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HSSB311: Yan Zhaoge’s killing formation!


On the Thunder Shocking Peak, numerous lines of spirit patterns intermingled, appearing unobtrusive like scribbles drawn onto the ground by children with wooden poles.

However, accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s stomp, the ordinary-looking patterns which had not seemed to have anything special about them at all earlier now suddenly lit up with a blurry light.

Yan Zhaoge inhaled and exhaled slowly, before raising his palm.

He knelt down on the ground on one knee, then slammed down with his palm into the centre of the spirit patterns on the Thunder Shocking Peak.

The formation, flickering with radiance, began circulating rapidly.

Between the numerous peaks of Broad Creed Mountain, numerous streams of strange qi suddenly shot up into the air.

There were nine streams of qi in total, each flickering with crimson light, strange and unpredictable.

Currently clashing with Huang Guanglie, Yuan Zhengfeng’s gaze flickered as runes of the Clear Qi Grand Formation surfaced within both his pupils.

Then, the rune within his left pupil gradually dissipated.

On his back was also a rune that flickered with radiance, precisely having been left on him by Elder He when he had emerged from seclusion earlier.

At the same time that she had left behind the rune, Elder He had also sent a sound transmission to inform Yuan Zhengfeng on the situation as the greatest possible speed.

At this moment, Yuan Zhengfeng was not surprised in the least as he wielded the power of the Clear Qi Robe, standing against Huang Guanglie.

Huang Guanglie only felt that the pressure Yuan Zhengfeng was exerting on him had suddenly lessened.

The experienced East Coming Martial Saint did not rejoice because of this.

He knew full well whether Yuan Zhengfeng was at the end of his tether.

Like him, Yuan Zhengfeng had emerged successfully from seclusion in peak condition, with no problems at all.

With Yuan Zhengfeng’s strength decreasing, it was only because the power of the Clear Qi Grand Formation was no longer completely bolstering him.

Then, where was the remaining power of the Clear Qi Grand Formation

On the Thunder Shocking Peak, white light suddenly flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s left pupil, three specks of golden light momentarily flashing within before the next moment, the rune of the Clear Qi Grand Formation appeared within his left pupil.

His right palm pressed down on the mountain peak, Yan Zhaoge extended his left hand towards the sky.

Accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s movement, spirit patterns of the Clear Qi Grand Formation surfaced within the sky, combining with the numerous streams of strange red qi that shot up into the air above Broad Creed Mountain.

Having originally flickered with white light, the spirit patterns of the Clear Qi Grand Formation were gradually dyed a strange red at this moment.

At the same time, below Water Ridge Peak of the back mountains, within the Heaven Sealing Gorge.

There stood a tall tower.

The form of the tall tower was exactly the same as that tall golden tower at the core of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation to induce the descent of the Nine Underworlds earlier.

It was just that this tall tower was not golden in colour, also not entangled by spirit patterns in the form of chains, a red door of light also not present on the top of the tower.

The entire tall tower completely emanated a dark red glow.

It was just that following Yan Zhaoge’s special handling, this glow did not emanate to the outside, being concealed within the darkness of the Heaven Sealing Gorge.

This dark red tower was like the spirit patterns that Yan Zhaoge had established on the Thunder Shocking Peak earlier, no force or aura emanating from within.

A figure sat on the peak of the tall tower, precisely Fang Zhun.

He had always been waiting in silence, not making a move.

Even in the most critical moment when the enemy had been attacking the Mountain, he had still not moved at all.

Now, feeling the changes in Broad Creed Mountain and the Clear Qi Grand Formation, Fang Zhun’s eyes shone with a brilliant light.

He only performed a simple action, which was getting up and leaving that dark red tower.

Accompanied by Fang Zhun’s departure, the dark red tower which had been completely inconspicuous and silent earlier instantly lit up.

The nine strange streams of dark red qi rose into the heavens where they combined with the spirit patterns of the Clear Qi Grand Formation whilst also entering underground as they all converged within the Heaven Sealing Gorge.

Nine thick chains shot out from thin air, all with a dark red lustre as they entangled the tall tower.

The tall red tower shook, not increasing in size, instead beginning to shrink slowly.

On the Thunder Shocking Peak, watching over the entire situation, Yan Zhaoge raised his head and gazed into the sky.

There, the spirit patterns of the Clear Qi Grand Formation had already completely turned dark red.

Yan Zhaoge clenched his left hand into a fist, punching forward.

On the back of his left hand, a sigil suddenly lit up, that devilish mark which had come from sealing the Great Nine Underworlds Door in the Sand Region.

