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HSSB299: Definitely won’t let you destroy Broad Creed Mountain


Shi Tie struck out with his fists, other than Yang Nie, also heavily injuring Sima Chui who had just recovered some of his vitality to the point of spitting out blood once more!

However, his three opponents had also turned vicious as they howled madly, attacking Shi Tie once more, determined to slay him!

Yang Nie gave a cold shout, purple light surging madly from his entire body, transforming into countless strong gales of purple wind, lunging towards Shi Tie.

Sima Chui gripped his lance tightly, trapping Shi Tie’s figure, shooting towards the great earth down below!

The struggling Elder Wang also lunged over!

“I definitely won’t let you destroy Broad Creed Mountain!”

Shi Tie roared, his left hand parrying Elder Wang’s palm as he punched out with his fist, directly blowing the brains of this senior apprentice-uncle of his who had fallen to the dark side into smithereens!

However, his figure was swept by Yang Nie’s sabre-light.

The sky above him turned completely purple.

On the great earth beneath him, blazing heat reduced all the fertile soil within the surrounding five hundred kilometres into sand!

Between the heavens and the earth were violent black hurricanes that swept Shi Tie along, plummeting towards the great earth down below that had already transformed into a desert!

Shi Tie reached out abruptly, grabbing Yang Nie’s sabre-wielding right hand, dragging him down alongside him.

Yang Nie did not evade it, unleashing his power to the maximum as countless streaks of purple light were infused into the great desert below.

Mournful radiance shone, transforming into countless purple spirit patterns, forming a brutal formation.

Then, dense streaks of purple light shot into the air, resembling innumerable sharp blades as they pierced into Shi Tie’s back together.

Shi Tie seemed not to feel any pain at all as he raised his right fist, punching out towards Yang Nie!

His left hand grabbed by Shi Tie, Yang Nie could not evade, only able to watch on helplessly as Shi Tie’s right fist punched onto his chest!

That destructive force completely agglomerated at one point, Shi Tie’s fist resembled a famed divine artifact as it directly penetrated through Yang Nie’s body!

His flesh and blood, internal organs, bones, everything, all shattered!

Yang Nie stared as fresh blood spurted out from his mouth, splashing onto Shi Tie’s entire face.

The final late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster of Black Nightmare Mountain, slain in battle!

Slaying Yang Nie with a single punch, driven by the force of the lance within Sima Chui’s hands, Shi Tie’s plummeting figure also completely smashed into the desert down below.

That lance resembled a nail, pinning Shi Tie to the earth!

While Yang Nie was dead, that purple formation of light still served its final purpose, countless streams of purple light streaking upwards, resembling numerous purple chains as they entangled Shi Tie’s body and that lance, imprisoning Shi Tie right where he was!

Of his three opponents, only Sima Chui still lived.

He stood within the air, looking at Shi Tie, lying on the great earth down below.

At this moment, Shi Tie completely resembled a statue that was soon to shatter, dim and lustreless, mottled and broken.

Only his left fist still flickered with the light of Vajra.

Sima Chui opened his mouth, wanting to speak, but what emerged was first a mouthful of blood.

Injury inflicted upon injury, his situation was also tragic to the extreme.

“While injured, fighting once against three, still able to kill two,” Sima Chui coughed non-stop, but his gaze remained fixed on Shi Tie, “Surnamed Shi, you live up to the name of the Iron Lion King!”

Shi Tie’s face was expressionless as not speaking a word, he struggled, trying to stand.

However, those numerous purple chains trapped him tight.

Connected with those purple chains of light, that black lance that pierced through his body and nailed him to the ground erupted with an even more ferocious force.

It was fine when Shi Tie did not move, but as long as he tried to do so, his body was instantly struck by the impact.

Sima Chui’s gaze landed on Shi Tie’s left hand, “If I wanted to kill you now, it would be as easy as flipping my palm.”

“However, I would first have to get near you.”

“But if I do so, I know that you still have the strength for a final blow.

