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HSSB346: Blood Spring and golden lamp, a black wind howls


The transparent crystalline object was known as Glazed Heart, being something that Yan Zhaoge had forged within his Internal Crystal Furnace using many different kinds of treasures.

The hot spring before him whose waters had originally been blue was called a Time Connection Spring, being extremely rare, only able to be born in places of extreme coldness.

Time Connection Springs were miraculous things, especially being renowned for their ability to restore and awaken wavering life.

However, these being underground springs, their spiritual qi held back and not released, most were usually unable to find them.

The nurturing and birth of the spring water itself was also reliant on the great forces of nature, being hard to forcibly induce, requiring fortune.

In coming to the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains this time, one of Yan Zhaoge’s main goals had been to find a Time Connection Spring like this.

This strange and miraculous hot spring held a very important position in Yan Zhaoge’s method with which to save Shi Jun and his mother, Ying Yuzhen.

The spiritual qi contained within the Time Connection Spring resembled tides as it rose and fell in a continued cycle.

After reaching a peak, it would fall, and after reaching the bottom, it would rise once more.

Having come here earlier, breaking open the ground and discovering the spring, feeling the spiritual qi within, Yan Zhaoge had determined that the spiritual qi of this spring had yet to reach a peak.

Under such circumstances, the spiritual qi of the spring water would be unable to support Yan Zhaoge’s plan.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge could only seal it up, going to deal with other matters first.

Counting the days, the spiritual qi of the spring water should have reached a peak in recent days.

Checking once more, Yan Zhaoge found that the spiritual qi contained within was indeed more abundant than before.

After throwing the Glazed Heart into the spring water, it turned from its original blue to red, crimson as blood.

Within the world of snow and ice, the hot spring bubbled and surged, roiling hot stream rising from within, also appearing the colour of blood.

Yan Zhaoge carefully focused on the bloodred spirit spring, feeling the spiritual qi within.

After mentally calculating for a moment, he could not help but knit his brows slightly, some gloominess appearing within his gaze.

Observing his expression, Ah Hu asked carefully, “Young Master, is there a problem”

Yan Zhaoge did not deceive him, frowning as he said, “The spiritual qi contained within this Time Connection Spring that is transforming into revival blood qi used for curing and restoration is rather little ah…”

The spiritual qi of the Time Connection Spring itself could not serve an effect in Yan Zhaoge’s plan.

However, through some special methods, transforming the spiritual qi of the spring water into revival blood qi, it could then see shocking effects.

While it might not be able to actually revive the dead or those who were as good as dead, it was also not far from it.

However, a problem lay therein.

The conversion rate of different Time Connection Springs of spiritual qi into revival blood qi varied.

What caused Yan Zhaoge to feel rather unlucky was that this Time Connection Spring he had found could be considered one of those with a lower conversion rate.

“I’m afraid that…there is only enough for one person,” After mentally calculating such, Yan Zhaoge concluded, “Sister-in-law Yuzhen’s condition is worse.

If used on her, it might not even be enough.”

“Using it on Little Jun’er, it should be enough, with a ninety percent chance of him waking up.

Using it on Sister-in-law Yuzhen, while her life should basically be secured, whether she would be able to awaken would be a matter of fate.”

“However, it seems like Sister-in-law Yuzhen can’t wait any longer.”

Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temples, “Considering carefully, are there any other plans…”

Ah Hu also looked despondent by the side, “Young Master, how about we bury this place and go elsewhere to look for other Time Connection Springs With the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains being so vast, we might even be able to find another.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head slowly as he surveyed the desolate snowy plains that surrounded then, “While this place is vast, nurturing Time Connection Springs is not easy.

Under normal circumstances, it would only be after this spring has dried up and some years have passed that nature will nurture and birth a new spring of this kind.”

“The problem is that it is hard to say whether Jun’er and Sister-in-law Yuzhen can wait that long.”

Yan Zhaoge had brought along two Shadow Shrinking Pouches with him.

One of them had been specifically emptied, only containing two objects.

They were the ice coffins in which the bodies of Ying Yuzhen and Shi Jun were stored.

Yan Zhaoge silently took out both ice coffins from the Shadow Shrinking Pouch, looking at the deeply slumbering features of the two people within.

“Young Master, if there is really no other way, it’d be best to save Sister-in-law Yuzhen first,” Ah Hu said softly from the side, “Otherwise, as you say, she probably wouldn’t be able to hang on to the time of the birth of the next Time Connection Spring.”

His hands crossed around his chest, Yan Zhaoge looked earnestly at the bloodred hot spring before him, considering for a moment before he said, “Let’s just try it; perhaps the situation may be better than I thought.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge opened the lids of the two ice coffins.

As the seals of the ice coffins were dispelled, while Shi Jun’s condition was still relatively okay, signs of weakness and deterioration instantly surfaced on Ying Yuzhen’s face.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he swept the bodies of the two with his aura-qi, sending them out of the ice coffin.

Amidst the howling of the cold wind, his aura-qi seemed even colder than that wind was as it was completely white.

Under the guidance of Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi, while the faces of the mother and son were still very pale, any signs of weakness and deterioration had already vanished.

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Do you still remember what I taught you earlier”

Ah Hu replied earnestly, “You can rest easy, Young Master.

I still remember all of it.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, not speaking further as he moved his aura-qi, placing the bodies of Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen within the bloodred hot spring together.

On the other side, Ah Hu took out two long poles, the top ends of the poles each carrying a golden lamp.

The bottom ends of the two poles were sent into the Time Connection Spring below together, the long pole just hovering vertically straight above the spring water, not slanted, also not sinking.

The bodies of Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen instead sunk completely within the spring water, completely enveloped within it.

Ah Hu carefully controlled the two long poles with his aura-qi, leaving them hanging above the bodies of Shi Jun and his mother.

Feeling the spiritual qi fluctuations within, Yan Zhaoge tapped lightly with his finger, the golden lamps at the top of the two poles instantly lighting up.

The firelight revealed a strange silvery colour that shone alongside the golden lamps, emitting bright radiance that sunk and rose within the bloodred spring water.

The bottom ends of the two long poles were submerged, a thread of light shooting out from each of them, aimed straight at the hearts of Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen within the spring water.

As the threads of light fell on them, the bodies of Shi Jun and his mother shuddered in unison.

While they still remained unconscious, some blood seemed to have returned to both of their faces.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was solemn as he formed a fist with his left hand, slowly pushing out with a palm with his right.

The waters of the bloodred spirit spring actually began to spin, gradually taking up the appearance of a vortex.

However, the bodies of the mother and son beneath the water as well as those two long poles never ever shifted, fixed stably within the water.

Silently observing this bloodred spring water as well as the condition of Shi Jun and his mother beneath it, Yan Zhaoge struck out interchangeably with his hands, blows of aura-qi landing one after another, carefully proceeding with the moderation of the situation.

As time passed, the bloodred glow of the spring waters gradually grew fainter.

This continued as night passed into day and day into night, Yan Zhaoge focused on the ceremony taking place within the waters of the spring.

Meanwhile, Ah Hu silently guarded over him from the side.

One day, after yet another night had passed, as the dawn sun rose once more, Ah Hu’s expression suddenly changed slightly.

In the distance, a black storm suddenly surged into existence, obscuring the sky and concealing the sun.

Also raising his head and looking over, Yan Zhaoge immediately narrowed his eyes into slits, “It is that Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of Black Nightmare Mountain.

He is not like those of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, whose minds are on the legacy of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint.

Rather, he must have been hoping to find me once more, specifically wanting to find trouble with us.”


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