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HSSB315: Broad Creed Mountain’s new Chief


“Sacred Sun Clan, Heavenly Thunder Hall, we’ve only just begun,” Yan Zhaoge gazed at the Clear Qi Grand Formation within the sky.

The countless flickering spirit patterns had already begun to conceal themselves within the air once more.

Yan Zhaoge lowered his head to look at the numerous peaks of Broad Creed Mountain before him.

The numerous dark red streams of qi that had risen previously had also already vanished.

The Nine Underworlds Dark Soil that had gone through special adjustment as well as the revamped Devilish Domain Grand Formation, in combination with the Clear Qi Grand Formation, had borne shocking power.

However, accompanied by the devilish mark on Yan Zhaoge’s hand disappearing, wanting to create another passage to the Nine Underworlds would no longer be as easy.

But even so, Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Grand Formation had improved a step further from its original foundation.

The current Clear Qi Grand Formation was a peak existence of all the grand formations of the entire Eight Extremities World.

Xin Dongping and the Decimating Abyss had caused immense damage, but the spoils of war they had obtained from them had also been extremely abundant, possessing many unexpected, wonderful uses, able to let Broad Creed Mountain’s strength rise greatly.

Currently, a dim blue piece of jade was within Yan Zhaoge’s palm, flickering with a faint blue light.

Its lustre was dim, almost indiscernible, but its colour was incomparably pure.

This piece of jade was called the Blue Devil Jade, originating from the Earth Domain, just that they were just too rare, such that one would usually not have a chance of seeing them at all.

Within Xin Dongping’s accompanying Shadow Shrinking Pouch, however, had been a large amount of Blue Devil Jade.

And not only was the quantity great, their quality was also extremely high.

Playing with a piece of Blue Devil Jade, Yan Zhaoge rubbed the surface of the jade, deep in thought.

Other than the Blue Devil Jade, Xin Dongping and Yuan Tian had also possessed Heavenly Pool Transforming Jade, Ghost Body Condensed Paste as well as many other high level treasures, truly overwhelming one’s eyes.

This time, in counterattacking the Fire Domain of the Sacred Sun Clan once more, Broad Creed Mountain would also have great rewards.

Yan Zhaoge had already asked people to help him to pay special attention to a few treasures, including the Fire Patterned Jade and the Underground Fire Pith they had grabbed last time which had been almost completely been used up by them now.

It could be predicted that it would be yet another great harvest.

At the same time, news travelled over from the Wind Domain in the west that Broad Creed Mountain had already launched a fierce counterattack, going south from the Gan Region and attacking the Qin Region that was occupied by the Sacred Sun Clan.

Capitalising on their momentum, not holding back in the least.

With Huang Guanglie injured and the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler lost, the Sacred Sun Clan could only once again swallow their shattered fragments of teeth.

When Huang Guanglie had finally recovered from his injuries, preparing to counterattack, Broad Creed Mountain released a certain something.

Grasped by Xin Dongping, the completely namelist of members of the Decimating Abyss Organisation, which did not lack people of the other five Sacred Grounds.

The authenticity of this namelist naturally still had to undergo careful scrutiny.

There was a possibility of Xin Dongping intentionally making things up and framing others, causing instability and chaos amongst them of the Eight Extremities World.

However, its value similarly didn’t have to be said to be known.

Broad Creed Mountain solidified its position, temporarily pressuring the Sacred Sun Clan to the point of not being able to raise its head.

At the same time, Infinite Boundless Mountain of the Mountain Domain similarly unceasingly applied pressure on the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

What caused Yan Zhaoge to feel emotional was the fact that while Infinite Boundless Mountain had been standing by Broad Creed Mountain all along, even helping Broad Creed Mountain to hold back the Heavenly Thunder Hall in the great battle that had transpired, if Huang Guanglie had died at Broad Creed Mountain, their stance would have been hard to grasp.

Perhaps even Jade Sea City would have other thoughts spring up within.

The relationship between peak powers always changed with regard to the changes in the global situation.

When Yuan Zhengfeng and the others returned to Broad Creed Mountain, it was already a matter of many days later.

Following the combined efforts of all of Broad Creed Mountain, their clan had finally returned to its usual state.

