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HSSB312: I’ll make you bleed


Not only did that violent black hole within the sky lead to the terrifying Nine Underworlds, the distorted space also contained immense destructive power.

Many of the martial practitioners who were swept within had their bodies forcibly ripped apart as they approached!

Already heavily injured, the Grand Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan, Pan Botai, let out an enraged howl that shocked the heavens, “Yan Zhaoge! Yan Di!”

Amidst his enraged howl, half of his body was swallowed by the black hole, the space folding and distorting.

Heavily injured, Pan Botai lacked the strength to resist, his body directly ripped apart at the waist by the terrifying spatial force!

The Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Pan Botai, of the same generation as Huang Guanglie and Yuan Zhengfeng, having stood domineeringly within this world for many long years, was directly killed!

The current World Illuminating Lord, the head of this generation of Seven Reigning Suns, as well as the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Lin Tianfeng as and the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall were swept within the black hole together.

The terrifying dark red grand formation within the sky and that black hole attracted and intimidated one’s very soul at this moment as a great slaughter was enacted, sending all the enemies who had invaded Broad Creed Mountain to their graves.

Within the black hole, golden light rose and sunk, struggling unceasingly.

It was precisely the Sacred Artifact, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler.

Having lost its master, while it was powerful, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler was gradually swept away by the black hole, completely vanishing without a trace!

Having escaped from the grand formation of dark red light and flown far away, gazing back, Huang Guanglie now saw his Sacred Artifact finally being consumed by the black hole.

At this moment, heat rushed to the head of the East Rising Martial Saint as he almost felt like spitting out blood.

The Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, the Sacred Sun Clan’s trademark treasure, passed down generation upon generation, had been greatly relied upon by them to stand tall within this world.

When the clan had not had a Martial Saint, or when Huang Guanglie himself had been in secluded cultivation, it had been the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler supporting the Sacred Sun Clan, allowing them to maintain their authority and power, contesting with the other Sacred Grounds.

Even if the clan reached a period of weakness, it still had sufficient background to deter others from attacking them lightly.

Like Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Robe and Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Heaven Cleaving Axe.

And in recent years, the reason the Sacred Sun Clan had been able to stably sit the position of the number one Sacred Ground was because Huang Guanglie, as a Martial Saint, existed alongside the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, the sole incidence of such in the Eight Extremities World, presiding over all the other Sacred Grounds.

Huang Guanglie had been in painstaking secluded cultivation for many years, even having forcibly tolerated it and not left seclusion when Broad Creed Mountain had counterattacked into the Fire Domain during the war of the Eastern Tang.

Having successfully left seclusion now, his cultivation having improved a step further, his momentum was truly shocking, the entire Eight Extremities World having to pay attention to it.

Even their ally, the Heavenly Thunder Hall, was beginning to feel uneasy.

The reason Huang Guanglie had not used the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler at the start was on one hand that he had wrongly predicted when Yuan Zhengfeng might emerge from seclusion, also having full confidence in himself.

On the other hand, it was to intimidate the Heavenly Thunder Hall and Infinite Boundless Mountain.

In advancing north into the Heaven Domain with the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler this time, Huang Guanglie had truly been like the great sun moving within the sky, his momentum like that of a ferocious tiger leaving the mountains as it engulfed everything for a great distance all round, seemingly wanting to sweep through everything under the heavens.

Originally already the number one Sacred Ground of the Eight Extremities World, the Sacred Sun Clan had skyrocketed in both strength and momentum.

His first target was also Broad Creed Mountain, just having suffered a great tribulation with its Chief currently in death seclusion.

With the battle yet to begin, it seemed as though things had already been decided.

Even when Yuan Zhengfeng had emerged successfully after, even displaying shocking power, Huang Guanglie had still been filled with confidence.

At most, he had just been somewhat regretful that his advantage was no longer as obvious.

But even if he was unable to take down Broad Creed Mountain, him and his underlings of the Sacred Sun Clan here could still retreat fully intact, performing suppression at the outskirts as they forced Yuan Zhengfeng to fear leaving Broad Creed Mountain, fear leaving the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Like this, other than the Central Heaven Region, the Sacred Sun Clan would be able to absorb the other four regions of the Heaven Domain as well as their territory within the Wind Domain.

But never would Huang Guanglie had thought that a killing formation would appear within the sky.

If not for him having reacted in time, a valiant warrior decisively hacking off his arm, even he himself would have been sucked in by that black hole.

Now, he himself had managed to escape, but the other experts of the Sacred Sun Clan who had invaded Broad Creed Mountain alongside him had all died in the process.

