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HSSB316: Targeting somewhere out of their expectations


That year, when Shi Tie’s grandson Shi Jun had been born, Yan Di had also been present.

He had watched the little fella grow from an infant in swaddling clothes to a toddler that was learning to walk.

In fact, the little fella’s name had been given by Yuan Zhengfeng.

Given that he was Shi Tie’s only remaining blood relative, all of Broad Creed Mountain was very attentive towards this matter.

Yan Di looked at Yan Zhaoge.

“What thoughts do you have What do you need”

Yan Zhaoge attentively replied, “Right now, I still can’t be sure about any methods.

I will need to make a trip to the Extreme Northern Lands.

After some investigation there, I will be able to draw a conclusion.”

“However, this matter isn’t that urgent.

Right now, it is still midwinter there.

Even if I went, it would be useless.

I’ll take this chance to make some preparations and ponder on my methods.”

“I’ll have to trouble you and the clan to gather some things.

They will probably have to be traded for with other Sacred Grounds.

I’ll give you a list in a little bit.”

Even though Yan Zhaoge had the authority to mobilize Broad Creed Mountain resources, when it involved external powers, it was better for Yan Di or other sect elders to make an appearance.

When someone is strong, others will naturally be wary.

Yan Zhaoge could now be considered a famous figure of the Eight Extremities World.

If he looked for those items under his own identity, others would easily take note of it.

Yan Di nodded.

“After you’ve completed the list, just send it to me.”

“During this trip to the Extreme Northern Lands, I also intend to visit the North Sea,” Yan Zhaoge continued.

Yan Di seemed to think of something as his eyes flashed.

“You want to go look for the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint’s legacy”

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

“I have grasped the clues on hand somewhat.

In the past few days, I carefully pondered them.

If I can find further clues at the North Sea, it will be very worthwhile.”

As they spoke, the atmosphere between father and son seemed to become somewhat sad.

That year, after Yan Zhaoge had obtained the small metal plate from Ye Jing, it had been his eldest apprentice-uncle Shi Tie who had gone to the Extreme Northern Lands to search for more clues.

In returning from the Extreme Northern Lands, other than some clues regarding the Nine Underworlds and the Earth Domain, Shi Tie had also brought back some clues regarding the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint’s legacy.

In analysing the Nine Underworlds Grand Formation, other than the one time he had directly faced off against it, those things brought back by Shi Tie had also displayed considerable use.

Unfortunately, Xin Dongping had also obtained some gains from those at that time.

Yan Di spoke again.

“The Glacial Dragon Martial Saint disappeared too long ago.

While the whereabouts of his Sacred Artifact is unknown, no one can be sure if it even still exists in this world.

If you are trying to find it, I have no objections, but don’t lose yourself over a matter such as this.”

Yan Zhaoge responded, “Rest easy, father.

I understand.”

After pausing for a moment, Yan Zhaoge quietly said, “The Glacial Dragon Martial Saint’s Sacred Artifact truly is quite an uncertain thing.

Therefore, not all my hopes for this time’s journey are on it.”

“The truth is that this is just an incidental pursuit.

In fact, you could even call it a cover-up.”

Yan Di raised his eyebrows.


Yan Zhaoge explained.

“When the Sacred Sun Clan and Heavenly Thunder Hall came to attack us, it truly was removing any pretense of face.

The only reason that things have calmed down once more is that our two sides are back in equilibrium for the time being.”

“Their power is great, and will naturally pose a danger to us in the future.”

Ever since that year when Huang Guanglie’s master, the Purple Sun Martial Saint Zhang Chao, and the chief of Black Nightmare Mountain had attempted to attack Broad Creed Mountain only to be repelled at the hands of the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge, enmity had already arose between the two sides.

Afterwards, due to the fall of Zhan Dongge at the hands of the Flame Devils, Broad Creed Mountain had suffered a huge blow to its vitality.

With the Sacred Sun Clan slowly accumulating strength, Broad Creed Mountain did not have easy times.

Were it not for the Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou leading the clan, Broad Creed Mountain might not have been able to survive those dark, dark times.

However, when Zhan Xilou passed away, Broad Creed Mountain had once again been left without a Martial Saint expert, tough times descending once more.

Though the fate of the Purple Sun Martial Saint was unclear, Huang Guanglie stepped into the Martial Saint realm.

Adding the power of the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler on to that, the Sacred Sun Clan became extremely powerful.

