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HSSB303: You want eternal life, I grant you eternal slumber


As compared to Xin Dongping, the devilish intent in Yuan Tian’s heart was actually not strong.

However, at this moment, the threat of death pushed his desire at living to the maximum.

As a domineering Martial Saint, as long as he did not take the initiative to attack Sacred Grounds, there were few who could do anything to him.

Now, however, the very first time in his life that Yuan Tian attacked a Sacred Ground, it would very possibly become his final resting place!

At this moment, Yuan Tian clearly felt the threat of death hanging over him.

The situation forced him to make a choice.

Either he fell to the dark side and obtained a chance at life, or he died at Broad Creed Mountain!

Yuan Tian chose the former option.

Xin Dongping was in a similarly tight spot.

At this moment, Xin Dongping was exceptionally calm, even vaguely giving off the feeling of a wanderer returning to his home as he silently welcomed this moment.

Yan Zhaoge’s voice was low and heavy, “Father, eldest-apprentice-uncle has perished.”

Yan Di’s eyes emanated a cold light, the fingers of his right hand that was gripping the Heavenly Dragon Sabre clenching tightly.

Hearing his words, Yuan Tina and Xin Dongping did not rejoice, instead growing more vigilant.

Gazing at Yan Zhaoge, Xin Dongping shook his head slowly, “Saying such things no longer has any meaning, but this old man’s greatest mistake was not underestimating your father Yan Di, but not having taken care of you earlier on ah.”

Yan Zhaoge coldly met Xin Dongping’s gaze as he said in an indifferent tone, “Then from my perspective, it would be that if I could have confirmed your identity as the Abyss Lord early on, I would have long since rendered you dead.”

Xin Dongping let out a long sigh, “Words are meaningless.”

He stared at Yan Zhaoge, “I fear that I will be unable to make it today.

This old man’s injuries are too grave, and falling to the dark side can only barely heal it somewhat, not having the possibility of improving a step further.”

“This old man had always hoped to be able to make use of falling of the dark side to successfully step into the Martial Saint realm, but just missed by just that bit.

Otherwise, if I could transcend mortality and achieve Sainthood today, this old man would try to make up for his earlier mistakes.”

A bow had appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s hands, along with three jet black arrows, flickering with a faint golden light.

“Old clustered feathers, just die quietly,” Yan Zhaoge said coldly.

As he said this, Yan Zhaoge had already begun drawing the Highspeed within his hands.

With his current cultivation base, he was still unable to fully unleash the power of this mid-grade spirit artifact.

However, this was already sufficient.

Yan Zhaoge simultaneously strung two jet black arrows on the bowstring, before pulling it back, into the arc of a full moon.

The bowstring deeply sunk into his finger’s flesh and blood, the two arrowheads seemingly targeted in the direction of the empty space around Xin Dongping’s and Yuan Tian’s bodies.

In this world, archery was also an individual part of the martial dao, like lance arts, sword arts, and sabre arts.

It was just that the dao of archery was harder to cultivate in.

Wanting to have some attainments in it was for harder than for other martial daos, at the same time also requiring talent.

Yan Zhaoge’s archery skills were so-so, with him just having begun to cultivate in it recently.

However, in such a situation, it was very hard even if he wanted to miss.

The Clear Qi Grand Formation circulated, forming a powerful imprisoning force, continuing to trap Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian where they were.

Yan Di’s sabre-intent descended viciously, the two only able to barely hold on with much difficulty, no longer having the time to pay attention to other matters.

While they had fallen to the dark side, as their injuries had been too serious earlier, they were even more unable to stand against Yan Di and Yan Zhaoge now.

However, after falling to the dark side, Xin Dongping’s expression had instead calmed greatly, saying mildly as he looked at the father and son duo, “This time, it is this old man’s mistake.”

“On one hand, I didn’t get rid of you Yan Zhaoge as soon as possible.

On the other, I underestimated your father Yan Di.”

“After dying here once today, let us compare our strengths again in the future.”

Xin Dongping looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Young man, you seem very familiar with the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils as well”

“In the process of interrogating junior apprentice-brother Liu, this old man heard you say that with his cultivation base, even if he fell to the dark side, he would still be unable to gain a true devil’s body that can be reborn.”