He had even lost the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler!

At this moment, Huang Guanglie even felt like he didn’t know how he was supposed to account for this to his past ancestors of the Sacred Sun Clan.

From a certain perspective, Huang Guanglie and Yuan Tian who had come to trample over Broad Creed Mountain earlier had made the same mistake, therefore having been defeated here.

The two Martial Saints, as most elite existences within the Eight Extremities World, were old and experienced, knowing to think of a backup plan in case anything went wrong.

However, what they had experienced had surpassed their imaginations by far too much, being very hard to predict beforehand.

Therefore, the two had both met tragedy.

While Huang Guanglie had dropped the Great Sun Measuring Ruler, barely managing to escape, Yuan Zhengfeng did not have any intentions of letting him off.

He struck out mightily with the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm.

Not yet having stabilised himself, Huang Guanglie could only withstand it with great difficulty.

But after Yuan Zhengfeng’s palm strike, he immediately followed up with a sabre!

After the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm closely followed the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre.

Huang Guanglie roared furiously, falling back in disgraceful retreat, escaping far away, no longer lingering.

Having emerged successfully from seclusion, wanting to sweep over the entire world, the East Rising Martial Saint was made to bleed heavily at the foot of Broad Creed Mountain in his very first battle.

Yuan Zhengfeng did not hurry to chase, striding between the heavens and the earth as he gazed in another direction, “The two of you, what do you say”

There existed two extremely powerful auras, originally having been clashing, but now with their attentions focused completely on that terrifying black hole above Broad Creed Mountain.

Having buried the people of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, that terrifying black hole finally began to slowly disappear.

“Yuan Zhengfeng…” A voice heavy as roiling thunder resounded, “This move of your Broad Creed Mountain’s, was really truly played beautifully ah!”

Yuan Zhengfeng gazed silently in the direction of the voice, “Shen Li, when your Heavenly Thunder Hall thought to grab some easy pickings at my Broad Creed Mountain, you should already have predicted that it would end in your defeat.”

The aura of the Green Thunder Martial Saint Shen Li shook the surrounding heavens and the earth, irrepressible flames of fury clearly visible within as he snorted, “That black hole is a reverse dimensional tunnel; it should lead to the Nine Underworlds, right”

“Your Broad Creed Mountain is indeed in cahoots with the Nine Underworlds! Turbid Wave Pavilion will also not tolerate you; the Painting Saint Old Man Mo will also not sit back and do nothing!”

“You Yuan Zhengfeng have become a Martial Saint, but can you withstand everyone under the heavens”

Shen Li said in a heavy tone, “Chu Yan, what does your Infinite Boundless Mountain say”

The current Chief of Infinite Boundless Mountain who wielded the Heaven Cleaving Axe, the ‘Northern Peak Towering Sky’ Chu Yan, was silent, the vigorous aura of the Heaven Cleaving Axe shaking slightly, yet not showing any hostile intent towards Broad Creed Mountain at all, only very wary of the great door within the sky that led to the Nine Underworlds in reverse.

Yuan Zhengfeng chuckled, “Shen Li, you have mixed around with Unreasonable Old Huang for too long, also gaining his bad habit of liking to throw buckets of human waste over the heads of others.”

Shen Li said coldly, “Your Broad Creed Mountain’s guardian grand formation actually opened a passageway to the Nine Underworlds; this is an indisputable fact.”

On the Thunder Shocking Peak, Yan Zhaoge raised head and gazed into the sky, looking at the Clear Qi Grand Formation overhead which had turned from dark red back into white as he said slowly and leisurely, “Hall Lord Shen misunderstands.

In exterminating the Decimating Abyss, our clan gave it our all in preventing the descent of the Nine Underworlds, finally only able to seal the Great Nine Underworlds Door relying on our guardian grand formation.”

“It was just that this way, our clan’s guardian formation bore a great burden.

When facing the attack of external enemies, it is only understandable that it was unable to bear the burden, therefore changing strangely and uncontrollably.

This development was also very unexpected for us; luckily, the passageway was formed in reverse.”

“Our clan truly made a very great sacrifice, bearing a very great risk for the safety of the Eight Extremities World.”

“For the Eight Extremities World, for humankind, my Broad Creed Mountain is duty-bound to give it our all, also not expecting whatever rewards, just hoping that everyone will be understanding of our situation.”

“At least, don’t come and touch our clan’s Clear Qi Grand Formation anymore.

Otherwise, no one can guarantee what might happen afterwards.”

“Let’s take it as everyone being of one mind, standing against the threat of the Nine Underworlds together.”


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