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HSSB322: The fifth Extreme Yin Bout


When in the Body Refinement realm, Sikong Qing had already been a rare genius, a potential candidate for becoming a direct disciple.

At that time, while she had already been a genius, it was still not as shocking as she was now.

After cultivating qi into aura-qi, stepping into the Martial Scholar realm, her speed of improvement had become extremely terrifying.

From Yan Zhaoge’s impressions, it was completely not inferior to the likes of Ye Jing and Zhao Hao at all.

Being rather used to the supreme talent displayed by Sikong Qing, Yan Zhaoge did not feel it strange.

But just having come to realise this, it was hard for Song Chao and the others to remain calm.

To them, however they were allies, however composed they were, they also felt pressure at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge was already not something that a monstrous genius could describe, and Broad Creed Mountain actually had another younger generation disciple who presided over all others of the same age.

Genius-level figures seemed to be spurting out of Broad Creed Mountain as though from a well.

While time, accumulation and trials were required for potential to be converted into true power, for young geniuses to truly grow into powerhouses, at this moment, Song Chao’s mind wavered as he thought of that past generation containing the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge and the Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou.

Especially as the spar between Sikong Qing and Li Jingwan was already beginning to show signs of being decided.

At this point, sparks had not flown between the two at all, but Sikong Qing’s advantage was growing greater and greater.

It was just that Li Jingwan was extremely resilient, not shaken as she executed the supreme defensive arts of Jade Sea City’s direct lineage in stable defence, resembling a great rock that remained forever unshaken however much the shocking waves of the sea pounded away at it.

It was not that easy for Sikong Qing to completely turn her advantage into a victory.

In the Heavenly Connection Meet at Clear Concealed Lake, Li Jingwan had not fought much, such that Yan Zhaoge also lacked an understanding of her abilities.

Afterwards, Li Jingwan had been captured by Liu Shengfeng’s group, only having been luckily rescued through Yan Zhaoge’s efforts.

Still, that had been because Liu Shengfeng and his cronies had all been late Xiantian stage Martial Scholar experts, the gaps in their cultivation bases being too great, such that let alone Li Jingwan, even Ruan Ping and Ye Zhongzhou had been unable to stand against them.

As she currently fought against Sikong Qing, also a late outer aura Martial Scholar, Yan Zhaoge was able to tell her level of ability.

This girl’s talent in martial arts was also not low, being rather outstanding though inferior to Sikong Qing’s, as befitting of a direct disciple of the Sacred Ground Jade Sea City.

Maintaining her stable defence of the Unmoving Reef all the way, guarding herself firmly, another martial art of Jade Sea City, the Dark Sea Currents, was also simultaneously mixed within.

Executors of the Dark Sea Currents resembled the undercurrents at the depth of the sea, containing immense dark as well as hidden power within, with attack and defence both in one, able to dispel the attacks of the enemy, also able to formlessly harm the enemy.

Martial arts like this Dark Sea Currents were precisely the reason why Jade Sea City was privately dubbed by some first and second-rate powers as ‘Most vicious naught but Jade Sea City’.

Other than the Unmoving Reef as well as the Dark Sea Currents, Li Jingwan did not just remain on the defensive.

As she guarded herself, she also launched threads from her sleeve, like needles hidden within the cloth, causing Sikong Qing to have to stay vigilant against them, not able to go all out in attacking.

However, generally speaking, Sikong Qing currently still had the upper hand.

And with Yan Zhaoge’s understanding of Sikong Qing’s style, she followed an upright path that was similar to that of Shi Tie and Xu Fei.

Falling to a disadvantage, not losing one’s bearings, moving stably with every step, looking for a chance to turn the tables around.

Having the upper hand, perhaps seldom obtaining victory, but turning it into greater and greater, stabler and stabler of an advantage, not giving the other party a chance to turn things around.

Indeed, after fighting for a while longer, while she had yet to truly fall into defeat, Li Jingwan sighed softly, “Junior Sister Sikong is skilled; I admit my inferiority.”

