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HSSB306: East Rising leaves seclusion, the Sacred Sun Clan advances North!


Fire Domain, Sacred Sun Clan, World Illuminating Peak.

Currently, it was in the middle of the night.

All was silent.

However, at the top of the World Illuminating Peak, a group of Sacred Sun Clan experts with their current Chief Huang Xu at their head stood silently.

The World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie stood quietly behind Huang Xu, resembling a shadow.

While he was dubbed World Illuminating, it was like he was more suited to the deep, quiet darkness of the night.

Standing there, he resembled the son of the night as he blended perfectly into the darkness.

Everyone stood there quietly, having been there for who knows how long under the night winds.

However, impatience or worry was not visible on any of their faces whatsoever.

Some of them even had excited glows within their eyes, as though eagerly awaiting something.

Suddenly, the pitch black night lit up, as though the great sun had risen from the east.

The light of dawn illuminated the great earth, bringing light to the world anew.

Currently, it had actually yet to reach the time of dawn.

But it was bright between the heavens and the earth, resembling daylight.

It was just that this sunlight had not risen from beyond the horizon, rather having risen from the World Illuminating Peak!

With Huang Xu at their head, the people waiting on the mountain peak all bowed, Huang Xu saying, “I welcome father out of seclusion.”

Behind him, Huang Jie continued, “I welcome grandfather out of seclusion.”

The others all bowed greatly as well, “We welcome Elder Huang out of seclusion; The Sun Comes East!”

On the World Illuminating Peak where it currently seemed to be sunrise, amidst the all-illuminating radiance, a figure slowly stepped out.

A total of nine great suns formed a ring, hovering behind this figure.

On the World Illuminating Peak, there wasn’t too much of a blazing hot feeling, as though the heat of the true sun had been retracted, only leaving behind an infinite world of light.

The light illuminated every single corner of the World Illuminating Peak, not even letting a single inch by, then expanding into the surroundings, night fading in the surrounding five thousand kilometres, the great earth experiencing a premature daylight.

There was no terrifying aura that was emanated, but everyone here felt as though there was a pair of eyes staring into the very depths of their minds.

Before him, even facing death, they would also dare not to resist it, only able to bear it in silence, resembling the true sun god hanging high overhead, dealing its heavenly judgements.

The sound of footsteps resounded, mild yet real.

Accompanied by these footsteps, a white-clothed old man appeared before them.

This old man was of average build, his looks resembling that of Huang Xu and Huang Jie.

On his forehead was a golden rune, resembling a blazing sun.

This old man was precisely the previous Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan, one of the current six great Martial Saints, the East Coming Martial Saint, ‘The Sun Comes East’ Huang Guanglie!

In the current Eight Extremities World, under usual circumstances, Huang Guanglie was also silently regarded as the number one expert of the current world!

Other than the Sacred Sun Clan’s Sacred Sun Saint, the Purple Sun Martial Saint Zhang Chao of the same generation as the Exalted Heaven Shaker and the Heaven Diviner that year, also Huang Xu’s Master, his whereabouts and whether he was alive or dead currently unknown.

Other than the Painting Saint Old Man Mo, who forever remained mysterious and hard to grasp despite having revealed his prowess before.

It was publicly acknowledged in the current Eight Extremities World that Huang Guanglie was superior to the other four Martial Saints, the Devil Saint Yuan Tian and the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall Shen Li included.

And this was before Huang Guanglie had entered seclusion.

With him having emerged from secluded cultivation, who knew what level he had now attained

Huang Guanglie looked at Huang Xu, “The situation after this old man entered seclusion-tell me about it.”

Huang Xu nodded, narrating matter after matter in an ordinary matter.

His narration contained matters both big and small.

Other than significant, major matters, some trivial, minor matters were also mentioned by him.

Whether it was the listener Huang Guanglie or the others around them, none of them grew impatient, all of them standing quietly there.

