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HSSB329: Let’s see who can’t make it into the second round


In the fifth Extreme Yin Bout, the number of participants had increased to seven.

The first round of competition would see three eliminated, four of them remaining.

The benchmark for judgment was handed over to the Extreme Yin Crown itself.

The seven were all enveloped in the radiance of the Extreme Yin Crown, at the same time also achieving resonance within it.

The clash between the Maidens of Extreme Yin would be related to their individual cultivation bases, but would not merely be about competing in martial arts.

The final benchmark was establishing better communication with the Extreme Yin Crown, unleashing the power of the Extreme Yin Crown to the greatest extent.

All other factors were also influenced by this final goal.

Their resonance with the Extreme Yin Crown was the clearest way to view this.

The Extreme Yin Crown would impartially give feedback on everyone’s communication with it.

The brightness and thickness of the seven pillars of light gradually began to show.

The weaker the person, the thinner her pillar of light and the dimmer its radiance.

It went the other way for those who were stronger.

Of everyone here, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Ling Hui was the weakest, directly being placed at the bottom.

While the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Nian Lei was stronger than her, she could only be placed second from last.

Perhaps because of Lin Zhou, the Heavenly Thunder Hall had guided Nian Lei to walk a right path, and results were already gradually beginning to show.

Still, there were still many areas that they had to work on, with much more time still needed.

Meng Wan was undoubtedly the strongest, while Fan Qiu was sitting stably in the number two position for the time being.

Rather interestingly was that while Chen Suting looked to be second, her position was not stable.

The pillar of light that enveloped Yun Xiuqing was beginning to grow brighter and more dazzling at an extremely rapid rate.

Seeing this, everyone looked solemn.

Although they had predicted that with the Sacred Sun Clan having sent out Yun Xiuqing to participate, she would definitely not be simple, they had originally thought that she only possessed the qualifications to be Meng Wan’s support.

But from the looks of it now, they had all underestimated her earlier.

The first round would see three eliminated and four remaining.

The Sacred Sun Clan actually looked like it might grab up two of the spots.

Here, everyone could not help but look at the other person participating in the Extreme Yin Bout for the first time.

As they gazed over, they saw that the light pillar enveloping Feng Yunsheng was bright at times while dark at others.

A sabre in hand, the hair that had always been strewn behind Feng Yunsheng’s back had currently been tied into a ponytail.

At the tip of the sabre within the air, a silhouette rose and sunk, visible at times whilst unseen at others, suddenly brightening and dimming sporadically alongside the pillar of light.

Everyone frowned at this.

When it was dim, the pillar of light that enveloped Feng Yunsheng was only around the level of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Ling Hui.

When it was bright and dazzling, it chased straight after Meng Wan and Fan Qiu.

Darkness and brightness switched intermittently, resembling the flickering flame of a candle within the night.

Such an appearance left everyone unable to see through it.

If they said that Feng Yunsheng was weak, that seemed to be wrong.

The other Maidens of Extreme Yin aside, the spectators here naturally all had some level of understanding regarding the Extreme Yin Bout.

All of them could tell that this girl who had once plummeted from the height of the clouds to the lowest canyons had truly recovered her Extreme Yin Physique.

However, to say that she had ability…

Even Broad Creed Mountain’s Elder Mo felt a bit of unease, “It feels like…it’s not too stable; could it be because the recovery of the Extreme Yin Physique was still not complete”

Elder Mo swivelled his head and glanced at Yan Zhaoge, “If it had not completely recovered, without a certain level of confidence, Fu Enshu and Zhaoge shouldn’t have been comfortable in letting her participate in this time’s Extreme Yin Bout, isn’t it.”

“Perhaps they too missed it, and this girl’s Extreme Yin Physique still contains some hidden problems that cannot be discovered by people, yet had that deficiency exposed before the omniscient Extreme Yin Crown”

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Sunset Lord knit his brows slightly.

While he very much hoped for there to be a problem with Broad Creed Mountain’s Maiden of Extreme Yin, the situation before his eyes seemed somewhat strange.

The other Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners were all also focused on Feng Yunsheng.