If I were to kill you, I would be destined to die alongside you!”

An ashen look on his face, Sima Chui shook his head, raising his head to look at that tall mountain peak that rose into the clouds in the distance, “What exactly are you doing over there”

“I don’t know, and am also not interested.

I just know that whatever you want to do, it’d be right for me to stop you from accomplishing it.”

Whilst coughing blood, Sima Chui laughed with some difficulty, “If I kill you, you have the ability to bring me into death with you.

If I don’t kill you, I won’t die, and while you also won’t die, I can wreck your plans.”

“And this might also not be your personal matter, instead concerning your entire Broad Creed Mountain.


The light within Shi Tie’s gaze surged madly as he grabbed that black lance and tried to move it.

However, the black and purple lights mightily struck his body together, imprisoning him, leaving him unable to move.

Sima Chui smiled, “Do it slowly; spending a bit more time on it, you should be able to break the formation, pulling out my Yin Dragon Lance.

Although, you might not be fast as me ah.”

Laughing loudly, Sima Chui flew towards that lone peak.

On the mountain peak, Xu Fei stood at the centre of the ‘天’character, hands raised towards the sky, palms facing upwards, as though lifting the heavens.

Beside him, Ying Longtu knelt down on one knee, hands pressing down on the ‘天’ character together.

The golden hurricane that surrounded the two grew stronger and stronger, completely enveloping the lone peak, unceasingly sweeping the surrounding spiritual qi of the heavens and earth to be infused within.

Amidst their combined efforts, Xu Fei and Ying Longtu gazed nervously into the distance where a heaven-shocking, earth-shaking battle was currently unfolding.

Suddenly, following the many intense clashes, the battle suddenly seemed to come to a halt.

Then, a powerful aura shot over in the direction of Xu Fei and Ying Longtu.

When it had come near, Xu Fei’s heart sunk to the very bottom, because he could tell that that was not that of his Master, Shi Tie!

Indeed, the figure of the ‘Scaly Dragon King’ Sima Chu appeared before the two.

Looking at the golden hurricane that enveloped the mountain peak, appraising it for a moment, Sima Chui chuckled.

Without his lance on him, he still punched out, his true essence transforming into a black scaly dragon, seeming firm and indestructible as it pierced towards the mountain peak!

Black light flickered as the scaly dragon left the sea, a violent, evil dragon’s roar mixed in with the hurricane.

The black scaly dragon brandished its claws, frenziedly ripping at the golden hurricane.

Whilst being heavily injured, at the point of near death, Sima Chui’s strength was still far from ordinary.

Under the attacks of the scaly dragon manifested from his true martial soul, the golden hurricane was instantly greatly compromised.

The establishment of the ‘天’ character had also reached its final stage at this moment.

Above the lone peak, complicated, profound spirit patterns appeared, seeming like a greatly miniaturised version of Broad Creed Mountain’s guardian formation.

The spirit patterns combined with the ‘天’ character, countless streams of light expanding outwards into the distance.

Sima Chui gave a low shout, a violent power interfering with the golden hurricane, interfering with the ‘天’ character, causing the circulation of the ‘天’ character to slow.

The two sides temporarily descended into a stalemate.

Sima Chui grinned savagely, beginning to unleash his full strength, the golden hurricane gradually being ripped apart by his power!

His fist began nearing the lone peak.

Not even having reached, the mountain peak began shaking intensely, as though about to collapse!

If the mountain peak collapsed, the ‘天’ character would immediately collapse as well!

On the mountain peak, Xu Fei and Ying Longtu stabilised the ‘天’ character with all their might, fighting against Sima Chui.

In the distance, within the great desert, Shi Tie’s face was expressionless as he grasped that black lance that pierced through his body.


Bit by creaking bit, Shi Tie drew that black lance out of his body!

Purple light and black light flickered intermittently.

Shi Tie’s skin burst, his flesh in shreds!

The body of that man who always seemed cast of iron was trembling unceasingly at this moment.

Only his hands were stable as a monolith.


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