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HSSB310: Pay with their lives!


A figure appeared before Yan Di.

He was not big, being an old man of average build.

However, standing there, this old man’s body seemed to equal the very heavens.

It was precisely Broad Creed Mountain’s old Chief, Yuan Zhengfeng!

From within the air, Huang Guanglie looked down upon Yuan Zhengfeng, “You actually emerged from seclusion so quickly, even successfully Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood”

“Before entering seclusion, you had already recovered from your old injuries” Huang Guanglie understood very quickly, “But how did you do it If you had long recovered from your injuries, why didn’t you enter seclusion earlier; could it be that you were waiting to pull something on me”

Yuan Zhengfeng laughed, “It’s not as nonsensical as that; it’s just that you are unlucky, and I am lucky.”

Seeing the old Chief conversing casually atop the Heaven Rising Peak, the martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain all cheered in joy.

Meanwhile, the martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall with the World Illuminating Lord, Pan Botai and Lin Tianfeng at their head no longer had on such relaxed expressions.

Not only had Yuan Zhengfeng successfully stepped into the Martial Saint realm, he had also emerged much, much earlier than all of them had predicted.

This truly left them not knowing how to cope with this sudden situation.

After all, this was Broad Creed Mountain, where Yuan Zhengfeng held the home advantage, boosted by the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Even while Huang Guanglie had successfully advanced within the Martial Saint realm, whether or not he would be able to defeat Yuan Zhengfeng here at Broad Creed Mountain was still an unknown.

Looking at Yuan Zhengfeng, Huang Guanglie said slowly, “Even if you have Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, even if you have emerged from seclusion, so what”

“To this old man, there is not much of a difference!”

Saying thus, Huang Guanglie raised his hands upwards before pushing horizontally forward with his palms.

Majestic golden light agglomerated by his hands, all other light between the heavens and the earth dimming, as though all congregated there.

The golden light shone, resembling the true sun up within the sky, descended to only tens of kilometres above the ground, its infinite, boundless heat as well as destructive explosive force all concentrated at that area.

Extreme Yang Fist, the Sun Comes East!

The name of the East Rising Martial Saint Huang Guanglie, stemmed precisely from this move!

The violent force with the momentum of destroying all old plants and trees turned the entire heavens and earth surrounding Broad Creed Mountain completely into a furnace, a world that shone with golden light.

But within this world, a massive palm suddenly extended, as though merging the surrounding heavens and earth into itself.

Yuan Zhengfeng looked at Huang Guanglie, “Unreasonable Old Huang, it’s my fault for having stopped at the Martial Grandmaster realm for so long, such that you have forgotten that at the same cultivation level, it was always I who was the victor between us.”

The massive palm overturned, the heavens rotating and the earth spinning, that great, brilliant sun actually seemingly caught within Yuan Zhengfeng’s hand.

“A good warrior does not mention his past bravery.

Now, you are still a step ahead of me; I also admit that the current you is still superior to me in terms of cultivation base.”

“However, both being Martial Saints, the current gap between us is already much smaller than our gap of between the Martial Grandmaster and Martial Saint realms previously.”

Yuan Zhengfeng’s mighty Heavenly Broad Creed Palm directly extinguished the great, terrifying sun!


“And now, the place where we are clashing is my Broad Creed Mountain ah.”

Under normal circumstances, wanting to trample over the headquarters of another, for the top expert of the two opposing forces, the attacker’s cultivation base should at the very least be a level higher than that of the defender.

This was under the precondition of the two sides being evenly matched at the same cultivation level.

The great golden sun was extinguished, flowing fire dispersing within the entire sky, descending in the form of a dense rain of golden fire.

The light of the fire was bright.

Yet illuminating the dimmed faces of the World Illuminating Lord and the others.

In the distance, two extremely powerful auras rapidly approached.

One was fierce and violent, the other heavy and vigorous.

The two clashed as they progressed, hurrying over in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain.

The gazes of Yuan Zhengfeng and Huang Guanglie did not shift.

They both knew full well who the newcomers were.

One of them was one of the peak experts of the current Eight Extremities World, the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Green Lightning Martial Saint ‘Shocking Thunder All Round’ Shen Li.

The other powerful aura was that of one of the few Sacred Artifacts of the current Eight Extremities World, the Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Sacred Artifact, the Heaven Cleaving Axe.

