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HSSB308: Broad Creed Mountain VS Sacred Sun Clan!


Huang Guanglie’s aura surged to the heavens, enveloping the entire Broad Creed Mountain.

It was no exception for Yan Zhaoge, standing on the Thunder Shocking Peak.

He raised his head, calmly gazing at Huang Guanglie above the clouds.

He could see the other party’s appearance with his eyes, but could only feel an all-encompassing world of white.

That feeling was even more uncomfortable than gazing at the sun directly.

For a moment, Yan Zhaoge felt as though he no longer existed in this world, as though he had been cleansed by that infinite radiance.

Within the air, Huang Guanglie felt Yan Zhaoge’s gaze on him, his line of vision immediately moving towards the Thunder Shocking Peak, looking at Yan Zhaoge right on top of it.

Accompanied by the focusing of Huang Guanglie’s gaze, that power which had originally enveloped Broad Creed Mountain instantly began focusing on Yan Zhaoge.

Infinite, boundless power of sunlight, condensed at a single point, passing through space, incinerating space, penetrating space!

On the Heaven Rising Peak, Yan Di stood up, brandishing the Heavenly Dragon Sabre within his hand, the sleeves of the Clear Qi Robe swaying, resembling the heavens.

His sabre-intent which could cleave the heavens and split the earth burst out, breaking through the sunlight.

Behind Yan Di, the faces of Elders Zhang and Gong were also not relaxed.

Currently, Huang Guanglie could not be considered to have truly moved.

On the Thunder Shocking Peak, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was calm as he cupped his hands towards Huang Guanglie, “Before the East Coming Martial Saint, Broad Creed Mountain disciple Yan Zhaoge gives his greetings.”

Huang Guanglie appraised Yan Zhaoge all over for a bit before saying casually, “Just based on cultivation base and strength alone, let us not speak on whether you will be able to compare to your father Yan Di in the future; but at the same cultivation level and the same age, you have stirred up even greater disturbances than Yan Di.”

“Sadly, this old man has already decided to destroy Broad Creed Mountain and kill Yan Di today.”

“You, will also not remain.”

Huang Guanglie pushed a hand forward, his palm exploding with a great burst of white light.

Of the Sacred Sun Clan’s direct lineage, the first of the Seven Great Sun Arts.

Light Illuminates All, all under the heavens white!

Executed by Huang Guanglie, the supreme martial art that had once been displayed by Pan Botai was completely different.

No longer was white light shining before everyone’s eyes, with it instead being completely pitch black.

As light shone to the maximum, it made everyone feel like they were virtually blind.

Under Huang Guanglie’s palm, it seemed like he was the only truth in this world, the only ruler, the only light, everything else extinguished within the darkness of the night.

It was currently dawn, with the true sun already beginning to rise from beyond the eastern horizon.

However, at this moment, Broad Creed Mountain seemed to have descended into night once more.

Above the Heaven Rising Peak, on the Clear Qi Grand Formation that had always guarded Broad Creed Mountain, the radiance of the rune seemed also to dim at this moment, like a candle about to go out.

At the top of the mountain, specks of light rose on Yan Di’s Clear Qi Robe, some black, some yellow, vast and vigorous.

However, under Huang Guanglie’s palm, as these specks of light lit up, they were extinguished once more.

The terrifying light surged into existence, wanting to wipe the entire Broad Creed Mountain off the face of this earth.

Yan Di’s gaze showed no ripples whatsoever as he faced the powerful Huang Guanglie without fear.

He sucked in a deep breath, raising the Heavenly Dragon Sabre within his hand, its purple light extinguished, high into the air.

As Yan Di raised his sabre, the purple radiance on its blade shone once more!

The Clear Qi Robe swayed unceasingly within the air, countless streams of clear qi emanating from it, the eight peaks of Broad Creed Mountain shaking alongside it.

Without the Devilish Domain Grand Formation enveloping Water Ridge Peak, it resonated with the other eight peaks, wreathed amidst the Clear Qi Robe’s countless streams of clear qi.

Above the Heaven Rising Peak, the massive rune formed of the condensed Clear Qi Grand Formation shrunk a step further!

From Yan Di’s Heavenly Dragon Sabre, a line of purple light connected directly to the heavens, passing through the centre of the rune formed of the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

A dragon’s roar resounded as the purple light expanded unceasingly, finally coming to resemble a heavenly pillar.

