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HSSB313: The stifled Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall


Yan Zhaoge’s words were slow and orderly, but the meaning within his words was not really polite.

Not just the Sacred Sun Clan, during the chaos the Decimating Abyss had stirred up earlier, other than the Sacred Sun Clan, the Heavenly Thunder Hall had also shot an Anti-Sun to interfere with the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

If not for his wariness of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Heavenly Cleaving Axe, this Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall Shen Li would probably also have come to trample on Broad Creed Mountain.

While Lin Tianfeng and the others were dead, the fury of those of Broad Creed Mountain at the Heavenly Thunder Hall was not much lesser than their anger at the Sacred Sun Clan.

“Skinhead Shen, according to what you said, the way I see it, it is your Heavenly Thunder Hall and the Sacred Sun Clan who are in cahoots with the Nine Underworlds,” Garbed in the Clear Qi Robe, Yuan Zhengfeng strode out in the direction of Shen Li, “We went through a bloodied battle with the Decimating Abyss, finally exterminating them all, even successfully preventing the descent of the Nine Underworlds in my Broad Creed Mountain, in the Eight Extremities World.”

“In the process of this great battle, your Heavenly Thunder Hall and the Sacred Sun Clan disrupted my clan’s Clear Qi Grand Formation together.”

“Afterwards, you still joined up and came attacking us.

What, you want to take revenge for the Nine Underworlds You want to continue what they were started bit were unable to accomplish, inducing the descent of the Nine Underworlds”

Shen Li let out a cold snort, his aura instantly leaving far away.

A Grand Elder of theirs, as well as a First Seat Elder, two heavyweight figures, along with a great number of other experts, had died together at Broad Creed Mountain.

Let alone being unable to get revenge, he himself had also had to flee in flustered defeat.

The stifledness within the heart of this Green Thunder Martial Saint could only be imagined.

But at this moment, he had no choice but to retreat.

Some things, let alone knowing full well, Shen Li had never forgotten.

Even if he had forgotten it for a while, following Yuan Zhengfeng’s battle with Huang Guanglie just now, he had immediately remembered it again.

A long time ago, the ‘Heaven Equalling’ Yuan Zhengfeng had been a peak existence amongst those of the same generation.

While he had not been known as invincible as Yan Di had, suppressing all others of the same generation and presiding over all living beings, Yuan Zhengfeng had also once forged a legend of his own.

Stepping into the Transcending Mortality stage, at the peak of the Martial Grandmaster realm, Yuan Zhengfeng had done so before all those of the same generation, including Huang Guanglie, Shen Li, Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping, let alone those younger people like Song Wuliang and An Qinglin.

That year, when they had all still been young, just beginning to rise in fame, Yuan Zhengfeng had been the most outstanding one, also viewed as the one amongst those of his generation with the greatest chance of stepping into the Martial Saint realm, as well as probably the fastest one to do so.

It was only because of his past injuries that Yuan Zhengfeng had been stuck in the Transcending Mortality stage, as Huang Guanglie, Shen Li and the others slowly came up from behind and caught up with him.

So many years having passed, finally stepping past that door today, Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood, Yuan Zhengfeng had immediately caused the old memories of many to be revived.

Of the six great Martial Saints before this, other than Old Man Mo who was older and seldom made a move, his strength hard to determine, the others had all not been Yuan Zhengfeng’s match at the same cultivation level.

Having been imposingly in power for many years, when Huang Guanglie had been in the Martial Scholar and Martial Grandmaster realms, clashing with Yuan Zhengfeng, he had never attained a single victory, and the number of times he had been defeated by Yuan Zhengfeng could not even be counted on a single hand.

When clashing with Yuan Zhengfeng as a Martial Grandmaster back then, the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall Shen Li has also attained disastrous results.

Today, while Yuan Zhengfeng had only just stepped in the Martial Saint realm, Shen Li was already finding it hard to face him.

Moreover, Yuan Zhengfeng still had the Sacred Artifact, the Clear Qi Robe, accompanying him!

If one said that having left Broad Creed Mountain, Huang Guanglie also dared to battle Yuan Zhengfeng even without the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, without a Sacred Artifact in hand, Shen Li could only turn and leave.

