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HSSB335: On the North Sea


Yin Liuhua’s innate talent was not something that Yan Zhaoge was too clear on.

From what Elder Chang Zheng had said though, as soon as she had stepped onto the path of the martial dao, she had displayed extraordinary talent.

After checking, Yan Zhaoge was also satisfied with her inborn Extreme Yin power.

Although it was still below the level of Fan Qiu or Meng Wan, it was still not bad, being on a similar level to Cheng Suting, Nian Lei and Ling Hui.

With this, as Yan Zhaoge’s various methods helped to make up for her deficiencies, her future attainments would also not be low.

The only problem was that Yin Liuhua’s current cultivation base was too low.

While cultivation base was not the only deciding factor, it was a greatly important factor affecting a Maiden of Extreme Yin’s ability to communicate with the Extreme Yin Crown.

Without even considering all the other problems, simply forming a connection with the Extreme Yin Crown required one to at least be in the Martial Scholar realm.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Yun Xiuqing was like this.

Yet, even if it was Yun Xiuqing, even she had already attained a cultivation base of the outer aura Martial Scholar realm.

Ignoring Meng Wan or Chen Suting who were already Xiantian Martial Scholars, Yun Xiuqing or Fan Qiu were both outer aura Martial Scholars.

If they had to fight, at least it wouldn’t be entirely one-sided.

But for the Yin Liuhua in front him, it could only be said that her starting point was too late.

The current leaders certainly would not be waiting for those behind them to catch up.

At all times, everyone was striving to improve.

However, if there was enough time, with the support of Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain’s resources, as long as she worked hard, she should at least be able to catch up to the other Maidens of Extreme Yin excluding Meng Wan and Feng Yunsheng.

However, that development would take a relatively long amount of time.

Considering the current high tensions in the Eight Extremities World, even Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng’s plans which were laid years in advance often felt rushed.

It could only be imagined how much that would be magnified for Yin Liuhua.

Fu Enshu said, “Catching up with Meng Wan will of course be difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

After all, didn’t it take Yunsheng less than three years to get to her present point”

Yan Zhaoge glanced at Yin Liuhua, then replied, “Though it sounds easy, the reality will be much more difficult.

It will also depend greatly on her.”

Fu Enshu said, “Liuhua’s innate talent in the martial dao can be said to be pretty good.

Her previous master can be said to have had some skill, but still slowed down her progress somewhat.

Now that she has joined my Broad Creed Mountain, as long as she has the willpower, she will advance by leaps and bounds, such that catching up to the others will be a real possibility.”

“Moreover, Yunsheng is now in a prime position.

If we can obtain the Extreme Yin Crown, it will mark a new era for our clan.

If Liuhua can be like that girl surnamed Yun and act as a helper for Yunsheng to increase our chances of success, that will already be enough.”

Fu Enshu said this right in front of Yin Liuhua.

Turning to face her, Fu Enshu said, “If you are able to surpass Yunsheng, the heavy responsibility of winning the Extreme Yin Crown will fall onto your shoulders.

However, your starting point is much later than the others, so you will have to work even harder if you want to realize your ambitions.”

Yin Liuhua looked at Fu Enshu, then at Yan Zhaoge.

“Then, I’ll be troubling you and senior apprentice-brother Yan to teach me.”

Yan Zhaoge calmly responded.

“The training regimen you will undergo will be identical to senior-apprentice sister Feng’s.”

“Logically speaking, you began cultivating much later, so you need to be even more vigorous in your cultivation.

Only this way may you be able to catch up to senior apprentice-sister Feng.

However, her cultivation base is already much higher, and her ability to withstand training is even more exceedingly high–often surpassing the limits of what others would think to be possible.”

“I’m afraid that if we raised the degree of such training, you would be unable to bear it.”

Yan Zhaoge continued.

“As such, we will treat you just like senior apprentice-sister Feng when she was first starting out.

After experiencing it firsthand, we can then discuss the possibility of increasing the degree of the training.”

Yin Liuhua licked her lips.

Suddenly, she had the premonition that her entry into Broad Creed Mountain may not have been as fortuitous as she had originally thought.

However, she still had some of the arrogance and pride of a youth as she responded, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan can rest easy.

I will definitely bitterly cultivate to the best of my ability.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

“In addition, you should be careful of your own safety.

In the clan, this would be unnecessary, but when you traveling around in the world, you must be wary of others plotting against you.

I trust that senior apprentice-aunt Fu has already reminded you of this.”

Fu Enshu spoke.

“Of course.”

Yin Liuhua quickly spoke.

“Yes, Master mentioned this many times.”

Hearing her address Fu Enshu as Master while she was still wearing the white robes of a regular disciple would definitely cause the longtime Elders of the Disciplinary Hall to frown if they knew.

Yan Zhaoge paid no mind to this matter.

From the moment that the clan had accepted her as a disciple, it had never seen her as a regular disciple.

Again, the fact that she and Feng Yunsheng both had the same Master was something that could be predicted.

Though she the wore the white robes of a regular disciple, the cultivation resources of the clan she had access to as well as Fu Enshu’s personal treasures meant that her status was obviously special.

This had nothing to do with fairness.

Fairness existed at the same levels of opportunity, but people’s opportunities were naturally unequal.

If a clan wanted to produce a peak talent, they would naturally develop their stronger experts to become stronger, rather than forcibly trying to promote something like equality.

Of course, one enjoying greater power and privileges correspondingly entailed higher responsibilities.

Still, Yin Liuhua probably would not have had the guts to publicly address Fu Enshu as Master on her own accord.

This matter must have come to pass due to Fu Enshu’s influence.

Dealing with this reckless and headstrong Fu Enshu, Yan Zhaoge was also left scratching his head.

As if nothing had happened, Fu Enshu asked, “The matter with Jun’er and his mother-is it settled”

Yan Zhaoge responded, “In the next couple of days, all the supplies that I need should arrive and I can set out.

However, for the actual plan, I’ll need to ponder it and examine the actual site itself before I can know more.”

Fu Enshu let out a soft sigh.

“You should treat this matter to be of the utmost significance.

If you have need of anything, just say it directly.”

At this moment, Fu Enshu’s face was solemn.

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

“Senior apprentice-aunt can rest easy.

I’ll do my utmost.”

In the next few days, Yan Zhaoge temporarily stayed by Fu Enshu’s side.

Based on his observations of Yin Liuhua’s physical condition, he determined her upcoming training program for her.

Other than this, Yan Zhaoge also patrolled the East Sea and fought with the Flame Devils that emerged.

“Indeed, their origin dates back to before the Great Calamity all the way to the Flame Devil Emperor,” Counless thoughts passed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind as he gradually gained understanding on the situation.

After a couple of days, Yan Zhaoge had obtained all the materials he was waiting for.

After bidding goodbye to Fu Enshu, he set off once more.

Broad Creed Mountain had its East Sea First Seat Elder here watching over the area.

Though the information they possessed could naturally not compare to the local snakehead, Jade Sea City, they still had a general grasp of the state of the sea.

Using this information, Yan Zhaoge was able to better plan his nautical voyage to the north.

Though the great sea was quite rough and dangerous, Yan Zhaoge chose a path that was somewhat special.

The Underground Splitting Shuttle was not just able to burrow through the ground; it could easily traverse through the deep sea as well.

Yan Zhaoge planned to use this method to brave the waves and the winds and travel from the East Sea to the North Sea.


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