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HSSB307: Under attack!


Yan Zhaoge gazed towards the south, seeing infinite light shoot into the sky.

Originally, being at the break of dawn, the sunlight had still been very dim.

Now, however, the region around Broad Creed Mountain instantly turned from night to day.

Infinite, boundless power far surpassing that of the Devil Saint Yuan Tian swept the area as it headed north.

If against the Devil Saint Yuan Tian, one could still put up the idea of resistance, a desolate, helpless feeling was vaguely born within their hearts now.

In the air above Broad Creed Mountain, the Clear Qi Grand Formation that covered a vast area shook mightily.

The grand formation seemed to have a life of its own as having suffered a shock, the spirit patterns that had originally been concealed within the air immediately lit up, their presence revealed as they circulated with maximum power.

However, against that infinite light that unceasingly approached, the shuddering of the Clear Qi Grand Formation grew stronger and stronger.

Yan Zhaoge looked expressionlessly at this scene, sucking in a deep breath.

Not even having to guess, he also knew that of the Sacred Sun Clan, there was only one person who held such majesty.

It was the previous Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan, the East Coming Martial Saint Huang Guanglie.

He was the Sacred Sun Clan’s current number one expert.

This old man had been in seclusion for the past few years.

Having emerged now, the first thing he did was shoot straight for Broad Creed Mountain.

From the looks of it, he had clearly been successfully in his attempts, his cultivation base and strength having increased a step further.

Facing the Devil Saint Yuan Tian, with a Sacred Artifact in hand, a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster would also be able to stand against him.

With a power boost from the Clear Qi Grand Formation as well, it had even been possible to defeat him.

However, even wearing the Clear Qi Robe and bolstered by the Clear Qi Grand Formation, Yan Di might not be able to send the current Huang Guanglie into retreat.

Moreover, Yuan Tian’s weapon had been a high-grade spirit artifact.

Having come here, Huang Guanglie had very possibly brought along the Sacred Sun Clan’s Sacred Artifact, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler!

With a Sacred Artifact in hand, a Martial Saint, especially one at the level of Huang Guanglie, would possess truly shocking power.

Huang Guanglie’s speed was too fast, having come here too suddenly.

Although the movements of him leaving the World Illuminating Peak with the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler were great, it was very hard for Broad Creed Mountain to be able to receive the news in time.

The only thing that was a cause for celebration was that Broad Creed Mountain’s martial practitioners who had been guarding its outer lands had retreated to the clan beforehand, such that they were not casually swept and crushed by Huang Guanglie along the way.

With the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall pressuring the border when the Decimating Abyss erupted, Broad Creed Mountain had been able to determine that Huang Guanglie would definitely be leaving seclusion soon.

The Decimating Abyss had been using the Sacred Sun Clan to add pressure to Broad Creed Mountain; how had the Sacred Sun Clan not been using the Decimating Abyss as a blade

After havening stabilised their position, Broad Creed Mountain had begun drawing its experts back to the clan.

Yan Zhaoge looked at that white light that enveloped the heavens and the earth.

Now, Ah Hu ascended the Thunder Shocking Peak, yelling, “Young Master, that’s Huang Guanglie He indeed left seclusion over these few days ah!”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Xin Dongping timed his move according to this.

If he succeeded, the Nine Underworlds would descend.

If he failed, there would be the Sacred Sun Clan to take care of us.”

Ah Hu’s face was illuminated white by the radiance in the distance, “Young Master, do you think he’s brought the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler”

“He came over too quickly, with the clan unable to receive any information in time,” Yan Zhaoge said, “However, he most likely brought it.

If the Sacred Sun Clan has dealt with the Decimating Abyss traitor inserted amongst them, there would no longer be any considerations holding them back.”

With Flame Devils causing trouble in the East Sea, Jade Sea City and Turbid Wave Pavilion were currently dealing within them.

Infinite Boundless Mountain was being monitored by the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Although the Heavenly Thunder Hall would also make plans for their own benefit, they would probably also restrict Infinite Boundless Mountain’s movements somewhat.

