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HSSB327: Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts


The two having reunited after a long separation, after congregating for a short period of time, they then had to separate.

After all, they were now of two different camps.

And that was also camps of two great opposing powers.

When the Extreme Yin Bout officially began and they met once more, it was once again like they were meeting for the first time.

You looking at me, I looking at you; pretending not to know each other was definitely impossible, but they still seemed like there was nothing that could be said between them.

Before the group of bigwigs, even small actions would most likely be discovered, the two not even thinking to communicate through eye contact in secret.

At this moment, in this Extreme Yin Bout, the relationship between them was that of competitors.

The time when the Extreme Yin Bout was held was at night.

Tonight, Turbid Wave Pavilion had cold, gloomy weather, clouds filling the entire sky, obscuring the radiance of the moon and stars, the night sky a patchwork of infinite black.

It was personally presided over by Turbid Wave Pavilion’s An Qinglin, who nodded to her side’s Maiden of Extreme Yin, Fan Qiu.

Fan Qiu was currently no longer smiling as she pressed her lips, her pair of small rabbit teeth also no longer visible.

Her one hand clenched into a fist, retracted to her waist, her other hand pushing forward horizontally in the form of a palm.

Accompanied by this motion of Fan Qiu’s, radiance instantly flickered above her head.

Amidst the brightness, it was cold and quiet.

However, lit up by the radiance, the night sky immediately no longer appeared dark.

Moonlight that seemed like it could compete with the light of the sun appeared on Fan Qiu’s head, an elegant, intricate crown of pure white formed of virtually transparent ice crystals appearing amidst the moonlight.

An ancient, desolate aura emanated from it, distant and faraway, shaking one’s very soul.

The clear radiance dispersed, moonlight seemingly enveloping the entire world at this moment.

As that intricate crown of pure white appeared, its powerful sense of existence was not inferior to that of the Martial Saint An Qinglin by the side in the least.

Everyone’s attentions were currently drawn by this unusual Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yin Crown.

Yan Zhaoge was also looking at the Extreme Yin Crown.

Other than the Extreme Yin Bout, he was also thinking about some other matters.

In the Sand Region previously, having obtained the pillar of the Divine Palace, refining it a step further, he had seen many recorded scenes of the memories of that stone pillar.

Amongst them had been a mysterious woman, having found the pillar of the Divine Palace earlier that Yan Zhaoge, yet not having taken it away.

Currently witnessing the Extreme Yin Crown and feeling the concept contained within in person, Yan Zhaoge could sufficiently confirm that the familiar looking crown worn on the head of that woman who had encountered the pillar of the Divine Palace in the Great Western Desert before, had precisely been this Sacred Artifact now sought after by the entire world!

The pillar had been hidden within the Great Western Desert for too long, with it impossible to ascertain which era that mysterious woman had been from.

However, she was very possibly related to the past Divine Palace, causing Yan Zhaoge to take note.

Fan Qiu’s left fist that was retracted at her waist punched out slowly.

Accompanied by this motion of her’s, the power of the Extreme Yin Crown abruptly grew stronger as it drifted off from her head, flying towards the centre of the ring.

Fan Qiu’s connection with the Sacred Artifact began weakening, to the point of soon terminating.

While moonlight still enveloped the heavens and the earth, that powerful strength within the crown also gradually dispersed, not deteriorating, rather seemingly having entered a deep slumber.

An Qinglin said, “The time has come.

The fifth Extreme Yin Bout now officially begins.”

At her words, Elder Meng, the Sunset Lord and the others all nodded towards their Maidens of Extreme Yin.

All the Maidens of Extreme Yin here, Fan Qiu who had just terminated her connection with the Extreme Yin Crown included, simultaneously took a step forward, congregating below the hovering Extreme Yin Crown.

Letting out delicate yells, they raised their heads and gazed at the Extreme Yin Crown.

Within their pupils, light surfaced, resembling a faint metallic lustre.

Affected by these radiances, the Extreme Yin Crown shook slightly, seemingly having been roused just having entered that deep sleep as its majestic power surfaced once more.

It was only that the power fluctuations the Extreme Yin Crown currently emitted did not have any specific direction, rather having been stimulated and unleashed.

With the Extreme Yin Crown as their centre, within the clear moonlight, seven pillars of light that flickered with a faint golden radiance descended from the sky, enveloping the Maidens of Extreme Yin.

Feng Yunsheng felt her thoughts and feelings seemingly establishing a connection with the Sacred Artifact in mid-air.

While the connection was shared with the others, still faint and limited, Feng Yunsheng’s heart could not help but be shaken.

There seemed like her old hometown, her incomparably familiar friend, her unchangeable home.

Feng Yunsheng’s expression held neither joy nor sorrow as she gazed silently at the Extreme Yin Crown in mid-air.

Once, for many years, that white crown in mid-air had been her goal and motivation of unceasing diligence for a long time.

Not only was it the anticipation and wish of the Sacred Sun Clan, it was also a life goal that Feng Yunsheng herself had been willing to strive for.

Sadly, afterwards, it had been destroyed like a fleeting dream.

Luckily, Feng Yunsheng possessed a firm will, very quickly acquiring a new life goal, firmly believing that even without the Extreme Yin Physique, she could still live a remarkable life.

But after this, she had once again gained hope.

Gaining and losing, losing and gaining.

Having gone through such a roller-coaster ride, it would be very hard for someone not having gone through a similar experience to understand it.

For herself, for Broad Creed Mountain, Feng Yunsheng would fight for it.

While this was her first time participating in an Extreme Yin Bout, Feng Yunsheng had long since fully memorised the process.

Within the faint golden pillar of light, Feng Yunsheng let out a light yell, unsheathing her black sabre, chopping out into the air.

Within the other six pillar of lights, Meng Wan and the others all did the same, executing what they were most proficient in.

At this moment, the techniques they unleashed were not purely the elite martial arts passed down from their clans, rather being supreme Extreme Yin Arts formed from the combination of their Extreme Yin Power as well as martial arts!

Through the supreme Extreme Yin Arts, they would establish further connection with the Extreme Yin Crown, leading to resonance between them.

Having obtained the Extreme Yin Crown, using the Extreme Yin Crown as the dao and their supreme Extreme Yin Arts as the weapon, they would be able to wield this powerful Sacred Artifact with a cultivation base of the Martial Scholar realm.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Maiden of Extreme Yin Nian Lei unleashed multiple fists, resembling speeding thunder, a silhouette surfacing within the pillar of light that enveloped her, condensing into a gigantic drum, beating unceasingly, resembling the continuous explosions of thunderbolts.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Maiden of Extreme Yin, Ling Hui, her supreme Extreme Yin Arts resonating with the Sacred Artifact, manifested an ordinary-looking silhouetted chisel, seemingly able to pierce holes through mountains.

Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting manifested a great vessel, riding the wind and breaking the waves.

For Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Fan Qiu, it was an umbrella, drifting within the wind.

For this first segment of the Bout where the Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yin Crown itself was the judge, the results could not be falsified at all.

Their familiarity with the powers of Extreme Yin-they would be visible with a single glance.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Ling Hui was the weakest, the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Nian Lei somewhat stronger than her, Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting then surpassing Nian Lei by a bit.

Of these four girls, it was instead the youngest of them, Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Fan Qiu, who was the strongest.

But just at this time, Meng Wan emitted a clear cry like that of a young phoenix, before the silhouette of a phoenix took form within the faint golden pillar of light that enveloped her, spreading its wings in flight.

The phoenix spread its wings, instantly suppressing the auras of all the others, presiding over them all!


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