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HSSB331: Phoenix swallowing the moon, Dragon’s roar resounding the nine heavens


After the first round of the competition, according to the results, there would be matches between the first and the fourth as well as the second and third positions, the second round of the competition playing out.

Therefore, having achieved third place, Feng Yunsheng’s upcoming opponent would be the second placed Fan Qiu.

Meanwhile, the other match would be between Meng Wan and Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting.

Feng Yunsheng and Fan Qiu first left the glow of the Extreme Yin Crown, only leaving Meng Wan and Chen Suting behind in the ring.

Clear, quiet moonlight enveloped the heavens and covered the earth, boundless and without end, as the world seemed to have transformed into a sea of white light at this moment.

Within the faint ocean of moonlight, the figures of the two were indistinctly visible.

Chen Suting raised up her right hand, forming a sabre with her palm, chopping out towards Meng Wan.

Within the moonlight ocean, a massive black vessel instantly appeared, riding the wind and breaking the waves, splitting apart the sea tides, shooting towards Meng Wan.

As the massive vessel moved, numerous heavy waves surged, obscuring the heavens and covering the earth.

In the sky above, the bright moon shone high.

Amidst its glow, there seemed to be a crown of pure white emanating faint radiance.

Boosted by it, that black vessel’s aura grew more and more remarkable, gradually filling up the entire world before one’s eyes, as though about to domineeringly cross the sea of infinite bitterness, arriving at the distant shore.

On the other side, Meng Wan’s expression was mild, elegant and noble.

She let out the clear cry of a phoenix, rising gradually in pitch.

It was not majestic or tyrannical, but this influenced the entire world of moonlight.

The next moment, Meng Wan completely vanished.

Then, a phoenix that was half black and half white soared into the skies from the moonlight ocean, shocking the nine heavens.

As the phoenix soared into the skies, it circled around the bright moon that hung overhead.

What caused everyone great shock was that the bright moon actually began to shrink alongside the encirclement of the phoenix.

Very quickly, the bright moon hanging in the sky was only the size of an orb, while with a clear cry, that fire phoenix suddenly opened its mouth, actually swallowing the entire moon.

Seeing this, the face of Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting instantly changed.

Following this, the phoenix descended from the skies, shooting towards the massive black vessel down below.

The cold, silent moonlight was not blazing, yet seemed to have solidified time.

The dense moonlight accompanied the descent of the phoenix, locking the massive black vessel in place, before the phoenix swept its wings of black and white.

The massive black vessel which had earlier possessed a majestic momentum, seemingly sweeping all that stood in its path instantly began to tilt to the side, gradually beginning to flip over, finally sinking within the seas.

Chen Suting stood unmoving where she was, her face rather pale.

The phoenix landed close before her, the flames of black and white dissipating, revealing Meng Wan’s figure.

Having earlier been swallowed by the phoenix, vanishing from the horizon, the bright moon had already somehow returned to the skies without one’s knowledge.

Looking at Chen Suting, Meng Wan said softly, “Senior Sister Chen, thank you for going easy.”

Seeing Meng Wan and Chen Suting exit the world of moonlight together, other than those of the Sacred Sun Clan, everyone fell into deep thought.

They had already known that Meng Wan was strong, presiding over the rest, but strength to such an extent still left everyone speechless for a time.

Once, in the first few Extreme Yin Bouts, Chen Suting had been quite evenly matched with Meng Wan, having forced Meng Wan to go all out with her full strength even having been eventually defeated.

Today, facing Meng Wan, however, it had been an utter defeat for her.

In the instant the phoenix swallowed the moon, victory had actually already been decided between the two.

Once a rival, she had already been completely left behind in the dust by Meng Wan, unable to even clearly see her distant back.

Jade Sea City’s Martial Grandmaster expert who had led their team here had on a dark expression.

To Jade Sea City, losing to others was still alright, but losing to someone of the Sacred Sun Clan-that was simply unbearably stifling.

However, this longtime Elder could not let this show.

