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HSSB341: I think that I can


Yan Zhaoge sat within the ice cave, the Earth Devouring Burner before him still unceasingly devouring the cold qi of the Ice Pith Vein non-stop.

Within his hands lay a piece of jade.

At this moment, the piece of jade actually emitted a renewed glow, as it shined with an ice-blue radiance.

Yan Zhaoge held it, infusing his aura-qi within little by little.

Along with the passage of time, the Ice Pith Vein had already continually undergone some extremely slight changes.

These changes were as slight as a river changing its course, yet was truly happening, full of the heavy feeling of the changing phenomena of the heavens and the earth.

Yan Zhaoge watched this scene quietly.

Changing the direction of spiritual qi flow of an earth vein was an extremely difficult thing.

Moreover, what he was currently attempting was influencing the Fire Pith Vein of the Southern Underground Palace through an Ice Pith Vein of the Extreme Northern Grounds.

As long as a slight stimulation could be achieved, an extremely huge change could be induced.

Carefully observing the changes of the Ice Pith Vein, Yan Zhaoge pondered, “its effects are about to begin showing.”

Thinking of this, Yan Zhaoge’s vision fell on the Earth Devouring Burner once more.

This treasure that he had obtained upon slaying Zhao Hao previously had brought him great surprises.

The small black incense burner seemed truly to have the ability to swallow the heavens and devour the earth.

Even having devoured so much of the Ice Pith Vein’s essence, it was actually still able to bear it.

Also, having devoured and absorbed such a great amount of cold qi, this Earth Devouring Burner seemed not to have been affected at all, remaining just like how it had been in the past.

Thinking about it, it seemed a little ridiculous, but if the Earth Devouring Burner truly possessed life, Yan Zhaoge would be able to feel from it a casual, leisurely intent.

Now, it was only absorbing passively, rather than actively.

If the Earth Devouring Burner were to actively circulate, unleashing this strange devouring power to the maximum, what kind of scene would it be then

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Rather interesting…”

At this time, a tiger’s roar suddenly resounded from above.

Yan Zhaoge recognised it to be Ah Hu’s voice.

In him sounding out a warning without even having the time to come down here, it was apparent that their enemies were powerful and possessed a fierce momentum.

“They’re here,” Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, taking out the Underground Splitting Shuttle before standing in the centre of the formation and stomping his foot.

The formation within the ice cave that shone with a fiery red glow instantly shook.

The process of the Earth Devouring Burner absorbing the Ice Pith Vein also came to a halt.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hand, grabbing out with his aura-qi, directly sweeping it back into his palm.

Having finished this, Yan Zhaoge no longer looked at the state of the flowing blue stream of light that was the Ice Pith Vein, not even turning to look back as he speedily flew upwards.

Above, extremely terrifying fluctuations could already be felt.

Ah Hu’s figure appeared, virtually hurried to the point of not choosing his path as he escaped towards the bottom of the deep crater.

Just behind him, terrifying thunderbolts and a dark storm intermingled, forming a scene of destruction as it swept through the ice cave.

Winds and thunder surged between the heavens and the earth, enveloping this deep crater, causing the world of ice and snow to currently have transformed into a world of storms and thunderbolts.

As not just a single Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster made a move, not even yet able to see their figures, the true thunderbolts and storms as formed of their true essence were already able to easily collapse the cave of ice.

The terrifying power obscured the heavens and concealed the sun.

Raising his head upwards at this moment, Yan Zhaoge was unable to see any sunlight filtering in downwards at all.

Within the darkness, countless shattered rocks and chunks of ice descended like a pouring rain.

Yan Zhaoge spread the Immortal Crane Wings behind his back, quick as speeding lightning as he agilely and subtly dodged the shattered fragments of ice and rock that were as dense as rain.

However, these shattered fragments were actually not the scary part.

What was scary was the storm and thunderbolts that followed closely after, continuing to rampage as they wrecked the ice cave.

From the black storm, an ancient voice emanated, “Child of Broad Creed Mountain, hand over your life!”

Meanwhile, the voice of a middle-aged man resounded from amongst the thunderbolts, “Broad Creed Young Master, a dragon amongst dragons.

A pleasure to meet you.”

“If we slay you here, Broad Creed Mountain will probably be as mad as leaping thunder, dealing out tragic vengeance to our clan”

Gradually, a tall figure that resembled a great divinity of thunder appeared amongst the thunderbolts, “However, some things that I heard earlier have made me feel that if we can leave you here behind forever, to our clan, the pros would outweigh the cons.”

The Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall surnamed Zhen strode in huge steps into the ice cave.

By his side, the face of the remnant Elder of Black Nightmare Mountain, Zheng Shuo, was even darker.

Behind Elder Zhen and Zheng Shuo followed many other Martial Grandmaster experts of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, not concealing their powerful auras in the least, dense thunderclouds seemingly hanging above all their heads.

As the violent sound of thunder resounded, amongst them, there were even two more Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster experts, at the fourth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm.

A grand total of four Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters had come here, directly trapping Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu within this ice cave.

Despite their path having been blocked, Yan Zhaoge did not appeared panicked in the least as he instead laughed, “It is really not a convenient time for me now.”

As he said this, he raised the ice-blue piece of jade, “Have you also come here for the legacy of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint”

Stimulated by his aura-qi, the piece of jade shone with an ice-blue lustre, the sound of a dragon’s roar vaguely resounding.

Feeling the spiritual qi fluctuations from the piece of jade, Elder Zhen’s pupils instantly dilated slightly, “Of the same source as the legacy site, indeed the key to unlocking it.”

Not wasting time on words, he directly reached out, grabbing towards Yan Zhaoge.

The terrifying light of thunder transformed into a massive heaven-covering hand, entangled by countless purplish-green electric snakes.

Yan Zhaoge performed a flinging motion, the ice-blue piece of jade dropping towards the depths of the ice cave.

At the same time, he grabbed Ah Hu, entering the Underground Splitting Shuttle, transforming into a streak of light and shooting into the ice layer.

Elder Zhen chortled, still grabbing towards Yan Zhaoge and the Underground Splitting Shuttle.

Another Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Hall descended, going to retrieve the fallen piece of jade.

Zheng Shuo didn’t even glance at the jade coin, his gaze always fixated on Yan Zhaoge.

A boundless black hurricane, resembling an enraged dragoon, chased after Yan Zhaoge in hot pursuit.

Outside, amongst the group of Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners, Lin Zhou’s figure appeared.

He took out an orb, resembling a chain as within a massive transparent orb lay an even smaller orb.

Lin Zhou shattered the orb, its fragments transforming into radiance which instantly sealed the surrounding ice layer, forming a glowing screen.

As Yan Zhaoge’s Underground Splitting Shuttle rushed within the radiance, while it was still able to proceed forward, its speed had clearly slowed.

Behind him, Elder Zhen, Zheng Shuo and the others were almost catching up.

Yan Zhaoge shattered a newly produced Blood Devil Crown, the brutal bloodied light breaking the radiance that blocked his path.

However, this was a strange chain barrier.

As soon as a layer of radiance was broken, yet another layer immediately resealed the area.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “Yin Yang Chain Barrier This is a rare thing ah.”

Lin Zhou looked coldly at Yan Zhaoge and the Underground Splitting Shuttle, “Yan Zhaoge, did you think you could still perform the same old trick as last time”

While Elder Zhen and the other Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters were already closing in on him, Yan Zhaoge still laughed casually, “I think that I can.”

Before his words had landed, from the depths of the ice cave beneath, a powerful aura that was terrifying to the extreme, causing everyone to feel numb in both body and soul, surged up into the skies!


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