As they neared Broad Creed Mountain, these two powerful auras gradually slowed, continuing to clash, yet approaching Broad Creed Mountain no more.

Huang Guanglie ignored them, opening his palm as a long golden ruler now appeared within.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Sacred Artifact, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler!

With his Sacred Artifact in hand, Huang Guanglie’s aura skyrocketed, following which he struck down towards Broad Creed Mountain and Yuan Zhengfeng with that Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler.

Like the great sun sliding through the air, measuring the length of the horizon, with a grand, majestic force that could not be stopped.

In a Martial Saint’s hands, the terrifying power unleashed through the Sacred Artifact far exceeded what a Martial Grandmaster like Huang Xu had been able to achieve.

But on Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Di had already disrobed, taking off the Clear Qi Robe.

Yuan Zhengfeng spread out his arms to the sides, the Clear Qi Robe coming and boosting his strength, his majestic force rising once more, comparable to the very heavens.

He mightily struck out with a Heavenly Broad Creed Palm once more, meeting Huang Guanglie and the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler head-on!

As the violent forces collided, the very heavens and earth seemed to shake slightly.

Cracks even vaguely appeared within the air, spatial tears appearing.

On Broad Creed Mountain, having taken off the Clear Qi Robe, Yan Di did not stand by and do nothing as he brandished his Heavenly Dragon Sabre, its blade pointed straight towards Pan Botai, the World Illuminating Lord and the others.

A dragon’s roar resounded, a shocking sabre-intent soaring into the heavens.

While Elder Zhang and Elder Gong had suffered heavy injuries, Elder He could finally leave Converting Lake Peak, no longer having to stand guard over the area.

Spreading out her palms, she also launched an assault on their invading enemies.

The momentum of Yan Di’s sabre resembled the very heavens, all under the heavens having to submit to it as its terrifying force enveloped the World Illuminating Lord, Pan Botai, Lin Tianfeng and that Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Hall!

And what left those four shocked was that despite their superior number, they actually had the feeling of being unable to withstand it!

The four fell back in retreat, Yan Di staring at Pan Botai as he said coldly, “Just now, who did you say would pay with their life”

Pan Botai roared furiously, raising his high-grade spirit artifact sabre, chopping towards Yan Di with the West Tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade.

Under Yan Di’s single sabre strike, Pan Botai’s weapon left his hands, his martial avatar that he had accomplished after stepping into the Transcending Mortality stage, the West Tilting Heaven Incinerating Avatar, directly chopped into two by Yan Di!

Pan Botai was both shocked and enraged, but he saw Yan Di keep his own weapon, “If not for you interfering with our Clear Qi Grand Formation, our clan would not have needed to give so much to suppress the Decimating Abyss.

My eldest apprentice-brother would not have had to sacrifice himself, and my Broad Creed Mountain would not have as many casualties as it has now.”

Cold light shone within Yan Di’s tiger-like eyes as he clenched his fist, his fist bright as Vajra!

The first of the Eight Extreme Arts, the martial art which the Iron Lion King Shi Tie had been proficient in, the Vajra Body!

Yan Di punched out mightily!

Pan Botai was like a kite whose string had broken as he was sent flying into the distance!

Seeing this, the faces of the World Illuminating Lord, Lin Tianfeng and the others changed as they all began to retreat.

While Huang Guanglie and the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler were powerful, here at Broad Creed Mountain’s doorstep, they were unable to deal with Yuan Zhengfeng, bolstered by the Clear Qi Grand Formation as well as the Clear Qi Robe.

At this moment, destroying Broad Creed Mountain was already no longer possible.

The World Illuminating Lord, Lin Tianfeng and the others all thought viciously, “I’ll see how you can remain hiding within Broad Creed Mountain for the rest of your lives!”

Now, on the Thunder Shocking Peak, gradually forgotten and overlooked by those bigwigs, Yan Zhaoge gazed straight at that group of people within the air, “With Grand Master not exiting seclusion, I would still have to consider between dealing with Huang Guanglie and leaving the rest of you behind, which had the greater chance of success.”

“Now, I feel that there is no need to choose.

I can try for both of them at the same time.”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was cold as he stomped his foot.

The Thunder Shocking Peak suddenly glowed with the light of spirit patterns!


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