The spirit patterns of the Clear Qi Grand Formation shook mightily within the sky before descending in the form of a pillar of light, enveloping Yan Zhaoge.

With Yan Zhaoge as their centre, countless spirit patterns expanded outwards towards the surroundings, one rune after another assembling.

Another miniaturised version of the Clear Qi Grand Formation appeared on the Thunder Shocking Peak.

Two formations, one big, one small, formed two massive rings, encircling the mountain peak.

The two rings of light, one on the inside, one on the outside, one clockwise, one counterclockwise, began to circulate simultaneously.

The outside world, the numerous mountains-they all began to shudder together at this moment.

The tall red tower within the Heaven Sealing Gorge shrunk rapidly, while the Clear Qi Grand Formation within the sky circulated to the maximum at this moment.

As the tall red tower completely vanished, at the centre of the dark red Clear Qi Grand Formation, a tiny black dot shockingly appeared.

This black dot expanded unceasingly, finally transforming into an existence like a black hole!

It seemed to lead to an infinitely unknown land, but a shocking aura emanated from within.

In the surroundings of Broad Creed Mountain, the World Illuminating Lord, Lin Tianfeng and the others all looked shockedly at this scene.

They intuitively realised that something was wrong, wanting to retreat, but it was already too late.

The dark red Clear Qi Grand Formation collapsed mightily, transforming into all-encompassing strange red light, enveloping the invading enemies on Broad Creed Mountain.

One after another, beginning from the World Illuminating Lord and Lin Tianfeng, all the martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall who had come here were enveloped by the red light, after which their bodies flew involuntarily towards that black hole!

The World Illuminating Lord roared urgently, limitless radiance on his palm, his heavenly altar rising, eight great suns appearing, executing the supreme martial art Light Illuminates All.

Lin Tianfeng roared furiously, the light of thunder shining on his entire body, his heavenly altar of purplish-green lightning condensing as he executed the supreme martial art of the Heavenly Thunder Hall the Nine Rotating Thunder King’s Sabre, thunderbolts rampaging about the entire sky.

Having been heavily injured by Yan Di, Pan Botai struggled to unleash his power at this moment, wanting to withstand the pull of the strange formation before him.

That Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Hall who had been clashing with Elder He also summoned his full force, his martial avatar arising, shaking the heavens and the earth.

Within the red light, Yan Di, Elder He and the other experts of Broad Creed Mountain were yet not affected in the least, now also launching their attacks, slaying and injuring their enemies one after another.

Having originally already been trying to withstand the red light with their full strength, now being attacked once more, the World Illuminating Lord, Lin Tianfeng and the others were instantly rid of the ability to resist as they were dragged towards the black hole at lightning speed.

Feeling that terrifying aura, everyone let out shocked cries, “…Nine Underworlds!”

That red light also shot towards Huang Guanglie within the air!

Huang Guanglie let out a cold snort, wanting to beat the red light into retreat, but Yuan Zhengfeng struck out with a palm, distracting Huang Guanglie, who was instantly also drawn by the pull of the red light!

He wanted to break free of it, but was pressured by Yuan Zhengfeng, attacking with the momentum of toppling mountains and overturning seas from the side, rendering him completely unable to properly focus on dealing with the mutated Clear Qi Grand Formation as unleashed by Yan Zhaoge.

Even as an exalted Martial Saint, with a Sacred Artifact in hand, Huang Guanglie could only helplessly be sucked over by the suction force now.

In a moment, he was right before the black hole!

Flames of fury that soared to the heavens flickered within Huang Guanglie’s eyes.

Feeling the terrifying aura of that black hole, he clenched his teeth, glancing at the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler within his hands.

With an enraged roar that shook the heavens, Huang Guanglie dropped his Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler!

Violent golden light flickered as both the red light enveloping Huang Guanglie and the attacking Yuan Zhengfeng were jolted into retreat.

Transforming into a streak of golden light, Huang Guanglie escaped far away in an instant.

His eyes were bloodshot as looking back, he saw the Sacred Sun Clan’s ancestral treasure, one of the few Sacred Artifacts of the Eight Extremities World, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, shudder as it was sucked into that black hole, sent towards the Nine Underworlds of legend!

In the sky above Broad Creed Mountain, the dark red grand formation circulated, seemingly having transformed into a bloodied field of slaughter at this moment.

The black hole within the sky was like a meat grinder, like a millstone, like a heaven-swallowing massive beast opening its jaws.

The World Illuminating Lord, Pan Botai, Lin Tianfeng…

One after another, the invading martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall were all buried here!


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