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HSSB304: Something that attracts Martial Saints


The Decimating Abyss had been founded by Xin Dongping in recent years.

The Nine Underworld Evil Devils had been there since times long past.

Before the Great Calamity, they had already existed.

In the time of before the Great Calamity, people had already been acquainted with the Evil Devils, some becoming devils, some slaying devils.

And because of this, some techniques had been born.

Following the Great Calamity, in the current Eight Extremities World, most of them had been lost, seldom known by others.

Devil Shattering Arrows were one of these.

Devil Shattering-this meant destroying the chances of life of devils.

Devils could not be killed or extinguished, as they would be reborn in the depths of the Nine Underworlds afterwards.

The Devil Shattering Arrows were meant to forcibly stop this process, gifting the devils eternal slumber.

When late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster experts fell to the dark side, they still weren’t truly Nine Underworld Evil Devils.

Human-devils was a more appropriate term for them.

However, Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters, after dying, would have a certain chance of becoming true Nine Underworld Evil Devils, with the possibility of rebirth following death.

If Martial Saints fell to the dark side, they would definitely be reborn in the Nine Underworlds following their deaths.

In preparing the Devil Shattering Arrows, Yan Zhaoge had specifically been waiting for this moment.

Xin Dongping looked at the unceasingly expanding empty hole in his chest, looking at it gradually expand, sweeping through his entire body, consuming him from the inside.

He raised his head to look at Yan Zhaoge once more, “You!”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was cold, but his gaze was like fire, “Did you think that it was omnipotent, falling to the dark side”

Xin Dongping let out a long sigh towards the heavens, no sound leaving his mouth, but one barely able to distinguish its contents from there.

Indeed, not having dealt with you first was a greater mistake than underestimating Yan Di…

By the side, the resentful, angered expression on Yuan Tian’s face had also gradually vanished, appearing blankly at a loss.

He was not a member of the Decimating Abyss, and Xin Dongping was also unable to control him.

However, he was drawn in by the Nine Underworlds, having desires within his heart, therefore clicking with Xin Dongping.

He had originally thought that with Yuan Zhengfeng currently in secluded cultivation in an attempt to achieve his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm, also having Xin Dongping dealing with the Clear Qi Grand Formation within, his only opponent would be the Sacred Artifact, the Clear Qi Robe.

In the outside world, Jade Sea City and Turbid Wave Pavilion had to deal with the Flame Devils on the East Sea.

The Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall would most likely also make use of this chance to make a move on Broad Creed Mountain, at the same time also restricting the movements of Broad Creed Mountain’s other ally, Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Timing, geography, and personnel, they all possessed.

Even if any unforeseen circumstances cropped up, with the matter hard to accomplish, as a Martial Saint, he would at least still be able to retreat fully intact.

If he succeeded, he would receive what he wanted.

If he failed, even in the worst case scenario, there wouldn’t really be any loss for him.

These were Yuan Tian’s true thoughts.

Stemming on one hand from his consideration of the current situation, and on the other from his confidence as an expert of the Martial Saint realm.

Even when he had been unexpectedly transported by Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di from the Yan Family ancestral manor at Yunzhen County directly over to Broad Creed Mountain, trapped within the Clear Qi Grand Formation, Yuan Tian had still thought this.

However, he later discovered that he had thought wrong.

Broad Creed Mountain, was where he would be buried forever.

The last Martial Saint to have been buried here was Black Nightmare Mountain’s final Chief, and it was his, Yuan Tian’s turn today.

He did not really feel any strong regret.

As someone who had surpassed many huge winds and waves in his life, Yuan Tian possessed a firm will, not easily shaken towards decisions that he had made.

It was only that he could not help but feel somewhat at a loss.

He had still underestimated the heroes of this world.

The hole within Yuan Tian’s chest also grew larger and larger, consuming his body from the inside.

Suffering the same fate as him was Xin Dongping.

The two’s figures and the black qi that enveloped them were together cleansed between the heavens and the earth, completely dissipating into the air just like other fallen practitioners.

Holding Highspeed, Yan Zhaoge looked coldly at this scene, not speaking for a long time.

Xin Dongping, a Transcending Mortality Grandmaster, stably amongst the top three for the Martial Grandmaster experts of the current Eight Extremities World.

Yuan Tian, titled Devil Saint, one of the mere six great Martial Saints of the current Eight Extremities World.