Saying thus, Li Jingwan retreated, leaping out of the ring, Sikong Qing not pursuing her as she sheathed her sword, cupping her hands towards her, “Senior Sister Li, thanks for going easy.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I heard that you have already officially reported to the clan your desire to go adventuring far away in order to temper yourself and your martial abilities”

Sikong Qing nodded, “Yes; Master has also already agreed.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Have you already planned out your route; where is your first stop

Sikong Qing answered, “The East Sea.”

The East Sea had never been a peaceful place, containing many strange beasts, at the same time also many solitary practitioners drifting with the tides, living lives of danger.

Those were all vicious personalities, used to licking blood of the blades of their weapons, being completely lawless.

A considerable portion of them did not give even the six great Sacred Grounds face, and would flee into the depths of the sea after having caused trouble, hiding if they could, accepting their fate if they couldn’t.

The situation in the sea was complicated; wanting to find someone, it was no different from looking for a needle within a sea.

It was only the martial practitioners of Jade Sea City, similarly familiar with the sea, whom these people would be a bit more wary of.

The most significant thing was that the entrance to the Flame Devil World was just on the East Sea, with many Flame Devils often entering through it, causing the place to be filled with danger.

Going to the East Sea, Sikong Qing naturally did not intend to follow by Fu Enshu’s side the whole time.

Like this, it would be very hard to ensure her safety.

But it was also precisely because of this that Sikong Qing intended to head to the East Sea.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at Song Chao and Li Jingwan, “Junior apprentice-sister Sikong, why don’t you just travel alongside Senior Brother Song, Junior Sister Li and the others.”

“It is not seeking the protection of Jade Sea City; you will at least be able to understand the situation of the Water Domain and the East Sea from them, not being to the extent of going there on a blank slate of knowledge.”

“On the great sea, it is often that natural disasters are more dangerous than human dangers.”

More than half of the Water Domain of the Eight Extremities World was the great sea.

The Water Domain was composed of the easternmost region of the Eight Extremities World as well as a part of the great sea located close to the mainland.

Jade Sea City was located on a massive island of the East Sea.

Many islands riddled densely like stars on the great sea-that was the Water Domain.

The sea was usually divided into the North Sea, the East Sea and the South Sea, the regions closest to the mainland known as the inner North Sea, the inner East Sea and the inner South Sea respectively.

The inner East Sea was completely part of the Water Domain, while the inner North and South Seas, while partially being included in the Water Domain, also had portions belonging to the Thunder and Lake Domains.

Outside of the Water Domain were the Three Great Outer Seas, following which eastwards were generally termed as the far oceans.

Hearing his words, Sikong Qing nodded, “Yes, I understand.

I might have to trouble Senior Brother Song and Senior Sister Li after this.”

Song Chao and Li Jingwan both expressed that it was fine.

Li Jingwan smiled slightly, taking hold of Sikong Qing’s hand, “Jingwan is untalented, but she can still serve as a guide for Junior Sister Sikong.”

Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City had long been on good terms, with her also having been rescued by Yan Zhaoge in the incident of Clear Concealed Lake.

Therefore, she was very well disposed towards Broad Creed Mountain.

While Sikong Qing’s personality was cold and aloof, she was fully devoted to the martial dao, her mind pure and clear.

This caused Li Jingwan to feel rather close to her.

On the other hand, while Sikong Qing did not like social interactions, she could also feel that Li Jingwan bore only goodwill towards her as she did not reject Li Jingwan’s hand on hers.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Since that is so, we will be troubling Senior Brother Song and Junior Sister Li.”

Sikong Qing prepared her belongings, heading for the Water Domain alongside those of Jade Sea City.

Having sent Song Chao, Sikong Qing and the others off, Yan Zhaoge remained in Broad Creed Mountain, focusing on his own matters.

As time passed, Yan Zhaoge gradually refined and improved on many ideas of his.

Time flowed by.

When Yan Zhaoge had recovered from his ponderings, the annual Extreme Yin Bout had finally come once more.


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