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HSSB309: Yuan Zhengfeng emerges from seclusion!


Pan Botai, the World Illuminating Lord and the rest of the Sacred Sun Clans’ aggressors descended towards Broad Creed Mountain together.

Elder Zhang, Elder Gong and the others all looked at them with grave expressions on their faces.

Pan Botai’s gaze fell directly on Yan Zhaoge, on the Thunder Shocking Peak, “Child of the Yan Family, you killed this old man’s grandson.

Today, you will pay with your life!”

The World Illuminating Lord appraised the eight peaks of Broad Creed Mountain.

Broad Creed Mountain had engaged in a huge battle with the Decimating Abyss earlier.

The debris and damage created during that battle had already mostly been removed.

However, that Fire Leaving Peak whose top had been cleaved, rendere no longer flat but pointed, still displayed to the world how great of a tribulation Broad Creed Mountain had just gone through earlier.

And now, an even greater tribulation arrived directly after, giving those of Broad Creed Mountain no time to catch their breaths.

The World Illuminating Lord said mildly, “While being one of the Eight Extremities World’s six great Sacred Grounds, Broad Creed Mountain is a land which conceals great filth and pollution.

It colluded with the Nine Underworlds in the dark and formed the Decimating Abyss, conspiring to induce the descent of the Nine Underworlds in our Eight Extremities World, leading to a chaotic descent of the Evil Devils and the sacrifice of countless innocent lives.”

“Your Broad Creed Mountain brings calamity upon the world, and is the enemy of all.”

The faces of Elder Zhang and the other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners all changed upon hearing this, as the became greatly enraged.

A woman’s voice resounded, “The Sacred Sun Clan is indeed still this shameless.”

The speaker was Fu Enshu, her brows raised, “Fighting the Flame Devils, your Sacred Sun Clan sent manpower but didn’t put in work, intentionally preserving your strength.

Today, my clan has continuously prevented the Nine Underworlds from descending and even engaged in a bloodied battle with the Decimating Abyss, destroying them for good, but you come after for the easy pickings.”

“The outside world has never seen the flair of your self-proclaimed number one Sacred Ground, they’ve only see you happily coming to show off your power in internal conflicts between Sacred Grounds of our own human race.”

Fu Enshu roared angrily, “Still daring to malign our clan today-you truly have no shame!”

The World Illuminating Lord said in an indifferent tone, “Isn’t my Sacred Ground now coming to dispose of the Eight Extremities World’s traitor, returning clear heavens and earth to the human realm as we put a stop to the possibility of the Nine Underworlds descending”

He appraised Broad Creed Mountain, “At this moment, you are currently planning for the descent of the Nine Underworlds, and my Sacred Sun Clan has come here specially to stop this.

That’s just how it is.”

The World Illuminating Lord shook his head, “I truly had not thought earlier that an exalted Sacred Ground, Broad Creed Mountain, would actually willingly become the dogs of the Nine Underworlds.”

Elder Zhang had on an ugly expression while Elder Gong, who possessed a great temper, raged, “Within the human race, your Sacred Sun Clan’s actions are all internal, not external.

As this old man sees it, you are the ones most likely colluding with the Flame Devils and the Nine Underworlds!”

The World Illuminating Lord said coldly, “The source of the Decimating Abyss and its creator, the Abyss Lord, was the number two figure of your Broad Creed Mountain only below Yuan Zhengfeng, Xin Dongping.

This matter has currently already spread across the entire world, and is not something that you can deceive your way out of with a few simple words.”

Elder Zhang said in a heavy tone, “Our clan has already dealt with Xin Dongping, and has slain the Devil Saint Yuan Tian alongside him.

The Decimating Abyss attacked our clan and was destroyed by us-this is not something you can deny.”

A voice resounded in the distance, “It is but your mere tactic of sacrificing your rook to secure your general, purposefully numbing the minds of the people of this world in the process.”

Accompanied by his words, a few figures surfaced within the air.

The leading duo consisted of a middle-aged man and a white-haired old man.

The middle-aged man carried a bow within his hands that flickered with purple light.

It was precisely the First Seat Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Lin Tianfeng.

The old man beside him had a higher cultivation base, and was a Grand Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, a peak Martial Grandmaster who had been in the Transcending Mortality stage for many years.

He had always been residing within the Heavenly Thunder Hall, and hadn’t come out for many years till today.

Behind the two were many experts of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Their arrival gave those of Broad Creed Mountain the suffocating feeling of black clouds weighing down upon the city, threatening to destroy it.