The countless streams of clear qi formed of the Clear Qi Robe wreathed the purple pillar of light, combining it with the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Yan Di exhaled with a shout, chopping downwards with his sabre!

It was like heavenly pillars collapsed, the great sky overturning, the boundless heavens transforming into a purple sabre together.

The blade of the sabre had no visible end, a rune socketed within, precisely formed of the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

As countless streams of clear qi surged, radiance that was either yellow or black circulated on the sabre’s blade.

The Clear Qi Grand Formation and the grand, majestic power of the Clear Qi Robe wholly and unreservedly bolstered Yan Di now, aiding him in striking out with this incredibly powerful sabre!

Purple light flickered, no longer allowing the white light to do as it liked.

The darkness faded, light returning to Broad Creed Mountain.

The majestic, tyrannical purple sabre-light mightily broke through that infinite white light.

Seeing this scene, the experts of the Sacred Sun Clan all had admiring looks on their faces.

However, they were not worried.

“Amongst Martial Grandmasters, you can indeed claim invincibility,” Huang Guanglie nodded, “However, that is only in the Martial Grandmaster realm.”

“The you now, is still undeveloped.”

Saying thus, Huang Guanglie extended his palm, five fingers spread wide, retracting his index finger and thumb, the remaining fingers pointing towards Broad Creed Mountain and Yan Di.

The tips of his middle finger, ring finger and little finger lit up with a golden radiance.

Although it was only faint golden light, it seemed to contain infinite, boundless destructive power.

It contained an even stronger power than Light Illuminates All previously had!

The three specks of golden light were tough to the extreme, to the point of being indestructible.

Yan Di’s sabre-light was instantly shaken!

Pan Botai laughed coldly, “You have the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre, our Sacred Sun Clan has the Extreme Yang Fist’s, Three Suns opening the Way!”

Huang Guanglie executed a most supreme martial art of the Sacred Sun Clan, the killing move Three Suns opening the Way of the Extreme Yang Fist, the incomparably fierce and tough power striking mightily towards Broad Creed Mountain and Yan Di.

Three specks of golden light pierced through the heavens and the earth!

Yan Di let out a long breath, a massive heaven-splitting sabre cleaving outwards to meet those three specks of golden light.

A mighty boom resounded, the purple sabre-light shaking unceasingly.

In the midst of contending with the purple sabre-light, the three specks of golden light merged, their power rising by yet another level!

Yan Di’s expression was calm as he held his sabre before his chest, finally assuming a defensive stance.

The purple sabre-light resembled the horizon as it split the heavens and the earth into two different worlds, on one side Broad Creed Mountain, on the other that terrifying golden light.

The purple light and the golden light fell into a stalemate.

Bolstered by the Clear Qi Robe and the Clear Qi Grand Formation, Yan Di resembled a pillar that supported the very heavens, standing tall between the heavens and the earth, not allowing Huang Guanglie to pass through that boundary by a single step!

In the current Eight Extremities World, Huang Guanglie could virtually already be considered the number one expert.

Yan Di was able to utilise the Clear Qi Robe and the Clear Qi Grand Formation and block him successfully.

Even whilst guarding Broad Creed Mountain, not letting the shockwaves of the clash between the two powerful forces harm the others of Broad Creed Mountain.

If not for fear of the safety of his fellow disciples, Yan Di would even be able to counterattack, not having to maintain a defensive stance.

A Yan Di on the offence was the most powerful Yan Di.

However, no one forgot that the current Huang Guanglie held no weapon.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Sacred Artifact, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, had still not appeared.

On the Thunder Shocking Peak, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu watched this scene, the latter swallowing his saliva, “After successfully advancing a step further, Huang Guanglie really is scary.

No wonder the old Chief wanted to enter secluded cultivation to attempt his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm no matter what.”

Within the sky, Huang Guanglie turned, saying to the World Illuminating Lord, Pan Botai and the others, “Yan Di is a rare talent.

This is the final battle of his life; this old man will give him a chance to perform.”

“As for Broad Creed Mountain, I’ll leave it to you.”

The World Illuminating Lord and the others all nodded in unison.

Then, a great blazing sun rose within the air, before speedily smashing down towards Broad Creed Mountain!


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