“Still you understand this, you should also know that with this old man’s cultivation base, while not having stepped into the Martial Saint realm, there is still a chance.”

Xin Dongping swivelled his head to glance at Yuan Tian, “While the Devil Saint will definitely be able to accomplish a devil’s body that can be reborn.”

Yan Zhaoge targeted his arrows at the two, his gaze cold.

Xin Dongping sighed emotionally, “Even Martial Saints have limited longevities.

When the great limit comes, there is no one who can escape it.”

“Countless people yearn for the unattainable eternal life.

To this old man, I actually didn’t think much of this in the past.

This old man’s lifelong dream is also not like that of senior apprentice-brother Wang and junior apprentice-brother Liu.”

“Living carelessly in this world, ordinarily and commonly-there is also no meaning in that.”

Xin Dongping said, “However, I have still felt some benefits of it today.

This old man is regretful, not wanting to die so early.

If I can be reborn in the Nine Underworlds, I will come to fight with Yuan Zhengfeng, with you father and son, once more.”

Yan Zhaoge had no mind to pay attention to Xin Dongping’s swords.

Currently, other than controlling the Clear Qi Grand Formation to trap Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian where they were, his attention was completely focused on the bow and arrows within his hand.

Simultaneously pressured by Yan Zhaoge with the Clear Qi Grand Formation and Yan Di with his sabre-intent, the two could finally hold on no longer.

Xin Dongping’s body was completely crushed by the Clear Qi Grand Formation!

Yuan Tian was beheaded by a single swipe of Yan Di’s sabre!

While the two had died, countless streams of black qi circulated, dispersing within the air, not remaining in the air of the Eight Extremities World, but seemingly wanting to pass through the boundaries of space, heading for a place that could not be described, could not be spoken of.

The black qi was weak and unsubstantial, but even Yan Di’s domineering sabre-intent and Yan Zhaoge’s unleashed power of the Clear Qi Grand Formation was unable to touch it.

The two seemed to reside in different worlds.

The silhouettes of Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian surfaced within the black qi, the former calm, the letter resentful and angered.

Xin Dongping opened his mouth to speak.

While no voice left his mouth, from its movements, it could be identified that what he said was: we will meet again.

Seeing this, Yan Di knit his brows tightly, a furious expression appearing on his face.

“Xin Dongping, you’re Transcending Mortality, and Yuan Tian, you’ve entered Sainthood.

I am clear or whether having completely fallen to the dark side, you can be reborn in the Nine Underworlds.”

Yan Zhaoge finally shifted his gaze away from the bow and arrow within his hands, shifting it to Xin Dongping.

Currently, his expression was as cold and gloomy as calamitous clouds descending from the sky, but his eyes seemed to be blazing with a great fire that surged to the heavens.

“However, you are not clear on what you are facing is.”

Yan Zhaoge uttered word by word, very clearly, “Bow, named Highspeed, a mid-grade spirit artifact.

It is not important, and you don’t have to place it on your mind.”

“Arrow, named Devil Shattering.”

Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian revealed stunned looks.

Having finished his words, Yan Zhaoge released his fingers.

Golden light flickered, the black arrow suddenly disappearing without a trace!

A moment ago, on the bowstring of Highspeed.

The next moment, striking that black qi, striking the chests of Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian!

Lowering their heads, Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian looked uncomprehendingly at the small holes penetrated through on their chests.

Afterwards, the small hole expanded unceasingly in all directions, becoming a big hole.

The big hole continued expanding.

Empty space appeared where the centre of the two’s bodies were, the empty space expanding outwards unceasingly, containing completely nothing.

As the area of that empty space grew larger and larger, the bodies of the two gradually began to vanish, as though consumed from the inside by that space of emptiness.

Finally, their figures broke completely apart, dissipating to nothing.

Even the black qi that enveloped them seemed to have been cleansed.

“You!” Xin Dongping looked disbelievingly at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge met his gaze, saying in an indifferent tone, “You want eternal life”

“I grant you eternal slumber.”


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