Watching Feng Yunsheng calmly, Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head and smiled as he felt Elder Mo’s gaze on him, “Please relax, Elder Mo.

It’s fine.”

Elder Mo swivelled his head to look at Feng Yunsheng, “By principle, as you are the ones in charge of educating and raising her, this old man should not speak on it, but this situation now truly causes one to lack confidence ah.”

“The Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan’s advantage is prominent.

Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Fan Qiu is following closely behind, seemingly outstanding.

Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting similarly possesses competitive power, and most critical is the fact that the new girl of the Sacred Sun Clan who suddenly popped up is actually rather unordinary as well.”

“Only the first four will make it into the second round.

While from the looks of it, we are not to the extent of coming in last, we still did come in holding greater expectations.”

Elder Mo pondered, “This old man did not expect her to wrest the crown in a single Bout, but the situation before us-is it that her Extreme Yin Physique has yet to fully recover”

Yan Zhaoge said leisurely, “You can rest easy, Elder Mo.

Junior apprentice-sister Feng already successfully regained her Extreme Yin Physique a long time ago.

Currently, she is just moderating her condition.”

“Oh” Elder Mo looked at Yan Zhaoge again.

Looking at Feng Yunsheng, a hint of a smile was revealed at the corner of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth, “Under the simultaneous use of many methods, junior apprentice-sister Feng’s cultivation base has improved very rapidly, with her currently already having successfully stepped into the late outer aura Martial Scholar realm.”

“Compared to those who have received the help of the Extreme Yin Crown before, Meng Wan, Fan Qiu and Chen Suting, not just has she not been slower in terms of raising her cultivation base alone, she has even been faster than them, not having lost out much at all.”

“Her Extreme Yin power has not only recovered, similarly having been strengthened through many methods.”

“The only problem is with her supreme Extreme Yin Arts.

The ones she comprehended back at the Sacred Sun Clan before are already outdated, having fallen far behind that of Meng Wan and the others.”

“The complete supreme Extreme Yin Arts provided in the Extreme Yin Scripture are immensely powerful, but the difficulty in cultivating in them is correspondingly also great.

With time having been so limited, junior apprentice-sister Feng had insufficient time to pick them up sufficiently.”

“Also, these complete supreme Extreme Yin Arts are best still used for reference.

Only ones that she creates herself based upon her own comprehensions would be the most suited to her.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Earlier, I mentioned in my report to the clan that in the fifth Extreme Yin Bout, unless a pie falls from the sky, our luck heaven-defyingly good, it would be very hard for us to obtain victory.

Our goal is mainly to accumulate experience as well as look for and remedy deficiencies-the reason for this lies here.”

“However, even so, saying that it’s fine so long as she is not at the very bottom, that was only a joke with junior apprentice-sister Feng,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Junior apprentice-sister Feng, is very outstanding.”

Enveloped by the pillar of light which was bright at times whilst dim at others, Feng Yunsheng’s expression was calm, her gaze firm.

She suddenly let out a clear roar, resembling the roar of a dragon, penetrating through the clouds and shattering rocks, shocking the nine heavens.

The silhouette above her head gradually stabilised, become brighter and brighter.

As everyone looked, that was clearly a dragon of light that was half black, half white!

Accompanied by the clear dragon’s roar, the winds and the clouds stirred greatly.

A sabre in hand, a dragon of light coiled above Feng Yunsheng’s head, the mighty roar of a dragon resounding as it attracted the attention of all.

As opposed to the graceful magnanimity of Meng Wan’s phoenix, Feng Yunsheng’s dragon’s roar that shook the nine heavens contained a mighty tyranny.

The Mountain Opening Chisel above the head of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Ling Hui shook, the Heavenly Thunder Drum above the head of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Nian Lei resounding more urgently.

The huge vessel above the head of Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting swayed slightly, the small umbrella above the head of Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Fan Qiu beginning to spin rapidly.

Similarly a first time participant in the Extreme Yin Bout, the Snowy Peak Volcano above Yun Xiuqing’s head directly erupted!

“We won’t make it into the second round”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Haha…”


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