The one who had just spoken was precisely Lin Tianfeng, who continued to speak as he stood within the air, “If I believe you and retreat today, numbed and complacent, tomorrow would be the day that the Nine Underworlds descend in the Eight Extremities World.”

Pan Botai said coldly from the side, “Why are we wasting time talking so much with them”

“Whatever the reason, Broad Creed Mountain is destined to fall today!”

Pan Botai gazed coldly at those of Broad Creed Mountain and at Yan Zhaoge, “In the Eastern Tang that day, you joined forces with Jade Sea City to pressure my Sacred Sun Clan into retreat.

Today, the wheels of fate have changed.

The humiliation that we received back then-my Sacred Sun Clan will return all of it to you.”

“From this day forth, the Sacred Grounds of the Eight Extremities World shall no longer have a Broad Creed Mountain!”

Facing powerful foes, while everyone of Broad Creed Mountain faced immense pressure, all of them, from Elder Zhang, Elder Gong, Fu Enshu and the other bigwigs at the top to the other martial practitioners of the clan at the bottom, awaited the danger regimentally and unfalteringly.

On Thunder Shocking Peak, his hands crossed across his chest, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze moved between the group containing Pan Botai, the World Illuminating Lord and Lin Tianfeng and Huang Guanglie, hovering high within the air.

Faced with the life-threatening threat of a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster like Pan Botai, Yan Zhaoge showed completely no fear.

Now, he was only very diligently analysing the situation.

In the situation here, he had to properly choose a target for his arrangements.

Or one could also say, a punching bag.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look in the direction of Converting Lake Peak of the back mountains, thinking, “I don’t know if Grand Master will be able to make it in time.

According to his prior predictions, it should be within these two days…”

While their thoughts might not be in line with those of Yan Zhaoge’s, with powerful enemies pressuring the border at this moment, some other martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain also unconsciously looked towards Converting Lake Peak of the back mountains.

There, an old man who had protected Broad Creed Mountain all these years was in the midst of risking it all for Broad Creed Mountain.

But very quickly, the faces of these Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners all dimmed.

First, that that old man was risking his very life, and would perish if unsuccessful.

Even if he was successful, it would also not be within such a short period of time.

Huang Guanglie’s voice resounded within the air, “Yan Di, I’ll clearly tell you that I brought the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler along with me.”

“The reason I am not using it is because you are a rare talent.

In the final battle of your life, this old man will let your flair shine before the people of this world.”

“But if your hopes are placed on Yuan Zhengfeng, you should just forget about him now.

Yuan Zhengfeng-he is slower that this old man by more than  just a step.”

“With his old injuries, even if he can successfully step into the Martial Saint realm, it will also require a year’s time at the very least.

This old man knows that he has been in seclusion but for a few months.”

“Do you think that this old man will need more than half a year to break your Broad Creed Mountain First see if you can block this old man for ten minutes.”

Huang Guanglie’s voice resounded between the heavens and earth, reverberating throughout the entire Central Heaven Region, “Furthermore, this old man was successful in his seclusion this time.

With the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler in my hands, even if Yuan Zhengfeng does becomes a Martial Saint, this old man will still trample this Broad Creed Mountain today!”

Just at this time, Broad Creed Mountain’s back mountain suddenly shook intensely, a majestic, boundless will that seemed equal to the very heavens emanating from within!

“Unreasonable Old Huang, the wind is big.

Be careful of twisting your tongue.”

A massive pillar of light arose from Converting Lake Peak, shooting straight up to the heavens, an indistinct figure visible within.

Below Converting Lake Peak, not having the time to be joyful, Elder He who had always been guarding over the area changed the stance of her hands.

 a rune rose from her palms, landing on the back of that person within the pillar of light.

That person raised his palm towards the sky, as the rune formed of the Clear Qi Grand Formation on Yan Di’s sabre-light instantly flew out, landing on that person’s palm.

Having lost the assistance of the Clear Qi Grand Formation in resisting it, Huang Guanglie’s terrifying power instantly pressured outwards, seemingly able to topple mountains and overturn seas.

However, taking a single stride forward, that figure in the air above Converting Lake Peak had already arrived before Yan Di.

He raised his hand and struck out with a single palm!

With a violent clash of forces, the massive heaven-covering hand directly shattered the golden light condensed of Huang Guanglie’s Three Suns Opening the Way!

Huang Guanglie’s roar resounded between the heavens and the earth, “YUAN! ZHENG! FENG!”


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