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HSSB305: Preparing a ‘gift’ for the Sacred Sun Clan


Yan Zhaoge opened the Shadow Shrinking Pouches of Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian.

As peak experts of this world, the private properties of these two bigwigs were naturally rather abundant.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes just swept past most of them.

It was not like there were no good things, rare things or precious things, but all of them could be dealt with slowly later.

What Yan Zhaoge was checking for now was mainly what could have been used for an exchange between Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian.

Most possible was a unique treasure related to the Nine Underworlds and Hell.

As a solitary practitioner and a Martial Saint, Yuan Tian had an abundant amount of resources, freely rising to the heavens and descending into the earth and unearthing many precious treasures as well as resources.

However, comparatively speaking, however abundant his material strength was, it was also unable to compare to Sacred Grounds like Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan.

Even so, Yuan Tian’s net worth was even more abundant than Xin Dongping’s.

While Xin Dongping was one of the few limited longtime Elders of Broad Creed Mountain, he was also limited in his deployment of Broad Creed Mountain’s resources.

Broad Creed Mountain did have many possessions, but they were not Xin Dongping’s private property.

Broad Creed Mountain’s substantial resources and Xin Dongping’s net worth were two different things altogether.

Of course, this had the precondition that only the resources of Broad Creed Mountain that Xin Dongping could deploy were calculated within.

Xin Dongping had another identity, the Abyss Lord.

Of the current Eight Extremities World, he was very possibly the person closest to the Nine Underworlds.

What exactly Xin Dongping had obtained from the Nine Underworlds and Hell-this was very hard to say.

If he had something that attracted the Devil Saint Yuan Tian, Yan Zhaoge believed that it originated from here.

“Heavenly Pool Transforming Jade, probably not…”

“Returning Underworlds Divine Medicine, probably not…”

“Ghost Body Condensed Paste, probably also not…”

Yan Zhaoge checked carefully, his gaze falling on something from Xin Dongping’s Shadow Shrinking Pouch after a moment, “Nine Underworlds Dark Soil…”

After pondering for a moment, Yan Zhaoge checked Yuan Tian’s Shadow Shrinking Pouch once more, this time very quickly discovering his target.

Carrying a few small black orbs the size of pearls within his palm, Yan Zhaoge appraised them for a moment, then removed one of them, infusing his aura-qi within.

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes, his mind calming, streams of qi vaguely coiling before his eyes, formless and shapeless.

Feeling them carefully, they actually seemed to carry some wonderful, profound truth of impermanence.

However, this principle seemed to have been distorted, emanating a bit of the feeling of lawlessness.

While it was distorted, it contained a unique, profound concept within.

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, staring at the small black orbs within his palm.

Or rather, it was more appropriate to call them tree seeds.

“Indeed seeds of the Impermanent Devil Tree.” Yan Zhaoge looked at that Nine Underworlds Dark Soil once more.

While it was called soil, it actually resembled a clump of clouds, vaguely emanating the aura of the Nine Underworlds, shocking one’s soul.

The Nine Underworlds Dark Soil having left the Nine Underworlds, it would undergo changes, there no longer being complete certainty of cultivating an Impermanent Devil Seed within, growing up to become an Impermanent Devil Tree.

Before the Great Calamity, the Impermanent Devil Clan had contained a unique one-of-a-kind treasure, the Impermanent Devil Pond, allowing the Nine Underworlds Dark Soil to not undergo any changes having left the Nine Underworlds, preserving its original efficacy for a long time, from this growing Impermanent Devil Trees without relying on the Nine Underworlds.


However, followed by the Great Calamity, the Impermanent Devil Pond had long since been reduced to nothing, the Impermanent Devil Tree thereon also becoming extinct in the human world.

Yan Zhaoge looked first at the Impermanent Devil Seed, then at the Nine Underworlds Dark Soil which had already mutated somewhat, concentrating as he began to ponder.

