old man, was someone he was incomparably familiar with.

He was Elder Wang of Broad Creed Mountain, of the same generation as Yuan Zhengfeng and Xin Dongping, having entered the clan even earlier than them.

Elder Wang had been exposed the earliest, due to the Heavenly Thunder Hall revealing the identities of some Decimating Abyss operatives.

He was also the Decimating Abyss’s most powerful, highest ranking martial practitioner of Broad Creed Mountain beneath Xin Dongping.

Afterwards, he had been imprisoned within the Heaven Sealing Gorge.

This day, after Xin Dongping had gravely wounded the First Seat Elder of the Heaven Sealing Gorge, Elder Gong, he had released all the major criminals imprisoned within the Heaven Sealing Gorge, with Elder Wang at their head.

Looking over, Shi Tie could not help but feel forlorn as he saw that Elder Wang’s pupils were yellowed, emanating a bloodred light, as he had already completely fallen to the dark side.

Beside Elder Wang was a black-robed old man, his hair white as snow and his face red as an infant’s, yet not carrying the air of a sage at all as he had similarly completely fallen.

Shi Tie also recognised this man, a remnant Elder of Black Nightmare Mountain named Yang Nie.

Black Nightmare Mountain had had two late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters attack Broad Creed Mountain this time.

One of them had already been killed by Broad Creed Mountain’s Grand Elder, the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Zhang Kun, with the Broad Creed Heavenly Palm.

Yang Nie, currently before Shi Tie, was the other.

The third person was the ‘Scaly Dragon King’ Sima Chui, who had clashed a few times with Shi Tie previously.

Elder Wang looked at Shi Tie, an indifferent look on his face, while Sima Chui’s gaze fell on the wound on Shi Tie’s chest, “Shi Tie, even if you are completely made of iron, how many more nails can be hammered in you now”

Yan Nie looked coldly at Shi Tie, “Broad Creed Mountain will definitely be decimated today; no one will be able to prevent this!”

The terrifying pressure from the three late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters obscured the sky and covered the earth, virtually causing the very space to solidify.

One against three, Shi Tie’s expression did not change in the slightest as he raised his arms calmly, brandishing his fists.

A voice that was firm as iron resounded between the heavens and the earth.

“Dream on!”


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