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HSS300: The eternal Iron Lion King!


Shi Tie exerted force with his hands, the high-grade spirit artifact, the Yin Dragon Lance that pinned him to the ground being pulled out bit by bit.

Every inch that the Yin Dragon Lance was pulled outwards, Shi Tie’s body suffered immense pain.

The lance worked in combination with the formation on the ground, together forming chains that trapped the lion!

These chains embedded themselves into his Shi Tie’s flesh, every attempt of his to remove them reducing his flesh to bloodied shreds.

Shi Tie did not waver in the least, pulling out that lance with all his might.

However, as Sima Chui had said, this, was too slow!

While Shi Tie would still have combat power remaining after breaking free, Xu Fei and Ying Longtu could not wait much longer!

Beneath the lone peak, Sima Chui’s strength grew, even beginning to penetrate through the golden hurricane, attacking towards Xu Fei and Ying Longtu!

Countless forces that resembled Black Scaly Dragons viciously lunged towards the ‘天’ character and the two on the mountain peak!

The difference in the cultivation bases of the two sides was just too large.

Even heavily injured, Sima Chui was not someone that they could withstand.

Xu Fei knew this full well, but his face was without fear as he resolutely guarded Ying Longtu behind him.

The only thing that tugged at Xu Fei’s heart was that if the mountain peak beneath them was shaken, the ‘天’ talisman would be compromised!

With the heaven, earth, human technique unable to be set in place, they would be unable to wrest back control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation from Xin Dongping!

Outside, there were still strong enemies of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall soon coming to assault.

Broad Creed Mountain would be in grave danger!

Ying Longtu asked uncomprehendingly, “Senior apprentice-brother, where’s Master”

Before his words had fallen, a majestic roar of a lion resounded in the distance!

Beneath the mountain peak, Sima Chui looked back in surprise, his gaze piercing through space to land on that great desert.

Pinned to the ground by the Yin Dragon Lance, Shi Tie gripped its shaft with his right hand, raising his left hand high!

Shi Tie clenched his left hand, a bright light condensing, illuminating the surrounding heavens and earth!

The next moment, a destructive force was unleashed from Shi Tie’s left fist, mightily punching onto the shaft of the Yin Dragon Lance!

A sound like muffled thunder resounded, the high-grade spirit artifact, the Yin Dragon Lance, being forcibly snapped by Shi Tie!

As the Yin Dragon Lance broke, the purple chains of light and the black hurricanes were no longer able to entangle and restrict Shi Tie’s body.

However, a violent backlash now completely erupted, shocking Shi Tie’s body!

Shi Tie spoke not as he arose.



The piercing sound of friction rose between the broken lance shaft and his body once more, shocking one’s soul.

Sima Chui looked at Shi Tie with a disbelieving expression on his face, “You’re mad! This way, you’re doomed for sure!”

With Shi Tie as its centre, a great wind blew through the great desert.

Sand and dust flew as Shi Tie’s body stood up straight once more.

Resembling an eternal divine statue-even if it was shattered, even if it was crooked, it would still stand tall once more in the end!

Shi Tie grabbed the half-shaft of the Yin Dragon Lance, his gaze like a tiger’s as he abruptly flung it in the direction of Sima Chui!

The half-lance of the Yin Dragon Lance formed a streak of black lightning, shooting madly towards Sima Chui!

Sima Chui wanted to evade it, yet found that whilst contesting with the ‘天’ character and the golden hurricane, he was also locked in place by their suction force!

Unable to move, Sima Chui had on a look of utter despair, only able to use a hand to block that incoming black light!


The black light erupted with a shocking glow, firm as Vajra, bright as shooting stars.

Sima Chui’s arm directly shattered, and what followed what his body!

Shattered, shattered, shattered again, finally bursting mightily into pieces!

The last of the three late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters, the ‘Scaly Dragon King’ Sima Chui, was slain by the Iron Lion King Shi Tie on the spot!

