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HSSB324: Numerous flowers congregate


Receiving Xie Youchan’s sound transmission, Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, but his gaze flickered slightly.

As time unceasingly passed, the six great Sacred Grounds all gradually came to have their own Maiden of Extreme Yin.

However, on the foundation of grooming their current Maiden of Extreme Yin, none of them had given up on finding more.

Everyone understood the principle of double insurance.

Because of the gap in cultivation base, if the talents of the old and the new were similar, the one they had started grooming earlier on would naturally have the advantage.

However, the newbies did not stand completely no chance.

For example, if two veteran Maidens of Extreme Yin went through an intense battle in which they were evenly matched, both getting injured, much of their energy used up, while a victor would be decided amongst them, they would also be unable to battle at their full power for a while, thereby giving the newbie a chance.

Or the newbie could also give it their all in depleting the strength of the other side’s Maiden of Extreme Yin, thereby creating a chance for their fellow disciple.

It was just that the newbies having started out too late, it would not be an easy thing for them to perform well.

Despite the massive population of the Eight Extremities World, Maidens of Extreme Yin were rare, and some of them might remain buried and undetected, or had lost their youth, going past the ideal age for beginning to cultivate in martial arts, their qi and blood already beginning to deteriorate by the time they were discovered.

The distance between Maidens of Extreme Yin in terms of potential and talent were generally also very great.

Able to make Xie Youchan give her a special mention, this newbie of the Sacred Sun Clan must definitely be outstanding in some form.

“Speaking of which, ignoring the Earth Domain, has the Heaven Domain been cursed” Yan Zhaoge drew back the corners of his lips slightly.

Well, his clan currently also had two Maidens of Extreme Yin.

Yet, neither of them was from the Heaven Domain.

Yan Zhaoge calculated within his heart, “Since the Sacred Sun Clan is releasing her this time, they must have the confidence that her abilities can at least support Meng Wan.”

Just like how Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain had not allowed Feng Yunsheng to participate in the fourth Extreme Yin Bout, for similar or dissimilar reasons, the other Sacred Grounds could also have made similar arrangements.

The most classic example was that of Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Maiden of Extreme Yin, Fan Qiu.

Suddenly appearing in the fourth Extreme Yin Bout, participating in an Extreme Yin Bout for the first time, she had successfully obtained victory, securing the Extreme Yin Crown.

Although, this also had to do with her greatest competitor Meng Wan’s abilities being affected by some long term considerations, temporarily preventing her from performing at her best.

However, other than Meng Wan, the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City all had had disciples participating as well, all being veteran Maidens of Extreme Yin who had already gone through three previous Bouts.

Jade Sea City’s disciple Chen Suting had been the victor in the second Extreme Yin Bout, her strength surpassing the usual somewhat due to having held on to the Extreme Yin Crown for a year, always having taken Meng Wan as her goal and imagined enemy.

However, in the end, it had been Fan Qiu who had emerged from them all, battling with Meng Wan and obtaining the final victory.

Yan Zhaoge had looked at the recordings sent over by seniors of the clan.

Fan Qiu was a direct disciple of Turbid Wave Pavilion, definitely having already been in it for more than just one or two years.

Turbid Wave Pavilion had definitely begun grooming Fan Yan even before the first Extreme Yin Bout, yet had consecutively kept her for three Bouts, only releasing her when they were rather more confident in her abilities, the result being her shocking victory.

Yan Zhaoge thought as he walked, “Starting early indeed has its advantages ah.

The Sacred Sun Clan was the first to discover the secret of the Extreme Yin Crown, the earliest to make plans on it, the earliest to begin their search, the earliest to begin grooming their personnel, indeed leading others in this area on the whole.”

Counting in the earliest Feng Yunsheng, the Sacred Sun Clan had already produced three strong Maidens of Extreme Yin.

Turbid Wave Pavilion was located on an island within a lake.

The scenery on the island was beautiful, carrying the quietness and elegance of a village on water, with the looks of an exalted Sacred Ground not actually visible.

A small, intricate pavilion existed on the island, being where the Sacred Ground that ruled the Lake Domain, Turbid Wave Pavilion, was located.

Yan Zhaoge surveyed his surroundings.

This main island was only the coremost region of Turbid Wave Pavilion itself.

Around the lake still existed many other small islands on which structures had been built.

Turbid Wave Pavilion’s disciples and some facilities of the clan were scattered amongst those small islands.

All looked calm and beautiful from the outside, such that others would not bear to disturb the atmosphere here.

However, if one thought that this place was very fragile, that would be a great mistake.

Their entire surroundings were enveloped by Turbid Wave Pavilion’s guardian grand formation.

It looked calm now, but if the grand formation circulated fully, borrowing the immense power of the heavens and the earth, it would display shocking power, seemingly able to shake the heavens and overturn the earth.

Under the lead of Xie Youchan and the others, Yan Zhaoge’s group ascended the main island, coming before that pavilion together.

The pavilion that appeared small and intricate on the outside was unlike its external appearance.

The space within seemed to be stretched; while many people entered, it didn’t feel any narrow or crowded in the least.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept by, seeing that the people of the Sacred Sun Clan, the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City had already arrived.

“The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Nian Lei, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Ling Hui, Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting, the Sacred Sun Clan’s…” Identifying them one by one, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze stopped slightly where the people of the Sacred Sun Clan were.

As compared to more than two years ago, Meng Wan’s appearance had not changed much, her features still perfect and flawless, with a pair of small, doelike pupils that carried a bit of intelligence and cunning amidst its liveliness, yet also soft and weak, inducing affection in others.

However, having personally had dealings with her, Yan Zhaoge clearly knew that this girl was definitely not that easy to deal with.

Strictly speaking, through the visual perspective of the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul previously, the two had not actually truly met.

This was still the first time they had met face to face.

Accompanied by their arrival, everyone looked over.

Meng Wan’s gaze swept by Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, finally coming to rest on the latter as she blinked.

Feng Yunsheng’s expression didn’t change, but she also looked at Meng Wan after entering.

While this was the Extreme Yin Bout, as the group from Broad Creed Mountain arrived, everyone’s attention was more focused on Yan Zhaoge.

Looked upon by all their gazes, Yan Zhaoge remained composed and carefree as he continued observing the others.

His line of vision moved past Meng Wan, coming to land on the younger girl beside her.

She appeared to be slightly younger than Sikong Qing.

While her white clothes were bordered with gold, shining brilliantly as it resembled sunlight, people would only feel a chill when looking at her.

If one were to say that Sikong Qing was cold and aloof, this younger girl was completely icy cold.

Her appearance was proper and beautiful, but standing there, she resembled an iceberg.

“The Sacred Sun Clan’s third Maiden of Extreme Yin, Yun Xiuqing,” On the way here, Yan Zhaoge had already learnt of her name from Xie Youchan.

While he couldn’t determine her exact age and cultivation base, she was undoubtedly a young Martial Scholar.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at Yun Xiuqing, appraising her, before his gaze fell towards the side of the hosts, where a girl of age similar to Meng Wan’s stood.

This was Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Maiden of Extreme Yin, Fan Qiu.

Simply from her features, Fan Qiu was upper average, but her entire person seemed to overflow with spiritual qi.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge look over, she smiled.

From this smile, Yan Zhaoge discovered that she had a pair of rabbit teeth that was not too outwardly evident.

However, they weren’t ugly, instead causing her to seem more lively and intelligent.

“Senior Brother Yan Thanks so much for saving Yao Yao and senior apprentice-brother Ruan back at Clear Concealed Lake last time.”

The other person’s voice was transmitted through the air, resounding by Yan Zhaoge’s ears.


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