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HSSB342: The graveyard forged by Yan Zhaoge


The violent tides of coldness rose from the depths of the ice cave, surging up towards the skies!

The terrifying blue light instantly swept through the ice cave from below, sealing everything that it came into contact with in ice.

Having disturbed the Ice Pith Vein earlier, when Lin Zhou had come to assault, Yan Zhaoge had suddenly kept the Earth Devouring Burner, breaking off the process.

The cold qi of the ice pith, having been continually devoured by the Earth Devouring Burner earlier, had vaguely formed an equilibrium with it.

This outlet channel having been removed now, the pressure on it within a short period of time erupted mightily with an even more ferocious power.

The Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Hall who had descended into the depths of the ice cave earlier in an attempt to retrieve the ice-blue jade coin that Yan Zhaoge had thrown down was met with the eruption of the tides of coldness.

Seemingly faced with a sudden eruption of force, this Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster completely didn’t have the time to evade at all, as he was instantly consumed by a blue stream of light!

He wanted to shout, to roar in rage, yet discovered that he completely couldn’t utter a sound at all.

His entire body’s true essence became unable to circulate, falling into a deathly silence.

He couldn’t feel any pain at all, only numbness as his senses had deserted him.

His thoughts grew silent, no longer able to consider matters as his mind wavered towards oblivion.

Of the three Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, as the other besides him and Elder Zhen saw this occur, his expression immediately changed.

Feeling the terrifying eruption force of the Ice Pith Vein, this third Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster did not dare to approach lightly, flicking his hand as a purple chain flew towards his entrapped comrade.

The purple chain wrapped itself around that frozen Martial Grandmaster, attempting to drag him out.

However, that chain instantly grew taut.

As the third Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster pulled it, he was completely unable to move it as he instead felt that the purple chain had been frozen as well.

Dim blue icicles quickly spread along the surface of the purple chain, moving towards its owner’s hand!

The purple light of thunder along the chain’s surface was completely extinguished, a mid-grade spirit artifact destroyed just like that.

The owner of the spirit artifact was shocked as he quickly released his grip, forsaking his former spirit artifact.

Just at the same time that he released his grip, the icicles spread, freezing the entire purple chain solid.

As its owner released his grip, with its other end connected to the Ice Pith Vein, the chain did not droop with its weight, instead being frozen into a taut line.

The ferocious ice-blue light speedily rose, engulfing and freezing everything that stood in its path.

The storm and thunderbolts that had still been rampaging within the ice cave a moment ago was now completely also engulfed by it.

The storm and the thunderbolts were sealed in ice just like this, yet not having its original appearance changed as they still remained in the form of countless electric snakes and hurricanes, just that they seemed all to be an image on a painting scroll, the deviating, abnormal scene appearing even more strange and terrifying.

As long as it was something that lay close to the ice cave, whether it was a human or an object, or even aura-qi or true essence, it was immediately frozen solid by the erupting tides of coldness.

That Heavenly Thunder Hall Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster who had flung out his purple chain in an attempt to save his entrapped comrade earlier had been extremely cautious, keeping himself safe before attempting a rescue, but faced with the terrifying eruption of the Ice Pith Vein, he had still been helpless to do anything.

Seeing that this was the case, he immediately forsook his mid-grade spirit artifact, wanting to extricate himself from the situation.

Yet, because of the entanglement of the purple chain with the tides of coldness earlier, even if he wanted to run now, it was already too late.

The ferocious ice-blue light was even faster than him.

Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners had always been the proudest of their own speed, having the qualifications to preside over all martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World at the same cultivation level in that regard.

However, faced with this terrifying force of nature at this moment, he was still too slow.

Feeling a leg grow numb, this Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster knew that things were bad.

He could also be considered a decisive person as he directly hacked out with his palm, hacking off that numb leg of his, lest his entire body be infiltrated by that cold qi.

Still, he was a step too slow.

Very quickly, he met the same fate as his comrade earlier on.

