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HSSB347: Someone is thinking too much


Looking at the black hurricane in the distance that was growing fiercer and fiercer, Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, “Ah Hu, sit in the air above the fire lamps, using your aura-qi to stabilise the ceremony.”

Ah Hu glanced a little worriedly into the distance, but still did as Yan Zhaoge said.

He rose into the air, coming above the spring water, his aura-qi surging as he sat in the air above the golden lamps on the two long poles.

A black hurricane also appeared around Ah Hu, some faint purple qi mixed within, enveloping the Time Connection Spring to the west.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge shot off in the direction of the encroaching black storm sweeping over in the distance.

An old man’s figure was indistinctly visible within the black storm, his face dark and gloomy.

It was precisely the remnant Elder of Black Nightmare Mountain, Zheng Shuo.

Zheng Shuo’s gaze was similarly fixated on Yan Zhaoge.

He did not head to the ice lake, instead continuing to search for traces of Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu on the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains.

Whether it should be said that he was too lucky or Yan Zhaoge was too unlucky, after many days of searching, Zheng Shuo really found his way over to the Time Connection Spring.

This time, Zheng Shuo did not attempt to look for helpers.

Looking back on things, at the Ice Pith Vein earlier, he had exposed his intentions, to the effect that Yan Zhaoge had set up a trap, nearly burying everyone within the ice cave.

While he had not gone to the ice lake, having established some communication with the Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners earlier, both sides helping each other out, he had received news some time ago that Yan Zhaoge had already used his Sacred Artifact fragment at the ice lake, its energy having been depleted greatly.

Even if it still possessed some energy, he needn’t fear it.

Therefore, this time, he wanted to directly make his move, not giving Yan Zhaoge time to prepare and react.

The old man strode through the air, gazing coldly at Yan Zhaoge, forming claws with his hands as he clawed down below.

Then, a terrifying Black Nightmare Storm descended from the skies, attacking towards Yan Zhaoge.

As the storm rampaged, it seemed to transform into a ferocious black tiger that was more than three hundred metres in length, sweeping between the heavens and the earth, fearsome to the extreme.

Yan Zhaoge raised his head and looked at the opponent before him.

Similarly using the Black Nightmare Godly Wind and the Ghost Tiger Divine Claw, Zheng Shuo exerted much more shocking power with it than Ah Hu.

This was a Martial Grandmaster who had already successfully nurtured out his true martial soul, refining aura-qi into essence and stepping into the Essence Spirit stage, being old and experienced.

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment had already dealt a full strength blow back at the ice lake, directly blowing a Heavenly Thunder Hall longtime Elder of the same cultivation level as Zheng Shuo into smithereens, not even his bones remaining.

At this moment, the pillar of the Divine Palace was suppressing the ice pillar containing the sealed true dragon’s body.

However, so many days having passed, Yan Zhaoge had already recovered from the exertion of having executed An Instant’s Thunder with the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment.

However, facing off against an early Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster opponent, at the fourth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, for a mid Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster at the second level of the Martial Grandmaster realm under normal circumstances, no matter what, seemed like something that was totally hopeless.

At least, Ah Hu didn’t think that he himself would be able to do it.

This opponent was no ordinary martial practitioner.

While Black Nightmare Mountain had been destroyed and fallen from grace, its legacy still contained some of the top martial arts of the Eight Extremities World.

Zheng Shuo howled, the ferocious tiger formed of his black true essence lunging over towards Yan Zhaoge.

Gusts of wind were born alongside the tiger’s howl as its speed was swift to the extreme, seemingly not much inferior to Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners at the same cultivation level at all.

Before it had been destroyed, other than being majestic and vigorous, sharp and biting, Black Nightmare Mountain’s martial arts had also been renowned for its speed that was swift as the wind.

Amidst his claw, Zheng Shuo executed the specialities of his martial arts to the point of perfection.

Faced with this powerful attack, Yan Zhaoge’s expression didn’t change in the least as his figure abruptly swayed.

Amidst his swaying, Yan Zhaoge’s body instantly disappeared from the spot.

Many martial arts that focused on speed currently already appeared somewhat synergised on Yan Zhaoge’s body.

With the Peerless Heavenly Scripture as a base, Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi was heavy and vigorous, at the same time also tyrannical and sharp as a blade.