“While the Earth Domain has mutated, becoming the death ground ‘Hell’, it is, at the end of the day, not the real Nine Underworlds,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “The Nine Underworlds did not truly descend in the Eight Extremities World; that bastard Xin Dongping, where did he get the Nine Underworlds Dark Soil”

Walking towards Water Ridge Peak whilst considering, Yan Zhaoge suddenly halted his footsteps.

Following behind him, Ah Hu looked bemusedly at his young master.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered as he raised his head to look at the sky, the Clear Qi Grand Formation already having gradually concealed itself within the surrounding space once more.

Except for at the back mountain, the Water Ridge Peak, where controlled by Yan Zhaoge, the power of the formation descended in an endless stream, helping Fang Zhun to suppress the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

The black Devilish Domain Grand Formation gradually withered away.

The black devilish qi that had surged to the heavens and enveloped the entire Water Ridge Peak earlier, even expanding into the surrounding area, had now completely returned to Water Ridge Peak, the peak seeing the light of the day once more, the dense devilish qi only able to put a up a final bit of struggle around the area of the Heaven Sealing Gorge.

Yan Zhaoge raised his head to look at the empty sky, radiance flickering within his left eye.

Affected by him, countless majestic, brilliant spirit patterns appeared within the sky once more.

Yan Zhaoge’s vision moved between the Clear Qi Grand Formation overhead and the movements of the domain of devilish qi at the Water Ridge Peak before him, his gaze finally coming to land on the devilish mark on the back of his left hand.

After a while, Yan Zhaoge stopped his thoughts, continuing to stride forward in the direction of the Water Ridge Peak.

Arriving at the Heaven Sealing Gorge, entering the domain of devilish qi, arriving at its core region, he saw a tall golden tower, currently already less than five metres high.

On the top of the tower, Fang Zhun was seated in the meditative position.

His face seemed slightly pale, but his expression was calm and composed, no different from how he was usually.

Beneath the tall golden tower stood Feng Yunsheng, sabre in hand.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge appear, her face showed a relieved expression.

Yan Zhaoge nodded to her, and she nodded back in return.

“Zhaoge, since you have appeared here, that means that the situation outside has already been resolved” A hint of a smile was revealed on Fang Zhun’s clear face.

Yan Zhaoge bowed to him, “Yes, second apprentice-uncle.

Xin Dongping and the Devil Saint Yuan Tian have already been slain.”

“The Decimating Abyss martial practitioners that invaded our clan, their few late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters included, have all been killed, and we are sweeping up their remnants now.”

Now, Yan Zhaoge paused slightly before continuing, “Second apprentice-uncle…eldest apprentice uncle, fell in battle.”

Hearing his words, Fang Zhun who had always been calm and composed earlier abruptly stared, his eyes bulging.

Yan Zhaoge could swear that this was the first time ever since he had known Fang Zhun that he had seen this First Seat of Broad Creed Mountain’s Assignment Hall so out of sorts.

Fang Zhun lowered his head, and when he raised it back up once more, his face was gloomier than before, but his expression had already returned to normal, “Contact the disciples guarding the outside, keeping vigilant against the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, in case they think to make use of this chance to attack.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s what I think too.

I just happen to have an idea, wanting to discuss it with you, second-apprentice-uncle.

It involves this Devilish Domain Grand Formation.”

“Oh” Fang Zhun asked curiously, “It couldn’t be that you want to keep this formation”

By the side, Ah Hu and Feng Yunsheng also looked curiously at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said in a serious tone, “While it is keeping, it is not keeping this Devilish Domain Grand Formation, but making changes to it, causing it to serve a different effect.”

“Having hurriedly rushed over here, I did not have time to mention this to my father and the other Elders.

I hope for second apprentice-uncle to bear it for a time.

If the Sacred Sun Clan and them do not come, we can get rid of it afterwards.

If they really do come, it would also be better for our clan to have some more preparations.

After all, it is not certain when Grand Master will be able to leave seclusion ah.”

Fang Zhun met Yan Zhaoge’s gaze quietly, saying after a while, “Okay, I will maintain this current state for the time being.

Invite junior apprentice-brother Yan and the others over to have a look at your plan together.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Those were my intentions exactly.

I will be troubling second apprentice-uncle.”


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