Having lost the interference by Sima Chui, the golden hurricane returned to normal, its power being circulated to the maximum.

The ‘天’ character combined completely with the spirit patterns above the mountain peak, countless formless streams of qi extending, merging with Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Grand Formation!

Of heaven, earth and human, the final heaven position was finally established.

Seeing the ‘天’ character finally completely established, Xu Fei did not think about anything as he just rushed down the mountain towards Shi Tie, Ying Longtu following closely behind him.

In the distant desert, on the great earth, a single figure stood, resembling a mottled statue.

That statue was riddled with cracks all round, full of injuries, mottled and broken, as though it had stood through countless winds and rains.

However, it stood eternally tall, resembling a pillar that held up the very sky.

Xu Fei’s expression was sorrowful as he knelt before this figure, silent.

Shi Tie opened his eyes, raising his head to look towards the sky with great difficulty.

Countless streams of light shot past him one after another, shooting over in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain.

Shi Tie wanted to turn his head to look towards Broad Creed Mountain, but he was already unable to do so.

Yet, some scenes still surfaced before his eyes, they that existed at the depths of his memories, engraved within his very soul, bringing him back to days long past.

His parents had died early, with him diligently living on a difficult life.

One day, a middle-aged man had appeared before him, smiling as he had asked whether he was willing to learn martial arts from him.

That was his Master, Yuan Zhengfeng, currently in secluded cultivation in Broad Creed Mountain’s back mountains, similarly giving it his all for Broad Creed Mountain.

His master then had been in the prime of his youth, not appearing old, just like he himself had been earlier…

The scene changed.

He was cultivating diligently when his Master brought a child back to the clan, just like how he had brought him back that year.

That child was still young, but his gaze was deep and calm, seemingly mature as an adult.

That was his second apprentice-brother Fang Zhun, currently suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation in the back mountains, preventing the Nine Underworlds from descending into this world.

After that, his Master had continuously brought back some children, all becoming his junior apprentices.

Sometimes, he still had to instruct and guide them on behalf of his Master.

One of them was a little girl, a daughter of a late senior apprentice-uncle, spoilt greatly by his Master to the point of lawlessness, even his Master feeling headaches over her later on.

It was only when he stiffened up his face that the girl would feel scared, sticking out her tongue as she fearfully quietened down.

That was junior apprentice-sister Fu.

Finally, when he had already become of age, famed across the world, his Master who had already come to appear old had brought back a youth, saying that this was a junior apprentice-brother, his closed door, final disciple.

At a young age, he was already shining with talent, spiritedly striving for greater heights.

That was Yan Di, currently in a life and death battle with Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping in the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Other than them, there were still many fellow disciples, some still here, some already not.

The old died, but new blood was infused.

Such as his favoured disciples Xu Fei and Ying Longtu here.

Similarly fighting for the future of Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Sikong Qing and others…

The scenes changed unceasingly, finally slowing.

His wife had been injured during her pregnancy.

She had endured and given birth, but died soon after.

The only thing that comforted him was the gradual growth of his son, growing from a lively young body to an intelligent youth, and finally an upright young man, his life’s pride.

Soon, his son had also married and borne a child.

Before that, he had also not thought that he would be able to enjoy the later part of his life like this, enjoying great familial joy, in the happiest times of his life.

His daughter-in-law Ying Yuzhen carried his grandson Shi Jun, standing by Shi Songtao’s side, the family of three all smiling as they looked over.

Little Shi Jun extended his chubby little pair of hands towards him…

The scenes within Shi Tie’s mind finally stopped here.

In the distance, at the lone peak where the ‘天’ character was, that golden hurricane led the spiritual qi agglomerated from all around to combine with the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Within the sky, countless spirit patterns lit up, the Clear Qi Grand Formation being shaken once more!

This meant that the earth and human positions had both already been established.

The three connected; the Clear Qi Grand Formation changed once more!

Shi Tie smiled slightly, slowly closing his eyes.


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