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HSSB298: The berserk lion roars!


A bright light suddenly lit up between the heaven and the earth.

Countless spirit talismans flew, colliding with one another, extinguished in great numbers.

The remaining spirit talismans separated into four groups, forming a great amount of spirit arrays, after which they connected, four massive heavenly altars appearing within the air.

Shi Tie’s body was enveloped by a golden altar, the altar shrinking unceasingly in size, becoming more and more condensed as well as vigorous, a true martial intent of unbreakable Vajra that could surpass all tribulations unscathed emanating from within.

Across from him, Elder Wang, Sima Chui and Yang Nie also established their heavenly altars.

One white, one black and one purple, the three heavenly altars suppressed the surrounding area.

The longtime Elder of Black Nightmare Mountain, Yang Nie, had a sabre appear within his hands, sabre-light not visible, only innumerable rotating storms visible as it was pitch black all around.

He was the first to attack Shi Tie, a most supreme martial art of Black Nightmare Mountain, the Great Western Purple Qi being unleashed to its maximum.

A Purple Qi Heavenly Wave Sabre, with the momentum of splitting the heavens, carrying innumerable Black Nightmare Storms, chopped down towards Shi Tie!

Shi Tie’s Profound Light Divine Armour lit up as not dodging or evading, he met Yang Nie’s Great Western Purple Qi as wielded by his high-grade spirit artifact, the Light Nightmare Sabre, head-on.

As the two clashed head-on, infinite golden light and purple qi exploded and dispersed between the heavens and the earth, creating countless wild whirlwinds, madly sweeping the surrounding area.

Above Shi Tie, Elder Wang’s figure appeared, a terrifying Heavenly Broad Creed Palm descending from the heavens!

The sky instantly seemed as though it had decreased in height!

Shi Tie exhaled and roared, exerting force with his right fist, forcibly jolting Yang Nie back as he simultaneously pushed up his left hand!

With the momentum of lifting the heavens, his left hand, bright as Vajra, blocked Elder Wang’s Heavenly Broad Creed Palm.

Majestic as the heavens, the vigorous, tyrannical palm force pressured unceasingly downwards.

However, Shi Tie was like a pillar that supported the very heavens, not shaken in the least.

As their palms collided, a brilliant light shot out of Shi Tie’s eyes, letting out a low roar as his left hand pushed upwards unceasingly, actually forcibly pushing the fallen, shortened heavens right back up!

Seeing this, Elder Wang and Yang Nie felt stunned.

One of Broad Creed Mountain’s Three Supreme Arts, the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, had actually been defeated by the Vajra Body of the Eight Extreme Arts

It was not that the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm was inferior to the Vajra Body; it was that Shi Tie was stronger than Elder Wang!

The heavens wanted to collapse, but Shi Tie exerted force, shockingly raising the falling heavens back up again.

More terrifying was that not just was it lifting the heavens, as Shi Tie’s power continued rising non-stop, the heavens actually seemed to have the momentum of overturning in another direction.

It was not the terrifying power of the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm overturning the heavens and the earth, but instead that Shi Tie wanted to flip these heavens around!

The white heavenly altar around Elder Wang shockingly began to topple, about to be overturned by Shi Tie from below!

Just at this time, a streak of dark light flashed past, resembling the sudden appearance of a strange black dragon, stabbing towards Shi Tie from a difficult angle!

The force was condensed, completely focused at a single point, forming an incomparably frightening destructive force, targeted straight towards the injury at Shi Tie’s chest!

His gaze like lightning, Shi Tie punched out mightily with his right fist, repelling Yang Nie’s Light Nightmare Sabre once more.

Retracting his left hand that was suppressing Elder Wang, his movements seemed slow, but were accurate as he slammed down with his fist, repelling Sima Chui’s suddenly attacking lance!

Struck by Shi Tie on the neck, the strange black dragon let out a realistic cry of pain, as though its backbone had been broken.

After repelling Sima Chui’s lance with his left fist, Shi Tie spread out his fingers, the movements of his hands light and relaxed as they slid slowly within the air.

A golden ring of light appeared, resembling Vajra, full and without flaws, completely empty within, as though it could tolerate all objects.

Sima Chui wanted to retract his lance and change his stance, but realised that the black dragon formed of his true martial intent in combination with his spirit artifact had been locked in place by that golden ring of light, actually unable to be retrieved.

Shi Tie exerted force with his left hand, that black dragon shrieking tragically as it had no way to escape, whilst also unceasingly absorbed and consumed by the golden ring of light.

The massive force drew Sima Chui’s body closer and closer to Shi Tie against his will.