While Shen Li was retreating, Yuan Zhengfeng did not let him have it easy, directly pressuring over with a Heavenly Broad Creed Palm.

In the distance, in the direction of Shen Li, the sky seemed to collapse, the horizon seemingly distorting.

A muffled groan resounded from far away.

Shen Li did not come to meet battle at all, transforming into the light of thunder as he forcibly bore his injuries and sped away in retreat.

Shen Li flew past the boundary of the East Heaven Region, from which the martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain had already pulled back their defensive lines earlier.

After the Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners had emerged from the Earth Domain, speeding over here, Lin Tianfeng’s group had gone to Broad Creed Mountain in the Central Heaven Region, while the others had established a temporary base of operations here.

But now, these people were taken aback as they watched their Pavilion Lord shoot over, thunder roiling as he swept them all along with him, not even resting for a moment as he fled in the direction of the Earth Domain, passing through it to return to the Thunder Domain.

Lin Zhou was amongst them, asking as he saw that Shen Li was alone, “Grand Master, my father and senior apprentice-uncles…”

Shen Li’s face was livid, not speaking a word.

Lin Zhou’s face instantly turned tragically pale.

He calmed himself, sucking a deep breath, wanting to ask further.

But seeing Shen Li’s terrifying look, opening his mouth, Lin Zhou was unable to utter a sound.

“Grand Master must just have suffered some small losses, being in a bad mood, therefore being like this…”Lin Zhou comforted himself, “Father and the others should be fine.”

“Not having successfully taken down Broad Creed Mountain, having lost face”

Lin Zhou ground his teeth, “But the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie already emerged from seclusion, also possessing the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, with Grand Master restricting the actions of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Heaven Cleaving Sabre.

How could they have failed to defeat a Broad Creed Mountain which had just had great losses from fighting it out with the Decimating Abyss”

“Jade Sea City and Turbid Wave Pavilion are fighting the Flame Devils on the East Sea as well, not able to pass through the Earth Domain and come to the Heaven Domain to help.”

Lin Zhou thought, “Perhaps the Sacred Sun Clan obtained the Clear Qi Robe instead of him, Grand Master therefore being so mad.

This is the most probable situation.”

If Broad Creed Mountain was destroyed, with its Sacred Artifact, the Clear Qi Robe, also landing in the Sacred Sun Clan’s hands, the Sacred Sun Clan’s momentum would truly be hard to withstand, with there being portents of them being able to sweep across the entire world.

At that time, the Heavenly Thunder Hall might just have to change its stance, making peace with Infinite Boundless Mountain, joining hands with Jade Sea City.

Even Turbid Wave Pavilion might find it hard to stay out of it, having no choice but to give up on their neutrality, lest they be suffocated by the Sacred Sun Clan.

Lin Zhou comforted himself unceasingly within his heart.

But having returned to the Heavenly Thunder Hall, having calmed down, Shen Li began an urgent discussion with the longtime Elders who had remained there, news also spreading from the outside world, crushing Lin Zhou’s hopes.

This Thunder Rumbling Young Master who had gradually come to display the flair of the number one person of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s younger generation shut himself solitarily within his room.

All those who passed his door were able to feel a suppressed yet violent feeling, as though a storm of thunderbolts was currently raging within.

Even Yan Shan, who had all along not been on good terms with Lin Zhou, felt like he didn’t dare to approach where Lin Zhou was.

After knowing this, the bigwigs of the Heavenly Thunder Hall all sighed.

One day, the door of Lin Zhou’s room suddenly opened, Lin Zhou emerging.

His face was dense with dark clouds, his gaze cold and despondent.

“I planned carefully, prepared painstakingly, just wanting to go against the heavens and change fate, but my father still left me in the end,” Lin Zhou had on a wooden expression as he gazed towards the southwest, where the Heaven Domain and Broad Creed Mountain lay.

“After trying for so long, it was still pointless in the end.

What then was the use of my efforts; I might as well just drift along with the waves…” Flames of fury suddenly rose within Lin Zhou’s gaze, “Or else, I will just as well stir things up, flipping the heavens and overturning the earth!”

“If I do not destroy your Broad Creed Mountain, I, Lin Zhou, am not a human!”


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