Even though Yuan Zhengfeng was strong and they possessed the Clear Qi Robe, Broad Creed Mountain could only rely on the Clear Qi Grand Formation.

Forced into a position where their defences were stable, yet they did not possess sufficient strength to advance, they could only helplessly watch on as the Sacred Sun Clan seemed to get stronger and stronger, their encroachment greater and greater.

Jade Sea City had been tied up with the Heavenly Thunder Hall and the Flame Devils on the East Sea while Infinite Boundless Mountain had remained sitting on the fence.

In this situation, Broad Creed Mountain had been under enormous pressure.

If it weren’t so, Fang Zhun would most likely never have set his eyes on the Earth Domain.

The outcome of this was that Fang Zhun had barely managed to pull himself back before the cliff’s edge, while Xin Dongping had continued down this path, eventually establishing the Decimating Abyss.

Huang Guanglie, wanting to completely dominate the Eight Extremities World, had then entered seclusion in hopes of another breakthrough.

Only then had Broad Creed Mountain been given some breathing space.

However, the pressure on Broad Creed Mountain had not abated.

If Huang Guanglie successfully emerged from his seclusion, having advanced in his cultivation, the Sacred Sun Clan would inevitably become even more dominant.

However, the situation now was entirely different.

Yuan Zhengfeng had successfully broken through into the Martial Saint realm.

Even though Huang Guanglie had a breakthrough, he had lost the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler.

For the time being, with Yuan Zhengfeng and the Clear Qi Robe guarding Broad Creed Mountain, Huang Guanglie would certainly not dare to attack Broad Creed Mountain.

On the other hand, with Huang Guanglie alive, attacking the World Illuminating Peak would also be folly.

If the two met in a different location, Yuang Zhengfeng, bolstered by the Clear Qi Robe, would be able to hold the stronger position over Huang Guanglie.

As for their allies, Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City were able to pressure the Heavenly Thunder Hall from both sides.

The wheel of fortune had turned, and it was now Broad Creed Mountain’s turn to reverse the situation against the Sacred Sun Clan and settle some old grudges.

It was just that with Yuan Zhengfeng’s ascent into the Martial Saint realm, Broad Creed Mountain’s strength had also risen greatly.

Though Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City also wished for Yuan Zhengfeng to suppress Huang Guanglie, having an ally whose strength was so much higher than their own, how they felt about that was also an unknown thing.

The Sacred Sun Clan had deep reserves of power.

If Broad Creed Mountain wanted to completely destroy them and repay the debt of having been attacked, it would still be extremely difficult.

The Eight Extremities World’s gloabl situation had temporarily settled into a fragile and dangerous equilibrium.

Yan Zhaoge said, “If we want to emerge victorious in this struggle for power, there are two general ways to do so.

We can become stronger, or we can weaken our enemies.”

“If we can find the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint’s inheritance, that will naturally raise our clan’s strength by a large degree.

However, there is no way to be sure of this matter.”

Yan Zhange’s eyes flashed with a cold light, “It is only polite for one to repay their visitors in kind.

Here, I’ll send the Sacred Sun Clan a return gift.”

Yan Di calmly said, “Even without the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, dealing with Huang Guanglie would be difficult.”

Huang Guanglie was, without a doubt, the current backbone of the Sacred Sun Clan.

If he was injured, their entire clan’s strength would likewise suffer greatly.

On the same hand, even though Huang Guanglie had come to Broad Creed Mountain and figuratively smashed his head bloody against a wall, his strength was something that was evident to all.

In terms of personal strength, the Huang Guanglie who had recently succeeded in his breakthrough could probably be considered the current strongest expert of the entire Eight Extremities World.

Without the Clear Qi Robe, Yuan Zhengfeng would still be inferior to him in terms of strength.

During the battle at Broad Creed Mountain, it was only with Yuan Zhengfeng’s power that Yan Zhaoge’s killing formation had been able to take get rid of Huang Guanglie’s Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler.

Yan Di asked, “You want to take action against their Maiden of Extreme Yin”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head.

“Huang Guanglie together with Meng Wan can be considered to the strongest areas of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Even though Meng Wan’s cultivation base is low, she holds a great advantage in the Extreme Yin Bouts, and they will value her even more highly now, heavily protecting her.

It is even to the point where they might even consider assassinating junior apprentice-sister Feng.

This is where most of their attention is currently concentrated.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes slightly into slits.

“I want to attack where they least expect it—where they are least prepared for it.”


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