He could only comfort himself thinking that the impact Chen Suting had suffered must be greater than his.

Even Turbid Wave Pavilion’s An Qinglin glanced at Meng Wan in appraisal once more at this victory.

She, of course, knew of Meng Wan.

However, following today, she had no choice but attach more weight to her within her heart.

“In the Extreme Yin Bouts, the Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan is almost like your father Yan Di and the current you in terms of position amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level,” Looking at Meng Wan, Broad Creed Mountain’s Elder Mo sighed after a while, “Standing at the peak, presiding over all, with pressure and authority that is virtually unshakable.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, not replying.

Now, after Meng Wan and Chen Suting had exited the world of moonlight, Feng Yunsheng and Fan Qiu of Turbid Wave Pavilion entered within.

After the two exchanged greetings, Fan Qiu pushed forward simultaneously with her palms.

An intricate-looking paper umbrella appeared within the world of moonlight, opening as it rose into the air.

The next moment, the scenes within the moonlight world suddenly changed.

After being opened, that umbrella which had not seemed big at all actually covered and obscured the entire sky, everything above and below the umbrella divided into two separate worlds.

Feng Yunsheng raised her head and gazed upwards.

Before her was a world of pitch black, the clear, bright moonlight that had seemed to fill the entire heavens and earth actually having completely vanished.

Even the moonlight sea below seemed to be gradually dispersing.

Before her was only infinite, boundless darkness, seemingly wanting to swallow her up.

Outside of the moonlight world, the scene before everyone’s eyes was one of the moonlight world suddenly splitting into two.

The top half was still bright; while the moonlight was not blazing or dazzling to the eye, it seemed infinite and boundless, causing everyone’s minds to involuntarily sink within.

That bright sun still hung at the highest point of the sky, its moonlight scattered on the umbrella.

However, the bottom half of the world was completely pitch black, no moonlight visible within whatsoever.

As the umbrella opened, it seemed like a heavenly lid as it obscured the heavens above, preventing those below from seeing any bit of light whatsoever.

Even outside of the moonlight world, everyone could vaguely feel an extremely cold and desolate aura surging within the dark world below the umbrella.

As though everything had been eternally sealed in ice, not a single speck of light or a single bit of heat present, soundlessly and noiselessly walking towards destruction.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “As compared to during the fourth Extreme Yin Bout, not just has her cultivation base improved, her supreme Extreme Yin Arts have also been further refined and improved ah.”

“Just in terms of the strength of her supreme Extreme Yin Arts, she is not inferior to Meng Wan and Yun Xiuqing of the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Seeing this, the faces of the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners also turned slightly more solemn.

Meng Wan’s expression didn’t change in the least, only staring at that lower half of the moonlight world, at that deep, intractable darkness.

Suddenly, the vigorous, tyrannical roar of a dragon resounded from within that quiet, soundless world.

Within the darkness, a dragon of light, half black, half white, suddenly soared into the skies, slamming into the umbrella from below.

The umbrella shook, nearly flipped over by that dragon of light.

The light dragon roared rampantly, slamming against the umbrella unceasingly, its momentum shocking.

Above the umbrella, under the moonlight, Fan Qiu pressed her lips tightly, her expression unprecedentedly solemn, also drawing on her full power as she stabilised the umbrella, also locking the dark world beneath the umbrella in place, falling into a stalemate with the light dragon, not giving the other party a chance to turn the tables.

With a tyrannical claw, the light dragon directly clawed some rips on the umbrella’s surface.

Through those rips, moonlight descended, the dark world beneath the umbrella instantly brightening somewhat.

Bathed in the moonlight, that black and white light dragon grew increasingly powerful.

Fan Qiu pressed forcefully downwards simultaneously with her extended hands.

The umbrella suddenly spun, the spinning force instantly dispersing the collision force of the light dragon to the side.

Moonlight descended, the rips on the umbrella beginning to heal.

The two expended their might in an intense, heated battle within this world of moonlight.


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