Either he released his grip and forsook his spirit artifact, or he would be pulled over by Shi Tie.

Shi Tie’s upraised right hand that had already revealed its destructive power struck down towards Sima Chui!

As Sima Chui was unable to stabilise himself, Elder Wang and Yang Nie renewed their attacks, striking towards Shi Tie!

Yang Nie chopped out with his sabre, the entire horizon dyed purple as boundless strong gales of wind as well as wild tides surged simultaneously, engulfing the entire sky.

As his sabre descended, the entire purple sky seemed to have transformed alongside it into sabre-light, chopping towards Shi Tie.

Countless Black Nightmare Storms swept the purple sky, brutal and terrifying, as Shi Tie momentarily seemed to be located in the Great Western Desert.

On the other side, Elder Wang’s palms slammed down once more!

Shi Tie’s gaze was firm as a monolith as it did not waver in the least.

He completely merged with his golden heavenly altar, his entire person resembling Vajra, infinite light emanating outwards from his transparent body!

As the Profound Light Divine Armour on his body shone, he forcibly withstood Yang Nie’s Purple Qi Heavenly Wave Sabre, his left hand not stopping as it pulled Sima Chui forward, before his right fist descended mightily, striking Sima Chui’s chest head-on!

The black heavenly altar mightily shattered, blood spurting madly out of Sima Chui’s mouth!

Shi Tie circulated his Vajra Body to the maximum, forcibly withstanding Yang Nie’s sabre, before his body slightly moved, shifting away his vitals as he was now struck by Elder Wang’s palm!

The Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, with its grand, boundless, vigorous, tyrannical power, caused Shi Tie’s entire body to shake, resembling the collapsing of a mountain.

Blood trickled slightly from the corners of Shi Tie’s mouth.

Yang Nie roared furiously, “The Iron Lion King will become a dead lion today!”

His Great Western Purple Qi surged madly as the Light Nightmare Sabre within his hands completely transformed into a hurricane.

Innumerable terrifying gales of wind able to cleave the heavens and split the earth apart sliced across the horizon, frenziedly striking Shi Tie, leaving behind numerous tragic scars on the Profound Light Divine Armour and Shi Tie’s body!

No fear could be seen within Shi Tie’s gaze, nor did it waver, but something which had never appeared before in the past was now visible within.

Violence! Ferocity! Bloodthirstiness!

“I’ll bury all of you here!”

“Even if it is using my own flesh, blood and bones!”

A berserk roar shook the nine heavens, as though a thoroughly enraged lion was roaring madly!

Shi Tie released Sima Chui’s lance, intercrossing his fists as he collapsed Yang Nie’s sabre-light, before his figure spun abruptly!

He strode forward, resembling a descended divinity as he arrived before Elder Wang!

The appearance of Vajra had disappeared from Shi Tie’s body, other than on his fists, glowing incomparably brightly!

He punched out, forcibly dispersing Elder Wang’s Heavenly Broad Creed Palm!

He punched out once more, directly shattering Elder Wang’s heavenly altar!

Elder Wang stared, never having seen such a Vajra Body before.

This was completely having forsaken defence, forsaken the Vajra Body’s essence of offence and defence both in one, completely concentrating all its power within his fists!

The past Vajra Body, indestructible and eternal!

The current Vajra Body, invincible in its attacks!

Having completely forsaken defence, Shi Tie forcibly withstood a full-powered sabre of Yang Nie’s with his Profound Light Divine Armour once more!

Unable to stand the burden, the Profound Light Divine Armour finally shattered mightily!

However, Shi Tie punched out once more, landing a heavy, mighty blow on Elder Wang’s chest, as this past longtime Elder of Broad Creed Mountain had his chest collapse directly inwards!

As Shi Tie prepared to turn and deal with Yang Nie, a streak of dark light suddenly appeared once more!

The strange black dragon roared, mightily landing a direct hit on Shi Tie’s old chest injury!

Shi Tie spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, his entire person pierced through by that lance!

The yellowed eyes of the ‘Scaly Dragon King’ Sima Chui emanated a bloodred light as he glared at Shi Tie.

Having always been plagued by devilish intent before, he had just completely fallen to the dark side, making use of this to greatly recover from the injuries Shi Tie had just inflicted on him, from this striking this fatal blow!

However, as his gaze met Shi Tie’s, he could not help but shiver.

The berserk lion roared once more, his destructive fists descending from above with the momentum of ripping the very heavens apart, each landing respectively on the chests of Sima Chui and Yang Nie!

Blood spurted simultaneously from the mouths of the two late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster experts, staining the sky red!


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