He lost all sense of feeling, his true essence ceasing to circulate, his mind growing dazed and blank.

After just a single moment’s work, yet another early Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster was engulfed by the erupting ice-blue light.

With it even so for an early Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, less had to be said for the others within the ice cave.

One after another, the martial practitioners of the Heavenly Thunder Hall within were all engulfed by the ice-blue light.

Their bodies fell within the Ice Pith Vein, very quickly being sealed within ice, yet still perfectly preserved, resembling insects that had been sealed within amber.

Yet, the next moment, their corpses began to gradually disperse, gradually transforming into ash under the extreme coldness, not a thing left behind at all.

Because they had gone to chase Yan Zhaoge, Elder Zhen and Zheng Shuo were currently comparatively further away from the ice-blue light.

Looking at the eruption of the terrifying tides of coldness, their faces were illuminated livid by the blue light.

However, at this time, they were not of the leisure to care about Yan Zhaoge and the Underground Splitting Shuttle any longer.

How to survive against these terrifying tides of coldness was what was currently really the most important for them.

The tides of coldness rampaged, spurting upwards from the depths of the ice cave like a geyser.

Directly heading upwards, flying towards the top of the massive crater, one would not be able to outrun the erupting coldness no matter what.

Elder Zhen and Zheng Shuo made a prompt decision, individually slamming straight into the ice layers closest to them.

Not requiring an intricate technique like the Underground Splitting Shuttle, the power of Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters alone was sufficient to directly shatter the ice layer, before rushing within.

Virtually at the same time that they slammed within the ice layers, the terrifying tides of coldness shot past them, erupting all the way upwards.

Not giving them a chance to catch their breaths, ice-blue light also began chasing them by route of the ice layers that they had forcibly broken through.

While their speed was much slower as compared to the geyser which had erupted directly upwards, they still followed behind Elder Zhen and Zheng Shuo like floodwaters.

The two Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters did not dare to delay their steps in the least as they continued speeding forward, forcibly forcing out a tunnel based on their own strength, hurrying along all the way as they evaded the ice-blue light that was following behind them like shadows.

At the highest point of them all, the furthest away from the depths of the ice cave where the tides of coldness had erupted, Lin Zhou was not immediately greeted by this great terrifying natural disaster.

However, witnessing the fate of his seniors of the clan, he still shivered in his boots.

Not daring to hesitate in the least, he immediately turned tail and ran.

At the same time, he did not proceed upwards, which would be equivalent to seeking death.

Let alone Lin Zhou, even Elder Zhen had not had the confidence to outrun the tides of coldness.

He raised his hands, an extremely powerful aura of electricity suddenly emanating from his body.

Within the extreme darkness, a strange silvery light of thunder suddenly lit up, mightily striking the ice layer before him, breaking it apart.

Lin Zhou promptly shot within.

At that last moment, Lin Zhou looked rather unresignedly at the direction in which Yan Zhaoge had gone, seeing that Yan Zhaoge and the Underground Splitting Shuttle, obstructed by the Yin Yang Chain Barrier, had been slowed somewhat, still yet to completely enter the ice layer at this time.

Despite him no longer being pursued by Elder Zhen and Zheng Shuo, the ice-blue light had already caught up with Yan Zhaoge!

“You also have today” Lin Zhou’s gaze was cold as a look of joy flashed across his face.

Within the Underground Splitting Shuttle, Yan Zhaoge felt something as he swivelled his head, just happening to meet Lin Zhou’s gaze directly.

Vaguely seeing the emotions revealed within Lin Zhou’s gaze, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, taking out the Earth Devouring Burner neither hurriedly nor slowly.

Then, under Lin Zhou’s virtually imploding eyeballs, Yan Zhaoge devoured the encroaching tides of coldness with the Earth Devouring Burner, then leisurely proceeded within the ice layer.

The next moment, the tides of coldness surged madly out of the earth, completely burying everyone who had not managed to escape from the ice cave in time.

Resembling a massive ice coffin, a graveyard of extreme coldness.


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