The only rather special thing was the Fire Leaving Peak, whose top had been levelled by experts of the clan once more, the mountain peak’s height now somewhat shorter than it had been originally.

And not long after Yuan Zhengfeng’s return, Broad Creed Mountain announced to the world the end of the threat of the Decimating Abyss.

As well as, the deaths of the Devil Saint Yuan Tian and Xin Dongping.

Broad Creed Mountain did not lie on Xin Dongping’s true identity, instead telling all under the heavens that the clan had personally cleaned up their traitor.

While there had long been rumours of this, with it truly being announced by Broad Creed Mountain themselves now, the world was also shaken by this.

Other than the matter of the Decimating Abyss, Broad Creed Mountain also naturally didn’t let off the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall who had attacked lightly.

Each side insisting on their own statements, arguments inevitably ensued, just that the momentum of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, however one looked at it, just seemed a little weak.

And not long after, Broad Creed Mountain announced to the world once more the abdication of the old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng, who would no longer take charge of Broad Creed Mountain, instead becoming a Grand Elder and spending his efforts on cultivation.

The new Chief of Broad Creed Mountain would be Yan Di, who had been in temporary charge of it earlier.

Yan Zhaoge’s father, Yan Di, officially became Broad Creed Mountain’s new Chief.

Broad Creed Mountain’s legacy was extended once more.

Whether it was the earlier battle with the Decimating Abyss or the later battle with the Sacred Sun Clan, as many details of the battles spread, the name of Yan Wudi officially resounded within the great lands of the Eight Extremities World once more.

Following his invincibility within the Martial Scholar realm, Yan Di once again presided over all the Martial Grandmasters of the entire Eight Extremities World.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Chief, the ‘Northern Peak Towering Sky’ Chu Yan, sent disciples of his clan over to congratulate them, on one hand to congratulate Yan Di on his ascension to the position of Chief, on the other to congratulate Yuan Zhengfeng on having Transcended Mortality and achieved Sainthood, stepping into the Martial Saint realm.

In his congratulations to Yuan Zhengfeng, Chu Yan’s mention of Yuan Zhengfeng had changed from ‘Heaven Equalling’ to ‘Heaven Equalling Saint’.

Hearing this, a hint of a smile appeared at the corner of Yan Zhaoge’s lips.

Broad Creed Mountain’s custom was for all of its Chiefs to have ‘Heaven’ in their titles.

It had been so ever since their founder, the Heaven Establishing Old Man Qiu Yuan.

His Grand Master had been no exception on his ascension to Chief, where the prepared title for him had been the Heaven Equalling Saint.

It was just that considering that he had yet to Transcend Mortality and enter Sainthood, stepping into the Martial Saint realm, Yuan Zhengfeng had changed it to simply Heaven Equalling.

Now, he was finally fully deserving of the title of Heaven Equalling Saint.

Not having been informed by Broad Creed Mountain, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Chief Chu Yan had changed his form of address on his own initiative.

This undoubtedly expressed his sincerity in continuing with the alliance.

As for what Infinite Boundless Mountain was privately thinking about, that was another matter altogether.

After all, currently, it was not just the Sacred Sun Clan; Broad Creed Mountain had also risen up once more, now obviously a head stronger than the other four Sacred Grounds.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at his father Yan Di, “The chaos by the Flame Devils on the East Sea has yet to be quelled, with Jade Sea City and Turbid Wave Pavilion still clashing with them.

However, after receiving the news, they have also dispatched congratulatory teams, who should be arriving very soon.”

“You are also soon to succeed the position of Chief following Grand Master; about your title, what do you think Actually, I still feel that ‘Yan Wudi’, Yan Invincible suits you the most.”

Yan Di said, “I have always not cared much about this; Master can just decide for me.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, then said, “After this is over, there is something that I want to prepare for.

At that time, I may need the clan to help me gather some resources.

Right, other than the Heaven Domain, we will also have to communicate with other Sacred Grounds.”

Yan Di looked over, his expression extremely solemn, “Regarding eldest apprentice-brother’s daughter-in-law Ying Yuzhen and little Jun’er”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was earnest, “I have some thoughts; while there is no sufficient certainty, I will definitely give it my all.”


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