Huang Xu finally finished narrating Broad Creed Mountain’s current situation, ceasing to speak.

Huang Guanglie looked to the north, in the direction of the Heaven Domain, “Yuan Zhengfeng finally dared to enter seclusion in an attempt to take that step”

“Sadly, he was too slow.”

Huang Guanglie strode toward the north, “In these few years that this old man was in secluded cultivation, Broad Creed Mountain has stirred up many things.

In that case, having emerged, I’ll first go over to their place to exercise my muscles.”

At the same time, radiance surfaced before Huang Xu, a long golden ruler appearing, now exploding with light, as though forging the entire World Illuminating Peak into a world of white light.

The long golden ruler flew, landing within Huang Guanglie’s hands.

Huang Guanglie strode out, and was instantly far away.

Limitless light headed north, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

Accompanied by Huang Guanglie’s departure, it was only then that the World Illuminating Peak gradually lapsed back into night.

Huang Xu and Huang Jie both did not move, the two remaining to guard the World Illuminating Peak.

The other Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners were all extremely excited, “Did you feel it The old Chief emerged from seclusion successfully, really having improved a step further.

Now, he is truly invincible within the Eight Extremities World; Broad Creed Mountain is done for!”

“With Yuan Zhengfeng’s old injuries, forcibly attempting a breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm, he will have a great chance of dying.

Even if he does not die, it will definitely not be easy for him.”

“If Yan Di doesn’t enter the Martial Saint realm, even if he is boosted by the Clear Qi Robe and Broad Creed Mountain’s guardian formation, he will not be able to stand against the old Chief.

Let alone the fact that the old Chief even has the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler with him!”

Huang Xu and Huang Jie were both comparatively calmer, the two exchanging gazes as Huang Jie nodded, “Grandfather emerging from seclusion successfully with his cultivation base increasing further, the general trend of things has already been decided.”

“History is always so remarkably similar.

When Broad Creed Mountain’s Zhan Dongge progressed that year, he destroyed Black Nightmare Mountain after emerging from seclusion, the Eight Extremities World going from seven great Sacred Grounds to six,” Huang Xu gazed towards the north, “With father having emerged successfully from seclusion today, the six great Sacred Grounds is set to become five.”


On Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge was currently instructing Ah Hu, “Bury these things at the nine respective locations that I’ve told you of.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge handed an earthen jar over to Ah Hu.

Ah Hu lowered his head and glanced within the earthen jar, seeing that it was all bright red within, “Young Master, what in the world is this”

Raising his head to look into the dark night sky, feeling the circulation of the Clear Qi Grand Formation, Yan Zhaoge casually replied, “Nine Underworlds Dark Soil obtained from Xin Dongping.”

Ah Hu blinked, “Young Master, when you took it out, wasn’t it illusory, resembling clouds How does it seem like red soil now”

“I handled it myself,” Yan Zhaoge said as he swivelled his head to look at the Water Ridge Peak.

The black devilish qi on the Water Ridge Peak had already vanished without a trace, now only some red light vaguely visible from there.

Yan Zhaoge said to Ah Hu, “After burying the Nine Underworlds Dark Soil in the respective areas, make a trip to the Heaven Sealing Gorge, and use the method that I told you of to conceal that red light a bit.”

Ah Hu answered, “No problem.

Young Master, I’ll go now.”

Yan Zhaoge was currently not at the main peak, the Heaven Rising Peak, but at the Thunder Shocking Peak below it.

Beneath his feet, some markings had been drawn out within the soil, intersecting and intermingling, appearing completely ordinary and inconspicuous.

Yan Zhaoge looked at the devilish mark at the back of his left hand as he extended his foot and drew yet another line on the ground.

The east gradually turned white like the underbelly of a fish, dawn soon to arrive as Yan Zhaoge squinted.

But very quickly, Yan Zhaoge raised his eyebrows, looking to the south.

The horizon there had suddenly turned white, as though a great sun was slowly rising from beyond.


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