Under a powerful explosive force, Yan Zhaoge instantly evaded the lunging black tiger.

The black tiger’s attack falling short, it directly followed up with its claw where it was.

Zheng Shuo’s expression was cold as ice.

He had already long known that Yan Zhaoge’s ability far surpassed other martial practitioners of the same cultivation level.

However, the all out power of a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, to an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster like Zheng Shuo, was something that he could just casually handle as he liked.

As he changed his stances, Zheng Shuo still had much effort to spare.

He was actually staying vigilant against Yan Zhaoge’s pillar of the Divine Palace.

While Zheng Shuo didn’t know what exactly that was, also not really understanding the specifics of this, he had heard that it was an extremely precious treasure.

Even while it was not as violent a power as that of his Sacred Artifact fragment, he had still taken note of this within his heart.

However, very quickly, he discovered that he had over-considered things.

Before considering Yan Zhaoge’s treasures like the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment and the pillar of the Divine Palace, he first had to face Yan Zhaoge’s personal strength!

Faced with Zheng Shuo’s sudden changing of stances, Yan Zhaoge remained calm and composed.

Stimulating Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, Yan Zhaoge’s qi-returning speed was not inferior to the Essence Spirit Stage Zheng Shuo in the least.

As his figure flickered, he avoided Zheng Shuo’s attack once more, taking to the air, resembling a bolt of lightning as he directly slid past the claw of the black tiger, instead nearing its belly.

The roar of a dragon resounded as a jade green sword-light whistled out of Yan Zhaoge’s sleeve.

Yan Zhaoge merged as one with his sword, chopping towards the black tiger’s ribs!

Zheng Shuo was greatly enraged as he clawed out, the ferocious tiger formed of his Black Nightmare Storm expanding madly in size, throwing its waist and hips as it raised its claw to block Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light.

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, his jade green sword-light flickering, then suddenly disappearing without any prior warning.

Resembling a divine dragon hiding its head, traces of it hard to seek out.

As Yan Zhaoge’s figure spun, he executed the Cloud Dragon Concealed Sword technique with his Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, before mightily erupting with force once more, the divine dragon seeking out its head!

A sword-light that was even swifter and fiercer than it had been previously directly hacked down on the ferocious black tiger’s vitals at its waist.

Zheng Shuo’s gaze was gloomy as his face grew graver.

A genius-level figure could surpass levels in doing battle.

Even if it was the legacy of a Sacred Ground-level power, in the hands of different people, differing levels of power would be unleashed.

As an experienced member of Black Nightmare Mountain who had grown used to seeing young geniuses and heroes, Zheng Shuo naturally understood this point.

However, he discovered that not only could the Yan Zhaoge before him not be evaluated by normal standards, even the strength of those supreme elite geniuses that he knew of could not at all be used to evaluate Yan Zhaoge!

Zheng Shup discovered that he truly couldn’t consider things like the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment or the pillar of the Divine Palace any longer.

Otherwise, not waiting for these cards to be played, he might actually already have perished here.

As someone with a violent temper, this Black Nightmare Mountain remnant Elder didn’t even consider the notion of retreating as he instead let out a long howl, a black sabre abruptly appearing within his hands.

As his sabre descended, roiling black winds swept throughout the entire sky, obscuring Zheng Shuo’s body before chopping down towards Yan Zhaoge.

Completely refined and condensed, the black hurricane transformed into a black streak of light that instantly shot through the air, coming before Yan Zhaoge.

Where the black light passed, the surrounding heavens and earth grew silent, the clouds and the winds dispersing.

This was because where the sabre-light passed, every single thing, including the very air itself, was swept along within the sabre-light.

As the target of this sabre-light, Yan Zhaoge felt that it was hard to shift his body, as though he had been locked in placed by a powerful suction force, having no choice but to forcibly withstand this sabre head-on!

Above the Time Connection Spring, Ah Hu looked nervously at Yan Zhaoge.

Suddenly, his expression changed slightly as he swivelled his head to look towards another direction.

In the faraway snowy lands, a youth with a sombre expression, a bow that shone with purple light within his hands, currently had an arrow notched on his bow, the bowstring pulled back, aiming straight over.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Lin Zhou!

He had moved alongside Zheng Shuo, not returning to the ice lake!


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