The Devil Saint Old Man did not get involved with the internal conflicts of humans.

There truly were no considerations holding the Sacred Sun Clan back. 

While Huang Guanglie was currently in the most successful period of his life, having been out in the world for so long, his target also being Broad Creed Mountain whom he had long disliked, he would definitely aim for a one hit KO this time, completely eliminating Broad Creed Mountain.

He would most likely have brought along the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler.

This Sacred Artifact, in Huang Guanglie’s hands, was completely different from when in his son Huang Xu’s hands.

With Huang Xu only a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster, a completely different level of power that could not be mentioned in the same breath could be unleashed by him.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head and asked Ah Hu, “Has what I spoke of earlier been arranged”

Ah Hu hurriedly answered, “Yes, Young Master.

Elder Fang is preparing things over at the Heaven Sealing Gorge, and guarantees that no bit of its aura will be leaked out.

That Nine Underworlds Dark Soil has also been buried in those nine places as per your instructions.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s good then.”

After that, not saying any more, Yan Zhaoge lowered his head to look at the numerous markings drawn beneath his feet, gradually forming a simple, unsophisticated formation which yet also seemed to contain unique profundities.

On the Heaven Rising Peak, garbed in the Clear Qi Robe, Yan Di was seated in the meditative position, the Heavenly Dragon Sabre placed horizontally across his knees.

Elders Zhang and Gong were by his side.

While the two appeared normal, their auras were slightly sluggish, as they had yet to recover from their heavy injuries.

Pressured by that infinite light, the Clear Qi Grand Formation began to shrink unceasingly, becoming smaller and smaller, more and more condensed, till only covering a small area of land, it transformed into a massive rune which hung in the sky above the Heaven Rising Peak, ready to put up its final resistance.

Within that infinite light, a white-robed old man strode out, neither quickly nor slowly.

It was precisely Huang Guanglie.

His hands behind his back, he looked down on the Heaven Rising Peak before him.

His gaze completely ignored Elders Zhang and Gong, instead falling on Yan Di, whom he appraised for a moment before saying mildly, “What a pity for you to have entered Broad Creed Mountain.”

Yan Di answered calmly, “It’s an honour.”

“A long time ago, this old man once asked you if you were willing to join my Sacred Sun Clan instead.

You refused,” Huang Guanglie said, “This old man does not have the habit of giving second chances, but for you, this old man is willing to make an exception.”

“Here, I ask you for the second time.

Are you willing to enter my Sacred Sun Clan”

Yan Di, smiled, not answering, raising the Heavenly Dragon Sabre before his chest with his right hand before tapping gently onto its blade with his left.

Seeing this, Huang Guanglie said in an indifferent tone, “This second time was also the last.

Since you are so stubborn, then there is no need for words.”

Saying thus, Huang Guanglie’s gaze swept across Broad Creed Mountain as he asked, “I heard that his son is also rather extraordinary”

Behind him, the World Illuminating Lord appeared, replying slowly, “He cannot be viewed by normal standards, and cannot be thought of ordinarily.”

A cold snort arose, Pan Botai’s figure also appearing behind Huang Guanglie.

Huang Guanglie said, “Xu’er’s appraisal of him is also pretty high.

This really makes this old man somewhat curious.”

“Come out, let this old man have a look.”

His voice roiled across the area, resembling the waves of a sea as it shook the entire Broad Creed Mountain.

Those Broad Creed Mountain disciples whose cultivation bases were lower could only feel as though their souls were about to be jolted out of their bodies.

The faces of Elders Zhang and Gong both changed.

This posture of Huang Guanglie’s was as though he was saying that if they did not abide by his words, he would shock all those of Broad Creed Mountain to death.

Huang Guanglie’s expression was mild, “Having killed many disciples of my Sacred Sun Clan, wrecking many plans of my Sacred Sun Clan, being disrespectful towards my Sacred Sun Clan time and time again.

Come out, and let this old man see what kind of youth hero this is.”


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