Today, they had both perished at Broad Creed Mountain, their deaths fully brought about by Yan Zhaoge.

Garbed in the Clear Qi Robe, gripping the Heavenly Dragon Sabre, Yan Di came by Yan Zhaoge’s side, asking in a heavy tone, “What happened to eldest apprentice-brother”

Yan Zhaoge narrated the situation regarding Shi Tie’s death that he had heard from Xu Fei and Ying Longtu to Yan Di in full.

After listening to it, Yan Di was silent.

“Eldest apprentice-uncle’s body is currently within the ice coffin, placed on the Heaven Rising Peak,” Yan Zhaoge said softly.

Yan Di nodded, leaving the foreign dimension alongside Yan Zhaoge, landing on the main peak of Broad Creed Mountain, the Heaven Rising Peak.

At this moment, the great battle at Broad Creed Mountain had already gradually drawn to a close, the Decimating Abyss martial practitioners almost all having been slaughtered.

It was only that having experienced a great battle, the past clear, spiritual mountains seemed full of scars now.

Especially in the back mountain, the Converting Ridge Peak, where the Devilish Domain Grand Formation was deteriorating unceasingly, though still yet to completely vanish.

Yan Zhaoge turned to look at Yan Di, saying, “I will go to assist second apprentice-uncle in completely suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.”

Standing before the ice coffin that held Shi Tie’s dead body, Yan Di nodded slightly, not speaking.

Yan Zhaoge descended the Heaven Rising Peak, hurrying to the Converting Ridge Peak.

On the Heaven Rising Peak, Ah Hu, Xu Fei and Han Long’er no longer had to guard the coffin as they followed Yan Zhaoge down the mountain, sweeping up the few enemies who remained.

“Young Master, after you entered the foreign dimension, I attempted to communicate with the other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners on the mountain,” Ah Hu said as they walked.

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, “How is the situation on the mountain now”

Ah Hu answered, “Where Elder He is guarding the seclusion grounds of the old Chief, the situation is fine.

The area was not disturbed.”

“After having been heavily injured by Xin Dongping, Elder Zhang’s injuries are rather grave, but his life is not in any danger.”

“While the First Seat of the Heaven Sealing Gorge, Elder Gong, was also heavily injured, his situation is a bit better than Elder Zhang’s.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

Of their peak experts who were stationed at Broad Creed Mountain for the long term before this, other than the old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng and his father, Yan Di, who had just stepped into the Transcending Mortality stage, there had been three others.

They were Xin Dongping and the Grand Elders Zhang Kun and He Ning.

The traitor Xin Dongping had been slain, Elder Zhang was heavily injured, while Elder He, guarding Yuan Zhengfeng who was in secluded cultivation, was unable to leave.

Of those at the ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, being late Essence Talisman experts, there were only his eldest apprentice-uncle Shi Tie, his second apprentice-uncle Fang Zhun, the First Seat of the Heaven Sealing Gorge, Elder Gong, as well as the past Elder Wang.

Now, the traitor Elder Wang had been personally killed by his eldest apprentice-uncle Shi Tie, Shi Tie had sacrificed his life for the greater good, Elder Gong was heavily injured and Fang Zhun was suppressing the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, probably also with quite a bit of difficulty.

Under the late Essence Talisman stage, there were still many other martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain who were injured or dead.

Broad Creed Mountain had truly not tided through this massive tribulation easily.

And on the other side, the Decimating Abyss had been virtually completely wiped out, the Abyss Lord, the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Xin Dongping, the reinforcing Devil Saint Yuan Tian, an exalted Martial Saint, as well as at least four late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster experts, Sima Chui, Elder Wang and the two longtime Elders of Black Nightmare Mountain, all perishing in this place.

The other Decimating Abyss martial practitioners who had dared to invade Broad Creed Mountain were all either dead or close to the equivalent.

However, Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain could still not completely relax.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look to the south, where the Fire Domain was located.

He then looked towards the east, where the Earth Domain was located, from where the people of the Heavenly Thunder Hall had shot an Anti-Sun, interfering with the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

His gaze cold, Yan Zhaoge patted the two Shadow Shrinking Pouches within his hands.

With Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian having died as devils, while they wouldn’t leave corpses behind, their earlier possessions had still been preserved.

“Old Man Xin, let me see just what it was based on that you could attract a Martial Saint to brave danger for you.”


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